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  1. Assignment due date:

            Class A to 3- 27th May 2021

             Class 4 to 8 – 28th May 2021

  1. Assignment should be submitted on time. Late submission will not be accepted.
  2. Each class will submit their assignment to their class teacher in their own class room.
  3. Social distancing and wearing mask is mandatory when entering the school.

1st  Assignment 2021

Class – 8                                 


A). Answer these questions.

1). What did Shyamal's grandfather do after his retitesment? 3

2). How was Syamal different from his father? Give reasons for your answer. 3

3). Write the summary of the poem 'Ozymandias' 6

4). Was the bank manager pleased to help the narrator open a bank account? Why? 3

B). Underline the odd one in each set. 5

1). mighty, fearful, powerful, fearsome

2). ancient, antique, timeworn, native

3). yarn, tale, myth, report

4). traveller, explorer, journeyman, voyager

5). colossal, vast, magnificent, great


Class 8                                                                       


Q1. Fill in the blanks with articles. (4)

  1. What …………..beautiful day!
  2. ……………….banyan tree is………..kind of fig tree.
  3. …………..word to …………..wise is sufficient.
  4. She is not only………………honest person but also……….dedicated worker.

Q2. Fill in the blanks with possessives. (3)

  1. I have a car. …………colour is blue.
  2. I sometimes help……….friends with …………homework.
  3. Rumi is playing…………favourite piano piece.

Q3. Fill in the blanks as directed in the brackets. (3)

  1. ……… my cup. ………….one over there is yours. (Use demonstratives)
  2. ………… in the basket has been wrapped with care. (Use distributive)
  3. I think he drank too ………….coffee last night. (Use quantifiers)

Q4. Identify the tense used in the following sentences. (5)

  1. Fortune favours the brave.
  2. I went for a walk after I had my dinner.
  3. By evening, I will have completed my works.
  4. I have been planning to start the new project.
  5. Before you go to see him, he will have left the place.

Q5. Rewrite the sentences as directed in the bracket. (5)

  1. Peter painted some interesting pictures. ( Use present perfect tense)
  2. As he ate his lunch, he read a book. ( Use past perfect tense)
  3. They will take a test when they enter the class. (Use future perfect tense)
  4. He delivered a long speech when I asked the question. ( Use past continuous tense)
  5. I have watered the plants. ( Use present perfect continuous tense)


Class 8                                                                       


Answer the following                                                             10 x 2 = 20

Q1. Define agriculture. Give two examples each of kharif and rabi crops.

Q.2 Differentiate between natural fertilisers and chemical fertilisers.

Q.3 What is irrigation? .Give some examples each of irrigation methods used in agriculture.

Q.4 Define microorganisms. Name the five major groups of micro organisms.

Q.5. Write a short note on useful micro organisms.

Q.6 Define Nitrogen Fixation. Draw a labelled diagram of nitrogen cycle.

Q.7 Write any four communicable diseases in human beings and animals.

Q.8 Write a brief note on general properties of plastics.

Q.9. What are the advantage of synthetic fibres.

Q.10. Name any three metals and non metals.



 Social Science                                         20Marks

  1. What is history? Describe the modern period of India. 6mk
  2. Describe the expansion of the British power in India under Lord Wellesley. 6mk
  3. Draw India map and give indications of the factories of European companies in

India(1705). Ref. page 11. Colour it, neat and clean.       8mk    


Class 8                  

  Alternative English                                    20 Marks.

Q.1 Answer the following questions.

  1. What compelled Mrs Packletide to take up tiger hunting?
  2. How are we introduced to Miss Mebbin?
  3. How did the tiger actually die?
  4. How did Miss Mebbin attempt to blackmail Mrs Packletide?
  5. How did the villagers try to be helpful?

Q.2 Give the meaning of the following words.

  1. Freehold
  2. Christened
  3. Incidental
  4. Sceptic
  5. Paraffin

Q.3 Answer the questions in brief.

  1. What made the scorpion hide behind the sack of rice?
  2. Why according to the peasants was it impressive to find the scorpion?
  3. How does the speaker's father describe the atmosphere in the room?
  4. How does the speaker describe the atmoshere in the room?
  5. What kind of purification would the poison ensure, according to the peasants.?




1.Nagamia nyaüra seya kecüko do nunu mhapuo kedalie-pfhedzie,chiecha,rünyieko, seise mhakechü nyako,keriese mhakechü nyako,mhanya pengou rhishülie mu  puodze huoyo thushülie?(10marks)

2.Hako zhorüli gei nunie mha kicü puo silie ga? Diecha huoyo thushülie.(6marks)




3.Diecha peso-u ze kemhiecü diecha u rhieshülie:(4marks)

1.Mhapete mehou........

a.Mhapete pienyü.

b.Miavie mehou.

c.Mhapete ba tsei nyü.

2.Kelieu ki miaketsü u vi.........

a.Miaviepie kelieu ki mhapiemia ketsüu vi.

b.Mhapie miatsü cüvi.

c.Miavie kelieu vi.

3.Chümetsie ki mhakesiu vi...........

a.Themuo metsie-e mhasi kivi.

b.Mhasi-ethemuo mu metsie kivi.

c.Kekhrekelhe cü kebae mhasi kivi.

4.Chüterhükimia kekhrieu vi..............

a.Miatemia gei kecüe miakhrie kecüu kivi.

b.Miakhrie kecü e miatemia gei kecü kivi.

c.Terhü kegei kecüe miakhrie kecü kivi.


CLASS-8                                                      SUBJECT: AO.                                  F.M. 20


Q1. “ MeraketApayudi” sangro tekong ka nungi trok tashi temulung agi züluang.

Q2. Item tasüngdangbatem langzüang.

  • Naga ta asüba ojang tetezü ngutetyim anaji shiang?
  • Naga nunger angina lim kar shiang. Kechiba parnok ya tesem aser linük balala nung lemsa?
  • Naga kin tenüng balala shiang?
  • Naga nunger otsü angulenji kechisa?
  • Arjuji kechi? Arju nung angazükbatem indang rasaa züluang.


Temetettsü: Item teinyaktsü ajak A4 size paper nung züluang.


                ********************************           Class 8                                               

Subject  FIT                                        Total: 20

       Q1. Choose the correct answer.

  1. Which of these devices is use in banks for processing cheques?
    1. OMR 2.OCR  3. Joystick  4.MICR
  2. Which of the following is not a secondary storage device?
    1.RAM 2. CD    3. DVD   4. Hard disk
  3. State the memory that is directly accessible to the CPU.
    1. RAM 2. CD    3. DVD  4. Hard disk 
  4. A printer for an office where hundreds of letters have to be printed on a daily basis.

          1 Scanner .    2.plotter   3. Inkjet printer 

           4. Laser printer

5. The input device used by artists to draw pictures on a computer.
            1.Printer          2. Graphic tablet  

              3.Scanner    4. Barcode reader
6. An input device which shaped like a pen use to draw or point to objects on the screen
              1.Light pen        2. Keyboard   

                3. Mouse          4. Printer
7.Joystick are commonly used for playing
            1. Video games     2. Music

             3. Videos               4. Drawing pictures
8.The output devices of a computer
             1. Keyboard            2. Mouse

               3. Joystick             4. Monitor
9. State the input devices ?
             1. Keyboard              2. Printer        3. Monitor  

Q2 . Fill in the blanks using the words given in the box.

MAN  TCP/IP   Topology    Bluetooth   Firewall   Infrared  Wifi  Ring  Modulator-demodulator  Protocol

  1. _____________refers to the layout pattern in which the computers are connected to each other in a network.
  2. A.___________ is formed when the computers are connected in a neighbourhood area.
  3. A___________ is used to prevent unauthorised access to a network.
  4. Modem stands for ________________.
  5. __________ is a set of rules used by computers on the network to communicate with each other.
  6. ___________ and ___________ technologies make use of radio waves.
  7. ____________ waves are used for communication between a TV set and its remote control.
  8. __________ protocol is used to send data un the form of packets on the Internet.
  9. In _____________ topology, each computer is connected to two other computers so as to form a closed structure and the breakdown of any one computer can disable the entire system.

Q3. What is a bus topology?

Q4. What is a ring topology?

Q5. Name the network devices of a computer network?


Class 8


Topic: Leaf art

Materials required:  leaves of different type, glue.

  1. Collect different types of leaves from your surrounding.
  2. Think of an art you can make using the leaves.

3.Then paste the leaves with the glue to create your art.

Some sample image of the leaf art will be given below. Kindly make sure you don’t make the same thing. Use your creative idea and originality to create the art.



Posted : 18 May 2021 8:53 AM