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Class 10 1st Model test

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1st Model Test

Class 10         English(50 marks)

A. Answer these questions.             (3x5=15 marks)

  1. What was Mandela’s first work after his release from prison?
  2. Describe the strangest dream that Mehouviu had.
  3. What prompted Gandhiji to take up vegetarianism?
  4. How did the words of a true woman affect Macbeth?
  5. What did Mandela notice in his own security team?

B. Answer the following questions.   (5x3=15 marks)
1. How did rugby help the rift between the two races in South Africa?
2. What according to you is the theme of the play, “Macbeth”?
3. Which phase of pride did Mandela choose? How did he rise above all the obstacles?


  1. Change the narration.             (1x5=5 marks)
    a. I went near the old man and said, “Who are you and why are you sitting here alone?”
    b. Kuvengo said, “What a nasty situation I got into!”
    c. The old man said to the girl, “Please, carry my bag.”
    d. “Please listen carefully to what I’m saying,” said Mr. Singh to the students.
    e. “ Keep firing,” the captain said to his men.


  1. Change the voice.                         (1x5=5 marks)
    a. Let not the poor be made fun of.
    b. By whom were the poor being helped,
    c. It is known that the sun sets in the evening.
    d. Please speak.
    e. The previous record may be broken by this group.


  1. Write a paragraph on the topic “Women are as Brave as Men”.             (1x5=5 marks)
  2. Your school is organizing a cultural programme. As the school prefect, draft a notice inviting names for different cultural items.                                     (1x5=5 marks)



Class 10 Science    30 marks.

Answer the following Questions. 5 X 6 = 30.

  1. Describe double circulation in human beings. Why is it necessary.
  2. What are the necessary conditions for autotrophic nutrition. What are its by products?
  3. Describe the human respiratory system with the help of a labelled diagram.
  4. Explain the cleaning action of soap.
  5. Explain the human brain with the help of a labelled diagram.
  6. Write the chemical properties of ethanoic acid and ethanol.


Class 10

Sub: Social Science

Total marks: 50

Note: Please write the assignments separately (i.e PART –I & PART- II)



A. Very Short Answer Questions

  1. Define Refinery. (1 mark)
  2. What is Manufacturing? (1 mark)
  3. What are tertiary activities? (1 mark
  4. Which crops are known as beverage crops? (1 mark)
  5. What is tidal energy? (1 mark)


    B.Short Answer Questions

  6. What are potential resources? (2 marks)
  7. Why is land a very important resource? (2 marks)
  8. What factors make the production of Solar energy convenient in India? (2 marks)
  9. Briefly describe the conditions required for the cultivation of jute. (2 marks)
  10. What are the prime factors in location of aluminium smelting industries? (2 marks)
  11. C. Long Answer Questions
  12. Mention any three measures for conservation of minerals. ( 4 marks)
  13. Briefly describe any four measures of controlling industrial pollution. (6 marks)




Q1. When was the Tonkin Free School started? (1 Mark)

Q2. What does the term Indo-China stands for?( 1 Mark)

Q3. When was the Treaty of Vienna drawn? (1 Mark)

Q4. When and why was Scholars Revolt broke out. (2 Marks)

Q5. When and where were the French defeated in Vietnam?( 2 Marks)

Q6. Mention any four proposals of the Congress of Vienna? (4 Marks)

Q7. What was the HoaHao movement? Who started it? Why was it suppressed by the French?( 4 Marks)

Q8. Explain the part played by religious groups in giving impetus to anti-colonial feelings.( 4 Marks)

Q9. State the ideas of Mazzini which led to the rise of Nationalism in Italy. (6 Marks)


Class 10     Tenyidie     40 marks


Hako se diecha chϋshϋlie

  1. Dieza (noun) 2m
  2. Avituo
  3. Japfϋ
  4. Zasou (Pronoun) 2m
  5. Uko
  6. Nko
  7. Dietho (Verb) 2m
  8. Ta
  9. Tuo
  10. Dietso (Adjective) 2m
  11. Kekra
  12. Pete
  13. Dieba (Adverb) 2m
  14. Kuo
  15. Thor
  16. Diekhe ( Conjunction) 2m
  17. Mu
  18. Di
  19. Diepe ( Preposition) 2m
  20. Gei
  21. Pie
  22. Ungo Pfhephra (Exclamation) 2m
  23. Ayale
  24. Akito
  25. Dieca puotou-u pie rhiephi kese do thushϋlie. 2m
  26. …………………. Zuoe thedzeleshϋ phrϋ ba.
  27. ………………….. se u vie chϋlie.
  28. Mhaphrϋkhu 28 mu 122 hanie puo zatho kekreiu nunu thushϋlie. 2m
  29. A kesuoϋ geizo-u pie thedze puo rhi nunu thushϋlie. 15m
  30. Kenienie piechϋ puoca thushϋlie . 2m
  31. Cha meluo nu puoca thushϋlie. 2m
  32. Loziko puoca thushϋlie. 1m



                     Class 10    Subject FIT          Total marks: 50

  Choose the appropriate answer from the following. 1x10

  1. Internet can be used for….
    a. Uploading         b. downloading             c. Chatting        d. All of these

    2. An IP address is a string of…….. numbers separated by periods.
    a. 3   b. 4      c. 2       d. 5

    3. In which of the following logic, both of the search terms are present?
    a. AND  b. OR               c. NOT                         d. NAND

    4. A two way video phone conversation among the participants is called
    a. Video talking b. chatting        c. video conferencing    d. none of these

    5. Which of the following process is used to shopping over the internet?
    a. E-learning    b. E-shopping   c. E-group         d. E-banking

    6. Data communication cable laying is not required when using
    a. optical fiber   b. coaxial fiber  c. microwave transmission       d. none of these

    7. Which of the following is not hardware requirements for audio ?
    a. Sound card  b. speakers       c.  keyboard      d. headphones

    8. Queries can be prepared from
    a. Tables   b. labels            c. tables and labels both            d. none of these

    9. Which of the following is not a type of MS Access database object?
    a. Queries    b. Workbooks   c. Forms           d. tables

    10. What is the maximum length of a text field?
    a. 512 characters     b. 50 characters             c. no limit         d. 255 characters


Answer the following questions in about 10-20 words. 2x10

  1. What is internet?
  2. What is a webpage?
  3. What is indexing software?
  4. What is e-banking?
  5. What is an e-mail?
  6. What is Wi-Fi technology?
  7. Define text?
  8. What is a primary key?
  9. What is a validation rule?
  10. What is the function of “allow zero length”?


Answer the following questions in about 20-30 words. 3x4

  1. Explain TCP/IP protocol?
  2. Explain AND logic in detail?
  3. What are the benefits of video conferencing?
  4. Differentiate between primary key and foreign key?

Answer the following questions in about 50-70 words.4x2

  1. Explain the uses of internet?
  2. What are the various components of MS Access?



Class -10



A.Multiple choice questions-(5×1=5)

1 some parameters of soil quality are

a.acidity b.alkalinity c.permeability d.all of the above.

2.which of the following is not caused by noise pollution?

a.hypoglycemia b.hyperglycemia c.eosinophilia d.eye problems

3.Tick the wrong statement

a.a low sound is pleasant
b.a loud sound is unpleasant
c.sound level is expressed as weber m-2
 d.noise pollution affects adversely our hearing ability.

4.The plant seeds which on crushing produce an oil which on transesterification give biodiesel are those of

a.mustard b.jatropha
c.linseed d.sunflower

5.Forests are the lifeline of

a.urban people   b.semi-urban people
c.rural people d.tribal people


B.very short answer questions-(5×2=10)

Q1.what is meant by frequency of a soun wave? How is it represented?

Q2.What are the recommended noise levels in residential and industrial zones from 6am to 9am and from 9pm to 6 pm.

Q3.Define intensity of a sound wave .what is the unit of sound level.

Q4.Which dam projects have displaced more than once.

Q5.Write a short note on deforestation.


C.Short answer questions-(5×3=15)

Q1.write the effects on hearing ability.

Q2.write the main sources of noise pollution.

Q3.what are the main reasons behind the depletion of forest cover.

Q4.write the main reasons for energy crisis.Explain any of the following points.

Q5.write a detailed note on biofuels.

D.Long answer questions-(4×5=20)

Q1.Draw a labelled diagram of a sound wave depicting:



c.crest and trough

Q2.Write the effects of noise pollution on human health.

Q3.What is meant by energy crisis?what are the human activities that consume energy?

Q4.write notes on:

a.nitrogen loading and

b.soil degradation.



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