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Class 4 Second Evaluation (2nd Assignment)

Hieme Kuotsu

Second Evaluation

2nd Assignment 2021

Class-4        English                                        F:M=40

NAME: _____________    Roll no: _________

A. Answer these questions.

  1. What was the test Akbar announced to his subjects?
  2. Who agreed to take up Akbar’s challenge and why?
  3. How long did the man stay in the river?
  4. What reason did Akbar give for not giving the man his reward?
  5. Did the washerman finally get his reward? How?
  6. How did the speaker know that guests have arrived and that dinner is ready?
  7. What sounds does the speaker hear close by and which ones seem far away?
  8. What could be the ‘queer little noise’ that have no explanation

    B. Think and write

    a. Have you ever been in a situation where you have not been able to fulfil a promise? What did you do in that situation?
    C. Make new words by rearranging these words.
    a. ring ____
    b. wake ____
    c. meat ____
    d. rats ____
    e. lump ____

    D. Complete the sentences.
    a. The poem is about ____ that can be heard ________.
    b. The clock makes a _____.
    c. The speaker can hear _____ on the top floor.
    d. The speaker also hears her father _____.

    E. Change these sentences into negative.
    a. Radhika goes to school by car.
    b. John loves pasta.
    c. Jesse speaks French fluently.
    d. I will tell you a story.
    e. Watching TV is boring.

    F. Unscramble the words to get the correct words.

    a. imemers ______
    b. usceced _______
    c. ugrad ________
    d. uhmbel _______
    e. usreviv _______


Class 4             Grammar

Q1. Answer the following questions.

  1. Who brings our letters?
  2. Who treats the patients?
  3. Who looks after the patients?
  4. Who makes our furniture?
  5. Who rings the school bell?.
  6. Who gives us tickets in the bus?
  7. Who stitches our clothes?
  8. Who mends our shoes?

Q2.  Fill in the blanks with the correct form of verb in the simple present tense.

  1. I always ___ my friends. ( help)
  2. She ___ tea but not coffee. ( like)
  3. He ___ very hard for the examination. ( work)
  4. You ___ very little. That is not good for you. ( eat)
  5. They ___ the teacher’s help. ( need)
  6. We ___ near the railway station. ( live)
  7. She ___ the office at 5 p. m. ( leave)
  8. Pandas ___ green leaves. ( eat)
  9. That big house ___ to the Principal of your school. ( belong)

Q3.  Fill in the blanks with the past tense of the verbs given in the brackets.

  1. Karan ___ some beautiful seashells and ___ to his father to tell him about them.( see, run)
  2. The judges ___ my painting very much. They ___ me the first prize. ( like, give)
  3. Manisha ____ that her friend ___ a very sincere person. ( find, be)
  4. Wild animals ___ all around but he __ on. ( growl, ride)
  5. Ajay ___ the ball and ___ it to the wicket keeper. ( catch, throw)

Q4. Complete the following sentences using can or cannot with  a suitable verb. Take verb from the word given below.

(Use, read, take, live, climb, live, drop, have, climb, begin)

  1. My grandfather is above 90 , but he ___ without glasses
  2. ___ I ___ your telephone for a while?.
  3. You ___ ____ my dictionary if you need.
  4. I ___ ____ the hills at Mussoorie  but I ___ Mount Everest.
  5. She __ ___ the work whenever she likes.
  6. ___ I ____  some water please?
  7. A camel ___ ____ without water for many days but it _____   _____ without air.
  8. I ___ ____ you at your school if you want.

Q5. Fill in the banks with “is”, “are”, or “am”.

  1. I ___ keen to learn guitar.
  2. Vitamins ___ protective foods.
  3. You ___ always punctual.
  4. Today the sun ___ very bright.
  5. It ___ an empty jug.


Class 4  Mathematics.                                                     Full mark : 50


1.Write the first four multiples of :

a) 5
b) 8
c) 2
d) 6
e) 7
2. Circle the even numbers and tick the odd numbers.
a) 12 , 15 , 21 , 24
b) 643 , 1058 , 4689 , 15576
c) 87 , 106 , 270 , 1374
d) 10 , 25 , 40 , 55
e) 70 , 200 , 105 , 94
3. Write the first two common multiples of :
a) 5 and 10
b) 8 and 8
c) 4 and 5
4. Write the even numbers between47 and 59.
5. Write the odd numbers between 50 and 72.
6. Write three factors of the following numbers, other than 1 and the number itself.
a) 30
b) 36
c) 105
d) 715
e) 1430
7. Write all the factors of the following numbers.
a) 10
b) 20
c) 32
d) 54
e) 231
8. Which of these are divisible by 10?
a) 305 , 790 , 1024 ,3000
b) 900 , 1003 , 8005 , 4055

9.Which of these are divisible by 3 ?

a) 18 , 81 , 79 , 175 , 7380
b) 55 , 555 , 77 , 777 , 88 , 888
10. Find the biggest 4 digit number divisible by 5. Also find the smallest 5 digit multiple of 10.


Class: 4       Subject: science.


Roll no_______

A. Fill in the blanks(5)

  1. _____________work together so that our body can function normally.
  2. The____________ helps to transport substance within the body.
  3. _________ is a fluid that is carried by blood vessels to all parts of the body
  4. The __________system is an organ system that helps in getting rid of wastes formed inside our body
  5. The formation of urine take place in the______________.

    B. Give two example for each of the following.(20)
    1. Organ system of the body ______________. ________________
    2. Organs of the circulatory system___________. _________________
    3. Substances that get transported within the system

           __________.                _________

  1. Blood vessels: _______________________. _____________________
  2. Organs of the excretory system__________________ _____________________.
  3. Eggs laying animals_______________________. _____________________
  4. Animal that undergo metamorphosis_______________________. _____________________
  5. Animal give birth to young ones_______________________. _____________________
  6. _____________________
  7. Mammals found in water._______________________. _____________________

    C. Answer the following.
    1. What are the three types of blood vessels? (3)
    2. Define reproduction. With two ways by which animal reproduce (3).
    3. Draw the life cycle of a butterfly (5)
    4. Draw and labelled the parts of an egg(4)


Class 4               Social Science                         FM 40


A. Circle the correct answers.                               1x 10 = 10

  1. Bread is a raw material/ finished good.
  2. Goods are made in a park/factory.
  3. According to size, there are three/four types of industries.
  4. Large scale industries are located near cities/villages.
  5. Chittaranjan/ Ahmadabad is famous for railway equipment.
  6. India/England has the longest-written constitution.
  7. The minimum age to vote in a municipal election is 18/21 years.
  8. A hospital/restaurant is a civic amenity.
  9. A president/mayor is the head of a municipal corporation.
  10. The gram Panchayat/ municipal committee provide civic amenities in a village.

B. Answer the following questions:                   2 x 15 = 30

  1. After how many years is the municipal election held?
  2. Where do local bodies get money from?
  3. What is the difference between a municipal committee and a municipal corporation?
  4. Write any three Fundamental Duties mentioned in our constitution.
  5. What is Fatehpur Sikri? Where was it built?
  6. Akbar got two epics translated into Persian. Write their names.
  7. Write the name of five famous people in Akbar’s court.
  8. What are large-scale industries?
  9. What are small-scale industries?
  10. What are cottage industries? Give two examples.
  11. What is an industry?
  12. How many types of industries are there according to size?
  13. What is local self-government?
  14. Write five functions performed by local self-governing bodies?
  15. What are handicrafts?


Class 4

Alternative English

Q1. Do you have a pet animal at home? Write a few lines about your pets.

Q2. Fill in the blanks with the words given below.

( to, through, in, up, at, out)

  1. The young boy was __ the fifth standard.
  2. He brought four rupiyas ___ school.
  3. The teacher was not ___
  4. He was fed __ with the thoughts going ___ his mind .
  5. He decided___ buy the jalebies.
  6. After buying the jalebieshe held them ___ his chest.
  7. After eating the jalebies he washed his mouth ___ the road side tap.
  8. Later he found ___ that he would have to pay the fees the next day.


Q3. Give the correct form of the words given in the brackets in each sentences.

  1. The writer __ (go) to school with four rupiyas in his pocket.
  2. He ___ (find) that his teacher had not come to school.
  3. The rupiyas in his pocket began __ (speak) to him.
  4. They ___ (tell) him to spend the money.
  5. The writer ___ (rush) out of his house to buy the jalebies.
  6. He ___ (gobble) the jalebies hastily.
  7. As a result he __ (suffer) from terrible stomach pain.

Q4. Write the poem ‘Words'

Q5. Write word meaning of the following words.

  1. Flame and gold
  2. Thrill of spray and foam
  3. Queer looking
  4. Draggled
  5. Sulky
  6. Archbishop
  7. Eaglet
  8. Race course


Q6. Have you ever played in the rain or river. Write few line about your experience.



Class- 4                              Tenyidie                                                                           (40mark)


1. Khunuo za hako kekradie(English) nunu thushülie: (8marks)

  1. Vükrü –
  2. Hashü –
  3. Chüzhie –
  4. Thelou—
  5. Menyi –
  6. Thega –
  7. Meseru –
  8. Socie –


2. Diechako chü tseishülie: (5marks)
1. Vapuo Bao-e ________ nguya.

  1. _________ teisoduü Bao kesoushü seiya.
  2. Kewi ca chüketuo la puoe ___________ votuo Uya.
  3. Lieciemia lieko _________ bu vacülieya.
  4. Mhachaki nu ________ baya.


  1. Kicükiri mu nhachü sorou zako thushülie: (6marks)
  2. Thiethie kelhou nu seyakezha plastic mhanya pengou mu mha kicü kro puo plastic sou nu kerie se chülie vi shiü mhanya pengou le di thushülie. (5marks)



    Plastic                          Kerie









  1. Nie seyiemia seyakezha nya sorou (6) pfhüpie thushülie? (6marks)
  2. Kerie se chülie kevi rhitho pengou(5) rhishülie mu sUko se kedipuo chüya shi puo dze thushülie? (10marks)



1. Tangmo ya botanical tenüng agi kechi?
2. Nangpera ya botanical tenüng agi kechi?
3. Tangmoi teyari agütsüba asem shiang?
4. Nangperai teyari agütsüba asem shiang?
QB. Saktsüa tepok aodang yaritsü asoshi tangmo tzü yangluba yimya rasaa züluang.
QC. Tazüng alidakji süngdakjang.
1. Tangmo ya_____sentsü lir.
2. Nangpera nungi______totzü ka alur.
3. Nangpera ya _____nung dang adokba_____ dong ka lir.
4. Tangmo dong ya ____ aika masü.
Temetettsü: Item teinyaktsü ajak A4 size paper nung züluang.




Class-4                          FIT                        Full Mark: 50

NAME: __________________ ROLL NO._____


Answer in short.

1. What is subfolder?
2. What is desktop?
3. How can you delete a file or folder permanently without moving it to the Recycle Bin?
4. Write the syntax for REPEAT Command.
5. What is the use of REPEAT Command?

Fill in the blanks.

1. To shift the text from its original location to a new location in a document, you ___________ the text.

  1. To select a paragraph using a mouse, you ___________ anywhere in the paragraph.
  2. To remove the character to the left of the current cursor position, you press the _______________ key.
  3. To select the entire document text using a keyboard, you press the __________ key combinations.
  4. To cancel the last action, you can use the ______________ Command on the Quick Access Toolbar.
  5. REPEAT 4 [FD 10] will draw a line of ___________ units.
  6. When using the REPEAT Command to draw a triangle, the turning angle to be used is ________________ units.
  7. The Commands FD 50 RT 60 when repeated six times will result in a _______________.
  8. The _____________ Command is used to reduce the number of Commands to be typed to draw a shape.
  9. To draw a pentagon having five sides, the turtle should be turned by ____________ units in the REPEAT Command.

Write True or False.

1. You can draw only squares with the help of the REPEAT Command.
2. The REPEAT Command can be used inside another REPEAT Command.
3. The REPEAT Command can be used to repeat a set of statements to a maximum of five times.
4. The turtle should be turned through a total of 360 units for drawing a circle.
5. You can use the REPEAT Command to draw polygons, circles and curves.

Answer in detail.

1. Draw a table and write the ways of selecting text using a mouse.
2. Draw any three polygons and name them.



General Knowledge

Class-4                                                  F:M=50

NAME: ___________________   Roll no: ________

 A. Who am I?

  1. I am used for measuring the atmospheric pressure_________.
  2. I record moving pictures and sound_______.
  3. I help you to see distant objects nearer_________.
  4. I help in recording sound on tape and play back the recording_______.
  5. I am used by people to descend slowly from a high position or aircraft_________.
  6. I am a machine that can make copies of documents________.

    B. Answer the following questions

  1. Write four safety measures to put out fire?
  2. Name six different kinds of instrument.
  3. Who was the first person to go into space?
  4. Who was the first woman to go into space?
  5. Who was the first India-born woman to go into space?
  6. Who as the first Indian to go into space?
  7. Who was the first human to set foot on the moon?
  8. Name the first Indian Satellite?

    C. Fill in the blanks

  1. For snake bite, we _______ the blood out.
  2. In case of fracture, ________ move the patient.
  3. In case of burns, place a clean ______ to cover the burnt area.
  4. If cloths catch fire, _______ the person with a blanket.
  5. Use a/an _________ to hold electrical goods.
  6. Do not work in the kitchen without a/ an________ around.

    D. Complete the names of these stories:
  1. Snow White and_______________
  2. Beauty and ______________
  3. Goldilocks and_____________
  4. Tom, Dick and ___________
  5. Alibaba and the___________
  6. Black_____________
  7. Alice in____________
  8. Guliver’s____________

    E. Complete the sentences.

  1. Fear of going to school is called __________.
  2. Fear of mingling with society is called ___________.
  3. Fear of crowds is called ____________.
  4. Fear of flying is called _____________.
  5. Fear of being alone is called ____________.
  6. Fear of animals is called __________.
  7. Fear of animals’ skin or fur is called __________.

    F. Write the name of seven(7) traffic rules/signs and draw the signs.



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