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Class 8 Second Evaluation (2nd Assignment)

Hieme Kuotsu

2nd Evaluation

2nd Assignment, 2021

Class-8                        English                           F.M-40

A). Answer these following questions.

            1). Did the Nightingale consume the glow-worm? Why? 2

            2). How did Deepak prepare for the annual elocution competition? 3

            3). Who was Amatsya Rakshasa? Why was he given this name? 2

            4). Where was Chanakya educated? What were the subjects that he was interested in? 4

B). Answer these questions with reference to the context.

1). 'Did you admire my lamp,' quoth he,

     'As much as I your minstrelsy…..'

            a). Which 'lamp' is the speaker referring to? 1

            b). What is the speaker's state of mind here? 1

2). 'The warning bells are ringing,'

            a). What warning bells was the speaker referring to? 1

            b). Why did the speaker say this? 2

3). 'I have some of that water and drizzle it over my dog who is extremely bothered by the heat.'

            a). What was the speaker talking about? 1

            b). What does this suggest? 2

4). 'If you want to finish something, you should start at the borders and get rid of those, before proceeding
     to the centre

            a). Why did the speaker say this? 2

            b). What did Chanakya learn from this? 1

C). Write the summary of the poem 'The Way Through the Woods' 7

D). Change these sentences according to the instructions given in the bracket. 6

            1). Rita was sure she would win. (Begin: Wasn't Rita.........)

            2). Is this the way a person should behave? (Begin: This is ...)

            3). Isn't it terrible that the garbage has not been removed? (Begin: It is ...)

            4). Can our freedom fighters ever be forgotten? (Begin: Our...)

            5). We should always fight for justice. (Begin: Shouldn't...)

            6). I can't believe that Srilatha didn't win the singing contest. (Begin: Can...)

E). Underline the adjectives in these sentences. 5

            1). There are ten dancers in this talented group.

            2). Do you have enough food for the picnic?

            3). What is the best way to climb a mountain?

            4). He lost all his money in gambling.

            5). This movie seems interesting. Which day of the week are you free to watch it with me?


Class 8 

Grammar (50 marks)

A. Fill in the blanks with suitable determiners. (5)

  1. …… dress are you talking about?
  2. I haven’t got …….new books …..year.
  3. ………..students thanked………class teacher for ……..kindness and support.
  4. ……….more……..merrier.
  5. Although there are……..guests, we must be careful about….person’s needs.


    B. Identify the tense used. (5)
    1. I play tennis every evening.
    2. I have finished reading the latest work of Jane Austen.
    3. She had been living in Manhattan before she left for London.
    4. When did Columbus discover America?
    5. Have you ever seen such a beautiful sight?


    C. Change the voice .(10)
    1. I sang a song.
    2. We should obey the rules.
    3. Jim bought a tortoise-shell comb.
    4. He fed the dogs.
    5. The gardener is watering the plants.
    6. K Rowling wrote Harry Potter.
    7. The rooms were arranged by my sister.
    8. I am reading a story.
    9. We inhale oxygen.
    10. Have you received the parcel?


D. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions. (10)
1. The books are lying……. the shelf.
2. Don’t fall…….. the bicycle.
3. I jumped……. the wall into the garden.
4. The bird flew into the room ……. a window.
5. She walked……… me without greeting .
6. I wrote that letter just ……
7. What are you thinking ………….?
8. I have always been …………the impression that he is a decent person.
9. Unfair means can bring easy money but they prove harmful …….. the long run.
10. An eerie silence covers the entire place………….night.

E. Fill in the blanks with conjunctions. (5)
1. Do you mind ………I change the channel?
2. Keep revising these lessons ………….you have mastered them.
3. He spent money……………he were a millionaire.

4. Always look both ways ………….you cross the road.
5. We should respect all religions …………………the country may remain united.

F. These sentences contain certain errors related to comparisons. Rewrite them in the corrected form. (5)

1. Vegetables in this market are more cheaper than anywhere else.
2. Mr Khanna is the best of the two candidate we have interviewed.
3. Sachin Tendulkar is technically the better cricketer among the living players.
4. Which country has the best scenic beauty? Switzerland or Malaysia?
5. This was the most embarrassing situation I had ever faced.


G. Write an essay in about 300 words on the topic ‘Importance of communication’. (10)



Class 8 Science

A. Choose the correct answer. 1 x 10 = 10

  1. An electric current can flow through
    a) a good insulator b) any liquid  c)any solid                      d) a good conductor


  1. An anode in an electrolytic cell will attract
    a) anions                            b) cations                    c) neutral atoms                d) water molecules


  1. In an electrolyte, cations are
    a) electrodes b)negatively charged ions         c) positively charged ions           d) neutral atoms


  1. Ions can have
    a) only positive charges b) only negative charges      c) no electric charges     d) both positive and negative charges


  1. In an electrolytic cell, the anode is the
    a) positive ion    b) positive electrode             c) negative ion             d) negative electrode


  1. Which of these is not a star
    a) Dhruv    b) Orion                              c) Sirius                      d) Rigel


  1. Which of these is a dwarf planet?
    a) Pluto b) Mercury                       c) Venus                     d) Titan 


  1. Crescent and first quarter are
    a) Phases of the moon      b) satellites of Mars      c) stars of the Milky way       d) constellations in the night sky


9.coma., head and tail are parts of a

a) asteroid   b) comet               c) star                 d) planet


  1. A comet falls under which of these categories
    a) planet  b) satellite                       c) small solar system body        d) asteroid


B. Short answer questions 2x 5 = 10

  1. List two applications of electroplating?
  2. What is electrorefining?
  3. What is a constellation?
  4. Where is the asteroid belt?
  5. What is an artificial satellite? Name any two artificial satellite.

C. Long answer questions. 5 x 4 =20

  1. With the help of a labelled diagram, explain the process of electrorefining.
  2. What is electroplating? How is it done? What is the purpose of electroplating.
  3. Distinguish between meteors, meteoroids and meteorites.
  4. List five uses of artificial satellites.



Class-8                                                          Social Science                                          40marks

  1. Write the difference between natural hazards and natural disaster. How does these effects the environment and the living things on earth?                                      10mks
  1. Draw a diagram explaining the location of focus and epicentre and write their differences.   (ref. page 195)                                                                                                   10mks
  1. Distinguish between Cyclone and Tsunami. Write their precautionary measures. 10mks
  2. What is disaster management? Why is it necessary to take appropriate measures during the time of disaster? Write the importance of disaster management.               10mks



Class VIII

Alternative English     40 Marks


Q1. Write down the meaning of the following words.

  1. Consecrated
  2. Chisel
  3. Upstart
  4. Mallet
  5. Henceforth

Q2. Answer the following questions in brief.

  1. How did the sculptor learn that the stranger was his son?
  2. What is your first impression of the stranger?
  3. Bring out Jakanachari’s utmost devotion to his work with suitable textual references.
  4. How did Jakanachari treat the stranger?
  5. What according to the stranger was beautiful and what was not perfect?
  6. How did the stranger try to prove his point and how did the sculptor react?
  7. Why did the stranger wish to leave? What conclusion can we draw from this about his nature?
  8. Explain the image of the ‘terrible fish’.
  9. Why would some people consider the mirror to be cruel?
  10. What becomes a part of the mirror’s heart and why?
  11. Explain what is meant by ‘its flickers’
  12. Describe the woman’s relationship with the mirror.
  13. How did the narrator show his dislike for ants as a child? To what does he attribute this?
  14. What did Tom decide to do with his life? Why did his family find this difficult to accept?
  15. What was Tom’s opinion regarding spending money and how did this affect his brother?
  16. How was George embarrassed by Tom’s behavior? Answer with textual references.
  17. Why do you think Tom stooped to blackmailing his brother?



 Class 8                 Tenyidie                    40marks


Q1. Dieca hako puoca thushülie: (5marks)

  1. Teibou—
  2. Therhu—
  3. Mediemerhie—
  4. Kediete—
  5. Zhovi—


Q2. Diechako nu dieca puokhro rhiepie kebau ca penuothocü thashülie: (5marks)

  1. Thiedzü kelhoumia zhoweko rudiu sü


  1. keriekimia zhowe kemeyiethoko zo.
  2. Mechü zakro nu krütako zo.
  3. Themia chüümo gei uleidiu.


  1. Mhahuo morei huomia tseiütso


  1. krotho kenie donu pfhekhodieu.
  2. Mha keviu menguthokecü.
  3. Pete gei mediemerhie mu rhukecü.


  1. Setheyie


  1. Nie rüna nu themia pete.
  2. Nie ze keperocümia.
  3. Nie khriethomia mu keperocümia.


  1. Nie kelhouzhau pemvü di


  1. Nie kelhouzha ze di khakeshü.
  2. Nie keviko ze di khakeshü.
  3. Mhahuo nu üse zhara üketa.


  1. Puo kevi si petsakecü


  1. Puo gei mha kevi tsakecü
  2. Puo gei mha kevi jütokecü.
  3. Kekreimia puo kevi si petsayakezha.


  1. Diecha hako thuyie chü pie Tenyidie nu chüshülie: (10marks)


  1. The mango was very sweet.
  2. He is in his office.
  3. Something is better than nothing.
  4. It is better to give than to receive.
  5. He answered politely.
  6. The sun rises in the east and set in the west.
  7. Kohima is the capital of Nagaland.
  8. The right man will br supported.
  9. This fruits are sour.
  10. Love your neighbor.


  1. Dieca hako pie diecha (sentence) chüshülie: (7marks)


  1. Mediemerhie –
  2. Mhokuo –
  3. Zhovi –
  4. Chienuo –
  5. Pfhü (bitter) –
  6. Dieze –
  7. Kenga –


  1. Puotei hamhiecü puo ze kese ro therhu morei these, so morei medie, thezie morei kethekhrü ütie shiü chie menuopie thushülie: (8marks)
  2. Miasamia puo nie shüphrümia salie. Noe puo ki vo di n thuo n dze pushü sidi nnie kemiasilie ______
  3. Kephrükelie nu n khriethomia puoe no kelakecüu si kemo pupie n kie di n khoyashü ______
  4. Noe nie shüphrübou balie di kepethau ki mha ketsoshü _____
  5. No sikemomia puoe n rüchü di ‘Harie’ ishü. Noe puo si kemo la puo diesou kela mota_____
  6. Noe bas (bus) puo nu ba bacü ki ketsamiapfü puo tuo ler ru puo ba ba mota _______
  7. N kezemiakoe n shüphrüpelimia puo kenga phre bata. Süu kekrücü la noe siethalie di n kezeko ki uko bu puo bie kemenga hienu di kekhawa ________
  8. Khise leshüki nu kevo ki noe sekelie pete kelu di ‘Teiso viwe’ iphreshü sirei n kepethau gei kemekrieta_______


  1. Ketsokecü hako kelashülie:
    a. Nagamia phichümia rhuya ücü thakie thushülie. (2marks)
    b. N kelhouzho nu no kimhie phichümia rhukecü thashüya ga? (2marks)
    c. Thedzeu nu mha kicüpuo kedziese sei tuoya üsi ga? (1mark)



1. Naga nunger sobaliba tongtiretji kechi?
2. Kechiba Naga nunger libaliru nung akhümtsübu aser awashi yimya ana ya senjang ka nung anütsü noksa mesüker?
3. Naga nungeri tantsü tambu dang akhümtsübu sayuba inyakyim kar züluang?
4. Naga nunger asoshi khonang naroküm ya kechi koma tongtibang?
5. Kechi koma etsük yanglur aser kechi nungsa amshir?
6. Aori dang yangluba chiyungtsüji kechi?
7. Naga nungeri tulu, take asoshi chiyungtsü renemdang kechi chiyungtsütemsa jenjang keta amshir?
8. Naga nungeri chiyungtsü renemdang tesanem aser lesettsü asoshi kechisa bulua amshir?
QB. Item ojangtem ratetjang.
Nokinketer, senjang, azüngshi, senmang, seplasepshi,.
QC. Tazüngtsü kaket tapak 37 nung (teinyaktsü B, ) 
Asen oshi nung kechi koma jayajako asütsüla.
Number 1-12 tashiji züluzüka inyakang.
Temetettsü: Item teinyaktsü ajak A4 size paper nung züluang.

Class-8                     General Knowledge                                  F.M-50

A). Name the following.                            (20 x 1 = 20)

  1. Who is regarded as the 'Father of Surgery'?
  2. Which festival marks the victory of good over evil?
  3. Which game was invented in India in the 6th century?
  4. When is the National Youth Day?
  5. Where is Paricutin Volcano?
  6. Where is the Grand Canyon?
  7. Name the deepest river valley in India?
  8. Name the longest river bridge in India?
  9. Name the longest suspension bridge in the world?
  10. Name the shortest river in the world?
  11. Name the widest waterfall in the world?
  12. Which Indian city is known as the 'City of Sages'?
  13. Which Indian city is known as 'City of Palaces'?
  14. Jabalpur is situated on the bank of which river?
  15. Bangkok is situated near which river?
  16. Who is known as 'Saint of the Gutters'?
  17. When did India launch its first mission to the moon, Chandrayaan-1?
  18. Name the smallest breed of dog?
  19. Name the fastest animal in the ocean?
  20. Name the longest glacier in India.


B). Give the old names of the following countries.                       (10 x 1 = 10)

            1). Ankara

            2). Harare

            3). Surinam

            4). Zambia

            5). Bangladesh

            6). Mali

            7). Ethiopia

            8). Indonesia

            9). Botswana

            10). Istanbul


C). Draw and colour the flags of the following countries.                    (4 x 5 = 20)

            1). Burundi

            2). Kiribati

            3). Antigua and Barbuda

            4). Cape Verde



Class 8      Art


 Material Required for making card-

a. Chart paper

b. colour

c. paper

d. scissor

e. glue

f. thread

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