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Class 5 Second Evaluation (2nd Assignment)

Hieme Kuotsu

Second Evaluation

2nd Assignment

Class V                        ENGLISH                     40 Marks


Q.1 Answer the following questions.

  1. What surprised Alice in the garden? 2
  2. How was the tree expected to protect the other plants? How would it behave? 2
  3. How did the hard ground encourage the flowers to talk? What happened in other gardens? 3
  4. Why did Alice try to ignore Rose’s remark? 2
  5. Describe the Red Queen as presented by the other flowers. 2
  6. What did Alice observe about the Red Queen? Why did she want to speak to her? 2
  7. Who was the rudest among the flowers? Why do you think so? 3

Q.2 Add OUS, ABLE, EN, or LY to form new words. Change the spelling wherever necessary.      5

  1. Fright
  2. High
  3. Happy
  4. Honour
  5. Danger

Q.3 Using the COMPOUND WORDS complete these sentences.                                                           5

  1. She stood in the ____________ for a while before entering the room.
  2. I love to listen to the ________ that my grandfather tells me.
  3. Mr. Massey has a small _____________ in a corner of his garden.
  4. There is an _______________ railway system in Kolkata.
  5. Grandmother has a beautiful diamond _______________

Q.4 Complete these sentences in the PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSE using the correct form of verbs given in the brackets.                                                                                                                    5

  1. We ________ dinner with our family tonight. (eat)
  2. The animals __________ from the forest fire. (flee)
  3. I _________ a break from my dance lessons. (take)
  4. It __________ heavily. (rain)
  5. We ___________ for the school band. (practice)

Q.5 Answer the following questions.

  1. Which was the first ever passenger train? 1
  2. Which was the first train in India? How was it steamed off? 2
  3. What had prompted the journey of the first train on the Indian subcontinent? 1
  4. Why was the construction of the Nilgiri Mountain Railway a challenge? 1
  5. Describe the ride on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway. 2
  6. What is the ride on the Thomas train like? 2


Class-5                        GRAMMAR                                                            50 Marks

A. Make these sentences negative.

  1. You know the truth.


  1. Ritu follows the truth.


  1. These children need my help.


  1. She asks relevant questions.


  1. They buy books from his shop.


  1. John speaks English fluently.


  1. Sudha likes her new frock.


  1. My watch keeps correct time.


  1. I find his name at the top.


  1. This shop sells stationary.


B. Answer the following questions. Refer page-120 &123

  1. What is a preposition? Give four sentences for preposition.
  2. What is a conjunction? Give four sentences for conjunction.


C.Underline the prepositions in the following sentences.

  1. The traveller sat in the shade of a tree.
  2. You should not be afraid of anybody.
  3. The lion went into the den.
  4. The teacher will meet you after the class.
  5. Madhu cut the apple with the knife.
  6. There is a wall around the garden.
  7. It is six by my watch.
  8. The legs of this chair are broken.
  9. Raju qualified the examination with good marks.
  10. The woodcutter worked from morning to night.

    D. Fill in the blanks with suitable conjunctions. Select your conjunctions from the ones given below. Use one conjunction only once.

And     when     until    because     so that      if     but   that   unless    although


  1. I pray ________ you may live long.
  2. We will not buy the house ________ it is new.
  3. __________ you go to a zoo, you can see many kinds of birds and animals there.
  4. They made him captain of the team _________ he was very young.
  5. Chetan was tired __________ hungry.
  6. Chetan was tired __________ he continued his work.
  7. Chetan was tired ___________ he had continuously worked for three hours.
  8. Chetan continued working ________ he was asked to stop.
  9. _____________ the clock struck twelve, Chetan stopped working.
  10. Chetan continued to work _______ he might go home early.

    E. Write a letter to your principal seeking permission to take a half day leave because you are down with fever.


2nd Assignment, 2021

Class 5                                                                    Mathematics                                                                     FM 50


1. Find the HCF of the numbers by finding factors. 2 x 5 =10
a.6, 9    b. 24, 36                      e. 15, 25
c. 72, 90    d. 20, 32


2. Find the HCF of the numbers by prime factorization. 2 x 10 = 20
a. 30, 75     b. 66, 198                    i. 72, 126
c. 64, 80     d. 56, 84                       j. 130, 208
e. 45, 105    f. 48, 128
g. 36, 81    h. 18, 27


3. Find the HCF 2 x 5 = 10
a. 36, 48 and 84    b. 54, 72 and 90          e. 130, 195 and 390

c. 75, 150 and 225   d. 36, 420 and 900

4. Find the greatest number that divides 33 and 45, leaving 3 as remainder in each case. 5
5. Find the greatest number that divides, 57, 133 and 384, leaving 7, 8 and 9 respectively
as remainder. 5


Class 5

Subject: Science


Roll no;

A. Give two example of the following.(10)

  1. Girdles; ___________________. ___________________
  2. Ball and socket joints:___________________. ___________________
  3. Hinge joint ___________________. ___________________
  4. Parts of the eye___________________. ___________________
  5. Parts of the ear ___________________. ___________________

    B. Give one word for the following.(10)
    1. The long single bone the makes the upper arm;_____________
    2. A jelly like substance the fills the hollow of the bone_______________
    3. A tough, elastic substances that holds the bones together at the joint. _______________
    4. The parts of the brain that controls the heart beat _______________
    5. The part is the eye where an image gets formed_______________
    6.  The process is finding the size of quality of something. _______________
    7. A fixed quantity that is used as a standard is measurement _______________
    8. The length between the top of the thumb and the tip of the little finger of a fully opened
    9. The length between the tip of the middle finger and the elbow_______________
    10. The length of outstretched arm._______________.

    C. Answer the following questions.
    1. What is a joint? Name the different kinds of joints found in the body.(5)
    2. Differentiate between cardiac muscle and smooth muscle(4)
    3. Differentiate between sensory and motor nerve (4)
    4. What is measurement? (2)
    5. Draw and labelled the different parts of an Eye. (5).


Class-5                                               Social Science                                                           40marks

  1. Write about the location of the Prairies. Briefly discuss the economic activities and life of the people.                                                 10mks
  1. Write a note on the formation of INC in 1885. What are the differences in ideas between Moderates and Radicals?                                             10mks
  1. Discuss something on the Independence of India 1947. What happen to India after their independent?                                           10mks
  1. Why were the Indians not happy with the rule of British in India? How did the Indians suffer in the hands of the British? Discuss.                                10mks


Class-5                                   Alternative English                                                                                                                       40marks


               Out of 40marks, 5 marks will be allotted for good handwritings, paper presentation and neatness of the assignment.

  1. Read the following paragraphs and answer the questions that follows (2x5=10)

A long time ago; there was a jungle and in the jungle there were parrots and kingfishers, monkeys and blue humming birds. There were a couple of larger birds there, who were brown, fawn and white in colour.

  One day Mrs Peacock said to her husband, ’It makes me angry that we are only this dirty brown and white. All the birds around us are beautiful and brightly colour’

Just then a blue-bonnet parrot hopped down beside her. Mrs Peacock said, ‘I wish you would let me have any spare feathers you don’t want. I will make a hat with them/’

Just then it began to rain. Mrs Peacock ran back to her husband and said, ‘please put your umbrella up. I don’t want to get wet.’

Suddenly, an elf about who was 12 inches tall said, ‘May I use the umbrella too?’

‘No,’ replied Mrs Peacock and ran off with the umbrella leaving the elf and her husband behind.

The kind peacock spread out his tail and sheltered the elf from the rain.

As soon as it stopped raining, the elf said, ‘I will grant you any wish you want.’

Mr Peacock said, ‘Make me colourful and beautiful.’

‘So be it,’ said the elf, ‘From now on peacocks will be the most beautiful birds in the world with feathers of every colour of the rainbow.’

That is why peacocks have beautiful tails and peahens are still brown, fawn and white. Moreover the elf did not want to grant a wish to the selfish peahen.

  1. Which animals lived in the jungle?
  2. Why was Mrs Peacock angry during her walk with her husband?
  3. What did Mrs Peacock say to the parrot?
  4. Why did Mrs Peacock run away with the umbrella?
  5. Why don’t peahens have beautiful tails?
  6. What is the moral of the story? What did you learn from this story? 3mks
  7. Write few paragraphs on the beauty of Moon. 10mks
  8. Write a story on your own with a suitable moral.                                       10mks
  9. Write the meaning of 2mks
    a. Hallucination
    b. Fundamental


Class 5     Tenyidie 

1. Tenyidie nu diezho kikruko rhie kemezeshϋlie. 8marks

  1. Dieza -        Pronoun
  2. Zasou -       verb
    3. Dietho -      Noun
    4. Dietso -      Preposition
    5. Diepe -      Adverb
    6. Diekhe -      interjection
    7. Dieba -     Conjunction
    8. Ungo pfhephra – Adjective
  1. Dieza hako dia keda pie diecha chϋshϋlie. 8marks

Leshϋki, Kehouki,Avinuo, Dimapur, Japfϋ

  1. Zasou dia keda pie diecha chϋshϋlie. 8 marks

A, no, puo, nko, uko,

  1. Dietho dia keda pie diecha chϋshϋlie. 8marks

Ta, tuo, thu, Mhacϋ, Ba

  1. Dietso dia keda pie diecha chϋshϋlie. 8 marks

Kekra, mecie,kedzϋ, vi, suo.     


1. " Mongmong" tenüng tetezü kechi? Kechiba iba ya amunger?
2. "Bishu" tenüng tetezü kechi? Iba mapang nung komala kongki temsa atemer?
QB. Ibai lesson zünger agüja aliba orentemji tembanga züluang.
1. Mùsüyangtep tekülem koba _______
2. Bushu benjong mapang Phangsla ta sür_________
3. Mileingi benjong mapang au tajem agi mi apur benjong matem tashi________
4. Monyiü mapang Phom nunger teburtemi tetsürtem dang ________
5. _______________ külen Moatsü mung ya pelatepba anisüngzüka amunger.
QC. Tazüng alidakji Oti tem amshia süngdakjang.
1. Küti-i kanga talang ka tua____
2. Parnoki shiti ka ___
3. Ni schooli____ao.
4. Pa________
5. Kinü tanuri mamatzü______
6. Teti ochi _____.
QD. Tazüngtsü kaket tapak 39 nung agüja aliba noksaji repranga nisüng mesüra shirurui kechi inyaker züluang.
Temetettsü: Item teinyaktsü ajak A4 size paper nung züluang.
Class V
General Knowledge
Q.1. Give the full form of the following words.
1. W H O
2. A I D S
3. L P G
4. B S N L
5. B J P
Q.2 Draw the National Flag of India and colour it. 
Q.3 Name the capital of India.
Q.4 Name the National Bird of India.
Q.5 Name the National flower of India.
Q.6 Name the National Tree of India.
Q.7 Name the highest peak in India.
Q. Give one word for the following.
1. I help to remove the liquid waste.
2. I protect lungs and heart.
3. I help to control all the functions of our body.
4. I help to digest the food you eat.
5. I support the spinal cord.
Class 5 Art
IMG 20210906 WA0001
1. Draw and colour the picture in a piece of paper
2. Write all about yourself
3.You can be creative and innovative if possible used your own design are ideas
Draw and colour the face match with the emotion.
IMG 20210906 WA0002
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