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Class 3 Second Evaluation (2nd Assignment)

Hieme Kuotsu

Second Evaluation 

2nd Assignment  2021

Class 3   English

Q1.Tick the correct word.

  1. The baby was crying in the dock/dark .
  2. Is this your new coat / cot.
  3. Please get me a copy/ coffee.
  4. This bud / bird on that tree is beautiful.
  5. Please come / calm down.

Q2. Match the column.

Column A       Column B

  1. Book       a. Fly
  2. Rain        b.  Bow
  3. Sun         c.  Store
  4. Butter     d.   Print
  5. Foot         e.  Flower


Q3. Choose the correct word.

  1. Strong
    1. Woman
    2. Cheese
    3. Problem
    4. Rain
  2. Heavy
    1. Problem
    2. Rain
    3. Traffic
    4. Exam
  3. Soft
    1. Voice
    2. Drink
    3. Traffic
    4. Exam
  4. Hard
    1. Work
    2. Time
    3. Car
    4. Man
  5. Rich
    1. Company
    2. Man
    3. Car
    4. Work


Q4. Make sentences with the following words.

  1. Good
  2. Bad
  3. Little
  4. Many
  5. Much

Q5. Answer the following questions.

  1. Where did the Oak tree grow?
  2. Why did the Reeds sing a mournful song?
  3. How did the Oak tree tease the Reeds? What did it say to them?
  4. What happened to the Oak tree in the end?
  5. What is the moral of the story?
  6. 6. Give the feminine word for the following.
  7. Father
  8. Uncle
  9. Man
  10. Boy
  11. Hero

Q7. Write the past tense of the following words.

  1. Awake
  2. Bear
  3. Beat
  4. Bet
  5. Bite


Class – 3          Subject- Grammar           Full Mark: 50

Name: ____________      Roll no. ____


A. Rewrite these sentences using the simple future tense: (2x8=16)

  1. This flight takes off at 4:00 p. m.


  1. I play badminton in the morning.


  1. She grows roses in her garden.


  1. They repair the roads before the rains.


  1. We spend our summer vacation at a hill station.


  1. It rains heavily in July.


  1. Manoj rings the bell at 8:00 a.m.


  1. We play cricket every day in the evening.



B. Fill in the blanks with can or cannot: (2x6=12)

  1. A rabbit ________________ hop. A tortoise ________________ hop.
  2. We ________________ live without air.
  3. A camel ________________ live without water for many days.
  4. Kapil is very weak. He ________________ walk but he ________________ run.
  5. Mrs Rao is a trained nurse. She ________________ look after the patient very well.
  6. I do not know how to swim. I ________________ cross this deep river.

    C. Fill in the blanks with should or should not: (2x6=12)

  1. We ________________ stand in a queue while waiting for our bus.
  2. It is hot here. I think we ________________ switch on the AC.
  3. Anjula has a sore throat. She ________________ drink chilled water.
  4. Tell papa he ________________ Carry an umbrella. It might rain.
  5. All children ________________ learn Yoga. It is good for health.
  6. Time is precious. We ________________ waste even a single moment.

    E. Write inside the brackets the short forms of the underlined words: (2x5=10)
  1. He is the head boy of the school. (________)


  1. I am waiting for my friends. (________)


  1. You are a hardworking girl. (_____)


  1. She is walking in rain. She may fall ill. (_____)


  1. We will go to a picnic next Sunday. (_____)



Class 3    Mathematics                 Full mark : 50


Roll no:


a) 385 by 12
b) 129 by 13
c) 8482 by 2
d) 8600 by 2
e) 8084 by 4


Q2. Nine children went for a picnic. If one third of them were girls, how many boys were there?

Q3. Ali shared 1 litre of apple juice equally with three friends. How much did each friend get?

Q4. Eight children shared a pizza equally. What fraction of the pizza did each child get?

Q5. Ram had 24 cars. He gave one third of them to Sita. How many cars were left?

Q6. An hour has 60 minutes. How many minutes is a quarter of an hour?


Q7. Draw and colour the shapes given.

a) Cuboid
b) Oval
c) Cone
d) Cube
e) Cylinder
f) Sphere

Q8. Write True or False.

a) All edges of a cube are equal.( )
b) An oval has just one side. ( )
c) A triangle has 3 sides and 2 corners.( )
d) All sides of a square are equal. ( )
e) All rectangle sides are equal. ( )
f) A cylinder has 2 flat faces .( )
g) A cube has 12 edges .( )
h) A circle has 2 corners.( )


a) 84 × 10
b) 7 × 40
c) 14 × 500
d) 25 × 100
e) 12 × 400


Class: 3       Subject: science.


Roll no:__________


A.Fill in the blanks.(10)

  1. A bird uses its _________to catch and eat food.
  2. Birds like_____________ such nectar from the flowers.
  3. Birds usually have________ feet with________toes on each
  4. Water birds have_____________ that help them push water while swimming.
  5. A tissue is made up of _______ kinds of______
  6. The air we breathe out of called__________ air
  7. The_____________ connect all nerves of the body to the brain.
  8. The__________system cleans our body be throwing out body waste


B. Give two examples for the following. (20)

  1. Birds with strong, short and hard beak _____________  _____________
  2. Birds with strong pointed beak____________ _____________
  3. Birds with webbed feet___________ _________________
  4. Birds with talons____________ ____________
  5. Things that birds use to make nest._____________ ____________
  6. Types of muscles______________  _____________
  7. Organs of the digestive system_________ ____________
  8. Organs of the respiratory system_____________ ______________
  9. Organs of the nervous system____________ ____________
  10. Organs of the circulatory system_____________ _____________

C. Answer the following

  1. What is perching?(2)
  2. Describe the three different kinds of feathers of birds.(3)

D. Give one word for the following(5)

  1. The building blocks is the body________________
  2. A living being made up of different organs system____________
  3. The organ that gives order to different parts of the body________
  4. Thin tube through which blood flows______________
  5. Total number of bones in a human skeleton__________.


Class:3                                              Subject: Social Studies

Name:____________________         Rollno:__________

A.Answer the following questions.

  1. Which is the most popular festival in Mumbai?
  2. Write two places of tourist interest in Ahmedabad.
  3. What is Bhopal famous for?
  4. Write the names of any two handicrafts of Jaipur.
  5. Write the names of two popular food items of Kolkata.
  6. Which city is known as the city of temples?
  7. In which state is the Hornbill festival celebrated?
  8. Write the names of two places of tourist interest in Ranchi.
  9. Which languages do people speak in Guwahati?
  10. Write the names of two places of tourist interest in Nagaland.

    B. Match the columns.

  1. Vidyasagar Setu a. Nagaland
  2. Udayagiri b. Chhattisgarh
  3. Bihu c. Odisha
  4. Angami d. Jharkhand
  5. Mahanadi river e. West Bengal
  6. Dassam falls f. Assam

    C. Write T for true and F for false.

  7. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is in Mumbai.______
  8. Ahmadabad is located along the banks of River Ganga._____
  9. Bhopal is situated along the Nakki Lake._____
  10. Johri Bazaar is a famous shopping area in Jaipur._____

    D.Read the clues and fill in the missing letters.

1.This is the main festival of Kolkata. D__R___A P___J____.

  1. Many people in Kohima speak this language. ___N___A___I.
  2. Bhubaneswar is the capital of this state. O____ ___ ____ ___ A.
  3. Guwahati is situated along the banks of this river. B___A_____ _____A____U____ ____ A.
  4. Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum is in this city. R___ ___ ____ U____.


Class-3          Alternative English                       F:M=40

NAME: ________________    Roll no: _________

A. Answer these questions.

  1. Why couldn’t the writer boil eggs in the Himalayan foothills?
  2. What did Gautam suggest?
  3. Which habit did the writer get from watching his grandmother cook?

    B. Answer these questions with reference to the context.
    1. Gautam however, pushed his plate away, saying, ‘you forgot to put in the egg.’
    a. Who is Gautam?
    b. What advice did he give to the writer?
    c. What did the writer offer to make for Gautam?
    d. How did it turn out?


  1. ‘It must be magic!’ cried the villagers.
    a. What did the villagers think of as a magic?
    b. What did they find one morning?
    c. Why were women worried?
    d. Who decided to find out what happened?


  1. ‘Now I know your magic spells. I shall leave the castle.’
    a. Who is the speaker of these lines? To whom is he addressing to?
    b. Why did James want to learn the magic spells?
    c. How did he learn the spells?
    d. Which creature did James turn himself into?

    C. Underline the describing words in the sentence.

  1. James and his family lived in a tiny village.
  2. There was a high mountain beside the village.
  3. A fearful sorcerer lived there.
  4. The sorcerer was a tall man.
  5. He had a large, black raven.

    D. Make sentences with the words given below.

  1. sorcerer-
  2. harvest -
  3. puzzled-
  4. sparkled -
  5. perched-

    E. Give the antonyms of the words given below.

  1. few _____
  2. simple ______
  3. good ______
  4. young ______
  5. stop ______

    F. Fill in the blanks with doing words or verbs.

  1. The writer wanted to _____ good food.
  2. He _____ that boiling water was easy.
  3. His grandson ____ him good advice.
  4. He thought it ____ rather good.
  5. Gautam ____ the dish away.
  6. The writer loved ________ others cook.
  7. The writer ___ to make him a cheese omelette.


Class-3                                             Tenyidie                                                      (40marks)


  1. Geizo ‘Huoyo Sa’ hau supuo zoshü ga? (1mark)
  2. Geizo ‘Huoyo Sa’ hau nu Ukezopfüe u bu kedipuo chülie nu üshü ga? (5marks)
  3. N khie n mhou nhabo cü mu mekre kecü kropuo za thuishülie? (2marks)
  4. N khie n mhou seibo nhasi vü pie u tsüyakezha huo za thushülie? (2marks)
  5. kedipuo la nhaboko pekruse ba morosuo ga? (2marks)
  6. Seibo kicükropuo se ki chüya ga? (3marks)
  7. Nhaboko puo rhilie di puo gei zatho kekreikecüko tha mu thushülie? (5marks)
  8. Dielou hako pie diecha chüshülie: (10marks)
    a. zha—
    b. cü –
    c. rükrie –
    d. memie –
    e. nhasi –
    f. teisü –
    g. seibo –
    h. kecü –
    i. mekre –
    j. metsuo –


  1. Nie teiboura nu seinyü kekreicüko pengou(5) pakengupie n leshüda nu kulie di süko za thushülie?(10marks)


1. Nai achiba teronem menemba süngolio tenùng kar shiang?
2. Züa atuba tedong nungi tejang aser tu koba nai achir tenüng kar shiang?
3. Mesanga aoba nungi anguba süngjang koba nai achir tenüng ana shiang?
QB. Ner tesem nung anguba aonsotsü aser süngjanglijang koba nai achir tsünglanglen agüja aliba telemsa shitak nung züluang. ( Tazüngtsü kaket tapak 41 nungji agüja lir medemdanga züluang)
QC. Tazüngtsü kaket tapak 38 nung agüja aliba noksatem nungi asem (3) shimtetta yangluang aser sentsü tapet tepang.
QD. Ner tesem nung anguba süngo tu balala pungu (5) bendenang aser itemji A4 size paper nung maloker kaka Shia tenüng züluang.
Temetettsü: Item teinyaktsü ajak A4 size paper nung züluang.


Class-3                                                 FIT                                          Full Mark: 50


NAME: ___________________________ ROLL NO.____________________


A. Answer in short.

  1. Name the two parts of LOGO.
  2. What is called the turtle in LOGO?
  3. What are also known as primitives in LOGO?
  4. What is head of the turtle in LOGO?
  5. Which part of the turtle is known as the tail?
  6. Write the short form of FORWARD
  7. Write the short form of BACK
  8. Write the short form of RIGHT
  9. Write the short form of LEFT
  10. Write the short form of CLEARTEXT


B. Match the following.
1. Shows the result of commands                         i) Recall list box

  1. Commands are written in this area               ii) Reset button
  2. Clears the LOGO main Screen                      iii) Execute button
  3. Shows the list of all commands                    iv) Input box
  4. Button used to run the commands                v) Turtle
  5. A small triangle in the centre of the             vi) Main screen
    main screen


C. Write True or False.
1. We can add two number using the ‘+’             _________
2. The MUL Command is used to multiply two numbers.             _________  

  1. BK 10-5 will move the turtle back by 10 units.             _________
  2. The DIFFERENCE Command is used to subtract two numbers. _________


D. Fill in the blanks.
1. The ___________ Command is used to display text or numbers in the commander window.
2. Numbers can be added using the ____________ Command.
3. The QUOTIENT Command is used to ____________ two numbers.

  1. The short form for the PRINT Command is _______________.
  2. The __________ operator is used to multiply two numbers.


E. Explain in detail.
1. What are the important points to keep in mind while writing Commands in LOGO.
2. Write the steps to use LEFT Command.



Class 3

General Knowledge

Q 1. Fill in  with the correct numbers.

  1. There are __ days in a week
  2. A spider is __ legs
  3. English has __ letters in alphabet
  4. A year has ___ months
  5. An octopus has __ arms
  6. A day has __ hours
  7. We have __ fingers in one hand
  8. One dozen apples means ___ apples
  9. A square has ___ side
  10. A triangle has ___ sides.


Q 2. Write the movements of the following.

(Refer page 34)

  1. Fish
  2. Frogs
  3. Snakes
  4. Horses
  5. Kangaroo
  6. Butterflies
  7. Babies
  8. People
  9. Boats
  10. Planets
  11. Aeroplane
  12. Tops

Q 3. Write the brand names of the following.

(Refer page 36)

  1. Car
  2. Motorbike
  3. Cycle
  4. Biscuit
  5. Jam
  6. Chocolate
  7. Television
  8. Watch
  9. Butter
  10. Toothpaste
  11. Cell phone
  12. Camera

Q 4.  Write the  language of the following country.

( Refer page 41)

  1. Sri Lanka
  2. England
  3. Japan
  4. Pakistan
  5. France
  6. Germany
  7. Portugal
  8. India


Q5. Draw the flag of the following country.

  1. Australia
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Argentina
  4. United States



Class: 3  Sub: Time Table                                    Marks : 40

Name : ___________________ Roll No. : ________     

Q.1 Writethe metric measure of:

  1. a) Length.
  2. b) capacity.


Qn.2 write the international system of numeration and it’s numeral.

  1. Unit -
  2. Ten –
  3. Hundred –
  4. Thousand -
  5. Ten thousand –
  6. Lakh –
  7. Ten lakh –
  8. Crore –
  9. Ten crore –
  10. Arab –
  11. Ten Arab –
  12. Kharab–
  13. Ten kharab -


Class: 3              Sub: Drawing/ Handwriting                               Marks:50

Name:____________________   Roll no._______


  1. Draw a scenery and colour it. (20)
  2. Look and write 10 times each in cursive handwriting(4 line paper) (30)


  1. Idleness is the mother of all evil.
  2. Cleanliness is next to godliness.







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