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Class 12 1st Assignment 2021

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Class 12          English  20 marks.

A. Answer the following questions. (2x5=10)

  1. What is the life of wretchedness of the young duke?
  2. Who does the speaker credit for shaping her values?
  3. How did the poor soldier describe his stay with the chair mender?
  4. Who according to Sirleaf must be the role models for the next generation?
  5. What kind of person was Henri de Hardimont?

B. Answer the questions in detail. (5x2=10)

  1. Write a character sketch of Mark Antony. Do you think he was an orator par excellence? Give reasons in support of your answer.
  2. Write a note on the poetic devices used in the poem ‘Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds.’


Class 12          History

Answer the following questions.

Q1.Mention four arguments in favour of the authenticity of theMahabharata.4

Q2.Describe the religious beliefs of the Indus valley people.4

Q3.Mention the Domestic Architecture of Harappan culture.6

Q4.Describe the social condition during the Gupta period.6


Class 12          Political Science   20 marks.

Q1. Pakistan's Constitution designated the country as 'Islamic Republic of Pakistan'. India on the contrary, is a 'Secular Democratic Republic'. Why should we prefer a 'Secular Polity' to a Theocratic one? 8 marks

Q2. How many types of party system are there in the world? Explain in short with one examples each. 4 marks

Q3. Point out any four defects of the party system? 4 marks

Q4. What was the method of voting adopted in the first, second and third General elections and in which year were they conducted? 4 marks


Class 12               Education             (20 marks)

  1. What is the formula of IQ by 100? 1
  2. Give the derivation of personality. 1
  3. ' Education is necessity in life'. Justify your answer. 4
  4. Do you agree Covid19 has been adversely affected the present system of education. If yes, Why?  6
  5. Explain the B.F. Skinner's experiment and it's outcome. 8


Sub: Economics

Total Marks: 20 Marks

  1. Who wrote the famous book “General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money”. (1 Mark)
  2. Who Introduced the NEP(New Economic policy) on 24th july 1991 in India.(1 Mark)
  3. Define Depreciation? (2 Marks)
  4. Discuss the Circular flow of Income in a Two-Sector Economy with the help of a diagram (8 Marks)
  5. Explain the contribution of Agricultural, Industrial and Service sector to GDP(Gross Domestic product) of India. (8 Marks)

Class 12               Music     20 mark

  1. Why is the Tenor clef used?-1mark
  2. How many counts is a demisemiquaver?-1mark
  3. Explain the dotted semiquaver.-1mark
  4. Differentiate between 6/4 time and 3/2 time signature.-2marks
  5. How is the Pentatonic scale made up?-1mark
  6. Draw the double sharp sign.-1mark
  7. What is an Arpeggio?-1mark
  8. Write the steps to work out the key of a piece.-2marks
  9. How do you transpose a tune up or down?-3marks
  10. Write a one octave pentatonic major scale going down then up on the following keys:-3marks
    a. Key of A
    b. Key of B flat
    c. Key of D flat
  11. Write a 3-bar tune using the notes from the following keys:-4marks
    a. Key of C pentatonic major scale in 3/4 time on the treble clef.
    b. Key of F pentatonic major scale in 2/2 time on the tenor clef.


Class 12             ALT ENGLISH


A. Answer the following questions in short. (1x5=5)

  1. Where was Jawaharlal Nehru transferred to from Bareilly Gaol, and why?
  2. Which city was visible from Dehradun gaol?
  3. what is a sense of proportion ?
  4. Who are the ‘Espials’?
  5. What happened when the church-clock struck twelve?


B. Answer the following questions in details.(2x5=10)
1. Examine how Donne compares Death to be pleasurable sleep which redeems man from one world to another.
2. The Duke is brutally honest with the Count’s envoy, even revealing that he ordered his previous wife to be killed. Do you think this is his way of conveying a message as to the kind of behavior he will expect from his new wife, or does he think himself above the law? Justify your answer.

C. Explain the following lines with reference to the context. (5 marks)

      Weavers, weaving at break of day,

      Why do you weave a garment so gay?...

     Blue as the wing of a halcyon wild,

     We weave the robes of a new born child



D.Identify and explain the use of humour in the play with suitable examples.(5 marks)


Class 12.                    Tenyidie              20marks

  1. Suomia ϋse ruokuothomia ϋdi pu ga? 2
  2. Kenei kekra ki kethoyo puo vi ikecϋ geizo-u supuo zoshϋ mu kedipuo pie puo cabo chϋ di zo se parshϋ ga? 2
  3. Tsiedo themiakoe kimhie di lhou bata ϋsi ga? 2
  4. Ketho-u si kemomia kimhieya ga? 2
  5. We u kelhou nu ketho-u silieta ro kimhie di lhoulieya ga? 2
  6. Kekhriethoko sϋ suokropuo ga? 2
  7. Suosahie, Neilasa mu Sazo hako rhikeba ki kedipuo mhie baya ϋsi ga? 2
  8. Lhouphi supuo ga? Ukepenuopfϋe kimhie di lhouphi rϋliu le perhei lashϋ ga? 3
  9. ϋkezopfϋe ‘kekhriethoko’ geizo nu rϋnoukemo noule se zoshϋ, rϋnoukemo cau kedipuo ga? 3


Class 12                 E.E                       Full marks 20

A. Write one word answers for the following.1x 10 = 10

  1. Who coined the term biodiversity.

2.Benefits provided by the biodiversity without affecting the natural resources are called?

3.Write the full form of NTFPs

4.New species diversity rich areas are called?

  1. What % of energy is transferred from one trophic level to another?
  2. Aspirin is obtained from the plant................

7.Name a plant from which an anti cancer drug can be obtained.

8.The two types of interactions between organisms are............... and................

9.Write one example each for mutualism and commensalism

10.Write the full form for MoEF.

B. Explain in brief. 2 x 5= 10

  1. Define Biodiveristy. Why is biodiversity important for the survival of mankind.

2.Explain and three categories identified in the Red data book.






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