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Class 6 Second Evaluation (2nd Assignment )

Hieme Kuotsu



Class:6             ENGLISH                    40M


  1. What was the name of the boy who has no toes? ( question 1-9 from chapter:14)
  2. What was the name of his aunt?
  3. What did she made him drink?
  4. Which channel did the boy swam across?
  5. Why did his aunt wrapped his nose?
  6. What piece of cloth was used to wrapped his nose?
  7. Whom did they suspected of robbing the boy toes?
  8. How did the boy rowed back to his aunt park?
  9. What was the earnest wish of the boy to have?
  10. Whom did Leonard da Vinci created and become one of the world’s greatest paintings? ( chapter:15)
  11. The portrait belong to which century?
  12. Where was the painting displayed?
  13. Why Mona Lisa is also known as the laughing one?
  14. What effect did the painter created on the painting?
  15. What is the other masterpiece of Leonard da Vinci?
  16. What does the masterpiece indicate?
  17. What was the profession of his father?
  18. Where was he ( Leonard da Vinci) born?
  19. Earlier he spent his early working years in Milan and later shifted at which place?
  20. What was the name of his mother?

2.Match the nose idioms … . ( page no. 134)   5m

    1.keep one’s nose clean                        a. Pay a lot

  1. Keep one’s nose to the grindstone   b. tell someone exactly what to do

    3.lead someone by the nose                  c. right in front of you through the nose                         d. work very hard

  1. Under one’s nose                              e. stay out of trouble


3.Match the names of people in column A with the description. ( page no. 140) 5m

  1. Sculptor             a. One who analyses all parts of things in detail.
  2. Architect            b. One who makes maps

    3.Anatomist            c. one who studies algebra, geometry and number theory.

    4.cartographer        d. One who designs buildings and landscapes.

  1. Mathematician   e. One who carves on wood, metal or stone.


4.Fill in the blanks with the simple future tense or the future continuous form of the verbs given in brackets. ( small textbook   page no. 73) 5m

Vineeta… .. .. .. ( sing) a song at her brother’s birthday party, next Saturday. He… .. … ( invite) all his friends. Their mother . … .. … .. ( bake) a cake at home. Father… .. … .. .. ( decorate) the room with streamers and ballons. Everyone… .. . ( gather) there at six in the evening. All his friends… .. … ( buy) him a big gift. Mani… .. . ( collect) the money for the gift. Raghav… .. … ( go) to the market to buy a gift. Neeta… .. .. ( go) with him to the market.

 5. Fill in the blanks with the correct pronouns from the brackets. ( page no 73 5m)

1. Pupils such as… .. … ( they, them) deserve to be punished.
2. Let… .. . ( us, we) help our teacher with the arrangements for the school play.
3. Are you sure it was not… .. .. ( she, her)?
4. … .. .. ( she, her) and… .. ( I, me) gained equal marks.

5.The boy laughed at… .. ( I, me)

  1. The teacher asked… … ( they, them, themselves) to study hard for the examinations.

7……..( we, them) are making the arrangements for the inter- school meet.

  1. Those shoes are… .. ( he, his).



Class VI     GRAMMAR     50 Marks


Q1. Fill in the blanks with the Passive form of the verbs in the PRESENT PERFECT TENSE.                   5

  1. Our school library __________ (fully renovate)
  2. The walls, doors and windows ____________ (repaint)
  3. Every table _____________ with an LED. (fit)
  4. Several new books _______________ to the library. (add)
  5. The entire catalogue _________ (computerise )

Q2. Fill in the blanks with the Passive form of the verbs in the PAST PERFECT TENSE.                        5

  1. He though he ___________ unjustly. (punish)
  2. I was told that an email message ___________ to you. (already send)
  3. Everybody felt that a satisfactory decision __________ (taken)
  4. Did you feel that you __________? (cheat)
  5. Who told you that my father _________ (transfer)

Q3. Fill in the blanks with suitable words.                                                                                  5

  1. Two and two ______ four. (make, makes)
  2. There _________ several mistakes in your essay. (is, are)
  3. Much of my time __________ been wasted. (has, have)
  4. The songs of this movie __________ very sweet. (is, are)
  5. The great poet and scholar ________- been honoured. (has, have)

Q4. Fill in the blanks with suitable words.                                                                                  5

  1. Both of these houses __________ spacious and well built. (is, are)
  2. One of the passengers _________ a qualified doctor. (was, were)
  3. There _____ dark clouds in the sky. (is, are)
  4. Neither Ravi nor his friends __________ the prize. (deserve, deserves)
  5. Javed, and not his friends, ________ to blame. (is, are)

Q5. Fill in the blanks with the adverbs you have formed.                                                                        5

            MERRY                       ENTIRE                       GENTLE                      REGULAR       ANGRY

  1. The manager __________ asked the employee to get out.
  2. The girls sang and danced __________
  3. Long powercuts were __________ the company’s fault.
  4. The stranger __________ knocked at the door.
  5. It is good to exercise _______________

Q6. Insert the given ADVERBS in their normal position.                                                                        5

  1. The principal gave a moving speech. (very)
  2. These flowers start blooming. (early)
  3. My friends accepted my invitation. (gladly)
  4. The workers repaired these holes. (recently)
  5. Miss Jesudasan is very cheerful. (usually)

Q.7 Fill in the blanks with SUPERLATIVE, COMPARATIVE or SUPERLATIVE degrees.                        5

  1. Ishant Sharma bowled very ________ (fast)
  2. Bret Lee bowled _______ than Ishant Sharma. (fast)
  3. The sun shines _________ than the moon. (brightly)
  4. Of all the warriors, Arjuna fought the _______ (bravely)
  5. Of all the teams in the tournament, our team played the ____ (well)

Q.8 Fill in the blanks with suitable GROUP PREPOSITIONS.                                                    5

  1. There is a huge banyan tree ___________ our house.
  2. I welcome all the parents ____________ the staff and students of the school.
  3. Call us at 3463147021 ____________ any emergency.
  4. He could not win the election ____________ a strong support from the youth.
  5. Let us not quarrel _________________ a few thousands of rupees.

Q.9 Fill in the blanks with suitable PREPOSITIONS.                                                                 5

  1. The news bulletin begins ____ 9:00 P.M (at, on)
  2. Distribute the answer sheets ________ the children. (to, among)
  3. Who was the burglar caught ____ ? (by, with)
  4. My clothes were lying ___________ my cupboard. (in, into)
  5. Who is standing ___________ Suhas and Meenal? (between, among)

Q.10 Fill in the blanks with suitable PREPOSITIONS.                                                                5

  1. What are you looking ___?
  2. Which students were you referring ___?
  3. Who were they complaining ____?
  4. She is the kind of student that I am fond ___
  5. Would you like to know what I was dreaming _____?


Class 6                    Mathematics                         FM 50


1. Find the HCF using prime factorization:                               2 x 10  = 20
a. 84, 98       b. 170, 238                               i. 504, 980
c. 58, 70       d. 399, 437                                j. 106, 159, 371
e. 84, 120,    f. 138 272, 425
g. 36, 48, 84  h. 130, 195, 390


2. Find the HCF using division method:                               2 x 10 = 20
a. 58, 70                 b. 399, 437                               i. 1045, 1520
c. 1965, 2096          d.  2241, 2324                            j. 658, 940, 1128
e. 754, 1508, 1972    f. 170, 238
g. 106, 159, 371       h. 1794, 2346, 4761


3. Find the greatest number that will divide 445, 572 and 699, leaving remainders 4, 5, 6
4. Three different containers contain 403 L, 434 L and 465 L of milk respectively. Find
the capacity of a container which can measure the milk of all the containers in an exact
number of times.                                           5




A.fill in the blanks-(5×1=5)

1……..are highly compressible.

2……..roits are thin and almost equal in size,having a bushy appearance.

3.Leaves arise from the ………...of the stem.

4………..are the male reproductive parts of a flower.

5……….contain food for the baby plant.


B.choose the correct answer-(5×1=5)

1.which of the following materials will sink in water?

a.wood b.feather c.rock d.leaf

2.which of the following is a conductor of electricity.

a.air b.copper wire c.plastic d.wood

3.which of these plants bears a taproot system

a grass b.neem c onion d sugar cane

4.The stem of which plants is modified for water storage

a.rose b.cactus c.bougainvillea d potato

5.which of these parts later becomes the seed?

a stigma c.ovary d.ovule


C.Give one word for the following-(5×1=5)

1.Materials that have uneven or bumpy surface-.........

2.Materials that are attracted to a magnet-..........

3.Roots that grow from branches and give extra support to the stem of the plant-..........

4.Part of the stem which leaves or new buds arise-.........

5.Transfer of grains from an anther to a stigma-.......


D.short answer type questions-(3×3=9)

Q1.why are cooking utensils made of metals while their handles are made of wood or hard plastic?

Q2.Differentiate between tap roit system and fibrous root system.

Q3.what is venation?Name the two types of venations with one example of each.


E.Long answer type questions-4×4=16)

Q1.what is magnetism?Describe an activity to differentiate between magnetic and non-magnetic substances.

Q2.Describe the functions of a stem.

Q3.what is transpiration?How does it help the plant?

Q4.what are the four main parts of a flower?Describe them in detail.


Class 6   Social Science  40 Marks

The First Cities

  1. Name the two earliest cities in the Indian subcontinent. 2
  2. Write a note on city planning in the Indus Valley Civilization. 5
  3. Explain the Citadel and  the Lower Town.                                          10
  4. Write a note on Dholavira. 3

The Age of Vedas

  1. Name all the Vedas. 2
  2. What is the Age of Vedas? What period is known as the Vedic Age              3
  3. Explain the sabha and the samiti. 3
  4. What are the two important type of pottery  during the Vedic Age?   2
  5. Write a note on the occupations of the Vedic people. 5
  6. Write a note on Inamgaon. 5


Class-6                                                   Alternative English                                                     F.M-40

A). Answer these following questions.

            1). Has the child fallen asleep in the poem 'Cradle Song'? Quote a line to support your answer. 2

            2). What does the title of the poem 'Cradle Song' suggest to you? 3

            3). Why did Rai Bhalit feel that his revenue officials were exaggerating? 4

            4). Which drawing satisfied the little prince and why did this surprise the writer? 4


  1. Answer these questions with reference to the context.

1). 'On you I press

     With soft caress'

            a). What is being referred to here? 1

            b). Describe the mood and feelings of the narrator in the given context. 3


2). 'What you have accomplished is something unique.'

            a). What had the person accomplished? 1

            b). How did the speaker try to prove his appreciation for the accomplishment? 2


3). 'It wouldn't matter. Everything is so small where I live.'

            a). Who says this and in what context? 2

            b). Mention another fact about the speaker's home that had come to light earlier. 1


C). Write the summary of the poem

            'The Scarecrow' 7


D). The first sentence of each of the pairs is in the active voice. Complete the second sentence to
      passive voice. 4

            1). My neighbour saw an alien.

            *An alien……………… my neighbour.

            2). The clown entertained the crowd. *The crowd……………… the clown.

            3). The gardener is mowing the lawn.

            *The lawn…………… the gardener.

            4). Fire destroyed the house.

            *The house………… fire.


E). Rewrite these sentences correctly. 6

            1). In won day and won knight, the city vanished forever.

            2). The whole in the heal of her socks needs to be mended.

            3). When I was a young buoy, my grate grandfather told me about it.

            4). I red a book that told me about Mahatma Gandhi's principals.

            5). I bought these shoes on sail but the souls are weak.

            6). I saw him stair at the food on the table.


Class 6                        Tenyidie                              40marks


1. Dieca hako se diecha (sentence) chüshülie: (5marks)

  1. Keretho –
  2. Kemichie –
  3. Ruopfü –
  4. Niathutsa –
  5. Chüwhuomia –


2. Thechü kemethuoko nu dieca puotou thushülie: (5marks)
1. U kelhou u thuo chülieya mu u thuo ___________.

  1. Tekhu-u chü te di puo ______ cüliete ro themiau merütaya mo.
  2. __________ bu terha nu mevikhu-u geiwa.
  3. Rünamiako tekhu-ue ______ ruopfü ücü si zo.
  4. Nagamia tsazho nu ____________ sü thenumia mhatho üya.


3. Diecha kevazhücüko chiepie kemezeshülie: (8marks)
1. Jürü a. sei puo geinu keloko reipie keba.
2. Jünhü-jüpou b. sei thejüu teshü kemeteipie balieyakezhau.

  1. Jürei c. pfhe mephiyakezha lo-u.
  2. Jüpou d. jübo mu jübe unie donu keba loko.
  3. Jünyü e. kerie jünyü mu jüpou nie donu khupie kho mu keya kezhau.
  4. Thejü f. jürü pie pelieketuo la jürü ki pecie pie kebau.
  5. Jükrie g. jünyüko pie vüzieketuo seiu.
  6. Jüdoba h. jürü kese kemeteiketuo la seyakezha seiu.   

4. Diecha hako kiu ‘puotou’ mu ‘puotou mo ‘ shiü thushülie: (5marks)
1. Thiedzü niakratsatie Pongching ücü rüna kecü yopuo nu themia puo za Kha-ah ücü puo tekhu meviya. __________
2. Tekhu suo mezhie tar o themiau rei suo mezhietaya._________
3. Jübe pie thejütie kekreitsa goulie di pfü kegopie baya. ________

  1. Nagamia pete jüdoba geinu pfhe doya.______
  2. Pfhe docü jübo-u bu jükhetsa mu jübe bu uchietsa idi kegopie doya. _____


5. Diecha khakeshü nu Dietso (Adjective) rhieshülie: (7marks)
a. Puo phikou ketei puo ba.
b. Nganuo thenunuo kemecie yopuo.
c. Kewhira thechü kezivi puo.
d. Zhadoudo puo nu zha thenie baya.
e. Vizier mhanyi secü puo.
f. Sielie puo kinyi pete pejüwa.
g. Vikuo mha huoyo cüliete.


  1. Nagamia pfhe dokecü nu seyakezha jüpajünyieko rhilie mu puo dze thushülie.(10marks)


Class:6             GENERAL KNOWLEDGE


1 . Chapter:25       Environment      (20m)

     Use the clue Box and complete the statements

2.Chapter:26      Animal world      (20m)

    Find the answers from the Clue Box and write them.

  1. Chapter:27 Interesting Animals (10m)

       Name these animals/ birds the given information. Take help from the Clue box.


Class 6 Art
IMG 20210906 WA0001
1. Draw and colour the picture in a piece of paper
2. Write all about yourself
3.You can be creative and innovative if possible used your own design are ideas
Draw and colour the face match with the emotion.
IMG 20210906 WA0002
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