We would like to accept every student who​ applies to come to Grace Higher Secondary School, however, this is not possible if we are to preserve the high educational standards and opportunities that are our hallmark. The School, therefore,​ apply a strict Admission policy. Application forms are issued by the School at the end of the academic term.

All applicants applying for the School should fill in the forms early and submit it to the School’s admission board. After which strict and unbiased decision​ will be taken for the applicant. The decision of the admission board is final and cannot be negotiated.


  • Transfer Certificates will be issued only when all dues are cleared.

  • Any student leaving the school before the end of the school term will be required to pay the tuition fee for the whole year.

  • To obtain the Transfer Cerificate the parent or guardian of the student should come personally with a written application along with 50.


  • The school fees cover twelve Calendar months and may be paid monthly or in advance.

  • Fees are to be paid on or before the 15th of every month. A late fine of 20 per month will be charged per month from the 16th onward.