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Class 9 2nd Assignment 2021

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2nd Assignment

Class 9                        English                       FM 60

A). Answer the following questions:

1). How did Rip Van Winkle spend his days? 2

2). What did the poet dream about? What does it tell you about his innate desire? 3

3). Contrast the mood of the last stanza with the earlier part of the poem 'The Echoing Green. 3

4). Dr.T.Ao was proud to be a Naga and wanted to uphold his reputation. How did this help him? 4

5). Why did the Bishop not go to the police? 4

6). Write the summary of the poem 'Mirror'? 5


B). Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

Today, the technology that surrounds almost everyone in the modern society is the purposeful application of information in the design, production, and utilization of goods and services, and in the organisation of human activities. It has both a positive and negative impact on our lives. Many people blame technology for destroying nature and causing pollution, and call it the worst of all evils. However,  we cannot refute the fact that technology has greatly changed our lives for good. Today, we cannot imagine a single day without technology.

Technology has become very popular in our daily lives. At home, appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens and food processors make work a lot simpler and less tedious. Another reason why we can advocate the viewpoint that technology has made the world a better place to live is that it makes the world seem smaller. Television is one such popular invention. Besides, we can travel faster by cars, buses, trains or airplanes. In addition, we communicate with people in different countries through computers, laptops, mobile phones and the Internet. All this saves us a lot of time and effort.

            But the most worthwhile benefit technology has brought to us is in the world of medicine. Clear progress has been made with the use of new technologies to diagnose and combat diseases, thus making therapy more effective. It allows us to cure life-threatening diseases as well. Statistics show that life expectancy is getting longer. Today life expectancy has climbed past 80 years and people are glad to be living a longer, healthier and happier life, all thanks to technology and its benefits.


i).  Answer the following questions briefly.

a). How has technology helped us on the home front? 1

b). Why does the world seem small today? 1

c). What is the most worthwhile benefit of technology? 1

d). How has it made a difference in the world of Medicine? 2


ii). Find words from the passage which mean the same as: 4x1=4

a). to convey information…………

b). fight against………...

c). to distinguish or identify………

d). tiresome………..


10). Read the poem carefully and fill in the blanks:

She dwelt among the untrodden ways

Besides the springs of Dove,

A Maid whom there were none to praise

And very few to love:


A violet by a mossy stone

Half hidden from the eye!

Fair as a star, when only one

Is shining in the sky.


She lived unknown, and few could know

When Lucy ceased to be;

But she is in her grave, and oh,

The difference to me!

                      William Wordsworth



(i). Fill in the blanks and complete the summary of the poem: (10x1/2=5)

The poem 'She dwelt among Untrodden Ways' has been written by ……….... It is about a girl called ………… who lived among the ………… . There were few who ……… and ………. her. She was like an unappreciated ………… besides a………... stone and an isolated ………… shining in the sky. The poem ends with Lucy's ……….. which made a difference to no one except the …….. .

C). You are the cultural secretary of your school. The school is organising a painting exhibition. Draft a notice inviting names from the students for participating in the exhibition. 5

D). Make a poster and illustrate the importance of peace in this war-torn

world, where nuclear weapons are a threat to the existence of mankind. 5

E). Write a paragraph in about 80-100 words on 'Morning Preparation at Home' using the inputs given:  5


Everyone is in a hurry -- some getting up late -- breakfast -- looking for school books, uniforms -- things necessary -- school bus.


F). There is one error in each of the lines. Underline the incorrect word and the correction against the correct blank.(10x1/2=5)


India, prior to independence, is called a golden bird.  a)...........

There was prosperity all around. b).......

When its fame reach far and wide,it was invaded by many. c).......

The foreign attack continued until it was enslaved by the British. d).....

During this time, India was completely plundered. e)......

The exploitation continue for a long time. f)......

Soon, the country that was ones known as the golden bird, g)......

came to be known as the country of snake charmer and paupers. h)......

However, the leaders of the countries put a stop to this. i).......

They waged the war of Independence from the clutches of a foreign rule. j).......


G). Complete these sentences with the correct tenses of the verbs given in the brackets. 5

1). This time tomorrow, Sunita………. the test. (write)

2). Tarini ……… hard for her examinations last month. (work)

3). This apple ………. sweet. (taste)

4). When I saw him, he ………. a book. (read)

5). The council ……… the results next week. (declare)


 Class 9           Science           30 marks.

A. Choose the correct answer 1x 10 =10

  1. Tonoplast is associated with the
    a) ER b) Vacuoles       c) Plasma membrane           d) Nucleus


  1. The smallest organelles present in the cells are
    a) Ribosomes b) Lysosomes c) Mitochondria                   d) Golgi bodies


  1. Lenticels help in
    a) Photosynthesis b) mineral absorption c) gaseous exchange          d) Food storage


  1. The longest cells in the human body are
    a) Nerve cells b) bone cells c) muscle cells                     d) cardiac muscles


  1. Tendons are made up of
    a) Collagen b) elastin c) keratin                              d) none of these


  1. Intercalated discs are found in
    a) Striped muscle fibres b) cardiac muscle fibres c) nerve cells                    d) ligaments


  1. The apical meristem of the root is present
    a) only in radicles b) only in taproot c) only in adventitious roots       d) in all the roots


  1. Xylem consists of
    a) tracheids and vessels     b) only vessels
    c) tracheids, vessels, xylem parenchyma and xylem fibres d)vessels and xylem fibres


  1. Which of the following are complex tissues?
    a) Xylem b) phloem c) both a and b                          d) none of the above


  1. Epithelial tissues can be divided into _____________ types
    a) 2     b) 3    c) 4         d) 5


B. Short answer questions. 2 x 5 =10

  1. Define the term tissue.
  2. Draw a labelled diagram of a neuron
  3. What are the functions of the stomata?
  4. How do bones differ from cartilages?
  5. Name the different types components present in phloem and xylem.

C. Long answer questions.

  1. Differentiate between parenchyma, collenchyma and sclerenchyma on the basis of their cell wall.
  2. Diagrammatically show the difference between the three types of muscle fibres.


Class-9.      Social Science       Total = 40 marks

  1. Answer the following questions :
  1. Give six arguments against democracy? (6 marks)
  2. Summarise the National population Policy 2000. (6 marks)
  3. Explain the different causes of poverty in India? (6 marks)
  4. Explain the main features of the Food Security Act, 2013. (6 marks)
  5. Differentiate between physical capital and human capital. How can human capital be created? (6 marks)
  6. Give an account on the coming of Christianity in Nagaland? (5 marks)
  7. Give an account on the 'Battle of Kohima'. (5 marks)


Class:9                 Alternative English           60 M                2021

  1. Choose the correct answer from the alternatives given: 10x1=10
    1. What did the two brothers take up as their permanent profession?
    a. Hunting b. Trapping        c. Poaching       d. Cultivating
    2. What shapes one’s ‘ wings of fire’s to attain great achievements in life according to APJ Abdul Kalam?
    a. Creativity b. Righteousness      c. Education      d. Courage
    3. What is the utmost skill of a happy man?
    a. Simple truth b. Flattery     c. Praise       d. Envy
    4. Who ended up marrying a princess in the story of Ivan, the fool?
    a. Jester b. Mason       c. Ivan       d. Devil
    5. What is the effect of Science?
    a. Hinders creativity b. Causes death
    c. Feeds the vulture d. Creates goddess
    6. How many hours did Hans walk to reach the doctor's house?
    a. 5 hours b. 4  hours      c. 3 hours     d. 2 hours
    7. With what did Ivan want to build houses for his brothers?
    a. Oak b. Rosewood        c. Straw       d. Pinewood

8.what did the son lose in the poem, ‘ Mother’s Tears?

a. Happiness b. Innocence      c. Money     d. Eyesight

9.Who lived in a three-storied house, and wear a gold ring on his little finger?

a. The Miller b. The Clergyman       c. The priest    d. Little Hans

10 . Who refuses to help repair the roof of the devil's house?

a. The Mason    b. The Jester     c. The Minister     d. Courtier 1


B. Answer the following questions in about 20-25 words: 5x2=10

1.How did Ivan cure the Tsar's daughter? How was he rewarded by the Tsar? ( The Tale of Ivan the Fool)

  1. How did the brothers resolve their problem, when Ivan refuse to help them the second time. ( Drama)
  2. Where did Ivan live? What did he do for a living? ( Drama)
  3. Describe the ‘ Happy Man’.( The Character of a Happy Life)
  4. Where will one acquire knowledge according to Abdul Kalam?


C. Answer the following question in about 40-50 words: 20m

1.How did the two brothers escape from the Ogre and the Ogress? ( The Ogress and the two Orphans) 4

  1. How does Imp 1 plan to work on Simeon? ( The Tale of Ivan the Fool) 4
  2. “ My work is the easiest “.( The Tale of Ivan the Fool)
    a. Who is the speaker here? 1
    b. Why did the speaker say this? 1
    c. What is the speaker's plan? 2


4.The  entire village had organised  a thorough search, but gave it up when they found the footprints of the Ogress at their trapping site’

a. For whom did the village organise a thorough search? 1
b. Why did the villagers give up the search of finding the Ogress’ footprint? 3


  1. Why did the mother notice about her son? Why did she choose to ignore it? ( 2+2=4)


  1. Read the lines and answer the questions that follows: 20m
    1. “ Sometimes, indeed, the neighbours thought it strange that the rich Miller never gave little Hans anything in return”

a How many sacks of flour and cows did the Miller have?   2

b what gave great pleasure to little Hans?          2

c who wanted to share his porridge with little Hans?    1

2 . ‘ This is disgusting! They are spoiling my plans. I'll show them how wrong they are. I shall persuade the Tsar of Tarakan to attack Ivan's kingdom. Let the fools defend their country without a single soldier'.

  a who is the speaker?           1

   b what were the ‘ plans' that were spoilt?        2

     c why don’t ‘ the fools ‘ have a single soldier?  2

3 ‘ Real friends should have everything in common, ‘ the Miller used to say, and little Hans nodded and smiled, and felt very proud of having a friend with such noble ideas'.

a what is the Miller’s idea about friendship?         2

b what happened to Hans during winter?                2

 c when does the Miller like to visit Hans?                1

  1. ‘ I shall take on Simeon. I shall give him such confidence that he will promise the Tsar to conquer the world for him’

   a who says these lines and to whom?           1

    b what is the speaker's plan?                          2

  1. What will happen to Simeon after he is defeated? 2



Class-9                          Subject-Tenyidie                   (60 marks)


Ketsokecü hako dieca 20-25 mese nunu kelashülie.

K1. Kedipuo la Samipfü nuou Typhoid kechüu ngulieta üsi ga?                 1

K2. Ketholeshü nu die kicüpuo u ki pu ga?                                                     1

K3. Kaito supuo ga?                                                                                           1

K4. Ibriko thuthe 12 nu kedipuo thupie ba ga?                                              2

K5. Kedipuo la Buto ta nha nu vota ga? Kiüdi u krü kepetha die rünyü morosuo ga?                                                                                                       2       

K6. Jayamo themia kimhiecü puo ga?                                                            2

K7. Supuo Kaito die kelashü ga? Puo puo zhakhra kedipuo ngulie ga?     2

K8. Kaito-e puo khrietho khriechümia pephreiketuo la puo nupfü

nuoko bu kedipuo chü ga?                                                                                2

K9."Ba nyü motacü la zo"

  1. a) Supuo die hau pu mu supuo ki pu ga? 1
  2. b) Kedipuo la die hau pu ga? 1

Ketsokecü hako dieca 40-50 mese nunu kelashülie.

K10.Thenu samipfü puo nou pete se Ukepenuopfü kerükra nu

shülie tse kedipuo kemhielie üsi ga?                                                              3


K11. Themiau die kikemhiekecü kro puo nunu samipfü melou va dai

 lalie ga?                                                                                                               4

K12."Nie kelhou mehouthorlie, Ukepenuopfü rei nie khriepie  kedipfü chü shi"

  1. a) Thedze kiu nunu se par ga? 1
  2. b) Supuo die hau pu ga? 1
  3. c) Kedipuo la pu ga? 2

K13. Ngusanyü themia kimhiecü puo ga? Puo kedipuo ngukeshü geinu Kepenuopfü puo kekhrie silie ga?                                                          2+2=4


Ketsokecü hako dieca 60-90 mese nunu kelashülie.

K14. "No rei a die kelashülie vicü sie sü, a lie tsa kevitho-u pie n rhuo zotuowe"

a) Diecha hako thedze kiu nunu se par ga? 1
b) Die hau supuo pu ga? 1
c) U themia kelhou kedipuo ze kemejülie vi ga?   1
d) Themia kelhou kerü metsuo nu keba ki kikemhieya ga? 2

K15. Dieze dze kephrüu nu suomia üse mhakesimia üdi pu ga?

We mha kikecü kropuo nu mia die ze mu thezho khakeshü kikecü kropuo medzi morosuo üdi pu ga?                  5



Ketsokecü hako dieca 20-25 mese nunu thushülie.

K16. Ketsa kesou kezei nu kedipuo baya ga?                                               1

K17. "N dzüzei hie" geizo nu kiüdi we mia pete nei chü tsolie lho

ücü pu ga?                                                                                                           2

K18. U nhicu ki kedipuo mhie tuoya üsi ga?                                                   2

K19. Nhicu zha geizo nu kiüdi u nhicu zha lepie rünoukemo pushü ga?    2

K20. L.D Phewhuo-e kedipuo lepie rünou mo üdi "Nhicu zha"

geizo-u nu pu ga?                                                                                                2

Ketsokecü hako dieca 40-50 mese nunu thushülie.

K21."N dzüzei hie" geizo nu "Le menuo di n thuo n selie" idi

pukecü hau kedipuo ca la pu ga?                                                                      3

K22. Nhicu zha geizo-u nu u nhicu tei ha kimhie di pevowaya üdi pu ga?  3

Ketsokecü hau dieca 60-90 mese nunu kelashülie.

K23."N dzüzei hie" hau pie thedze kethu rhi nunu thushülie.                      5


Class9         Subject:  FIT       Total: 60 marks

 Choose the appropriate answer from the following. 1x11

  1. Which of the following is an input device?
    a. Keyboard b. Mouse 
    c. Card reader d. Scanner 
    e. All of these
  2. RAM is used as small memory since it is.......
    a. Volatile b. Very costly 
    c. Of low capacity d. None of these
  3. Which of the following is a non-impact printer?
    a. Dot matrix printer b. Laser printer  
    c. Chain printer d. Drum printer
  4. Scanner is an.......... device
    a. Input b. Output
    c. Visual display d. None of these
  5. Hard disk is made up of .......
    a.Iron b. Copper
    c. Aluminium d. Bismuth
  6. Storage capacity of a DVD is.....
    a. 1GB b. 4.7 GB
    c. 5GB d.None of these
  7. FoxPro is a ....... program.
    a. Word processor  b. Spreadsheet
    c. Database d. DTP program
  8. Which of the following is not a word processor?
    a. WordStar b. MS Word
    c. WordPerfect d. Lotus
  9. Which of the following is not a multitasking operating system?
    a. MS DOS b. Windows XP
    c. Windows Vista d. None of these
  10. Which of the following statement is wrong?
    a. Windows XP is an operating system
    b. Linux is owned and sold by Microsoft Corporation
    c. Photoshop is a graphical design tool by Adobe
    d. Linux is a free and open source software
  11. Which of the following is the default extension of a document saved in Notepad?
    a. .htm b. .doc c. .txt  
    c. .gif e. None of these
  12. Which of the following includes clock?
    a. Taskbar b. Notification area 
    c. Title bar d. None of these
  13. Windows Explorer can open ( explore) only............ .
    a. Documents folder b. Whole Hard Disk
    c. CD-ROM d. All of these

Answer the following questions in about 10-20 words.     2x10

  1. What is a memory?
  2. Why is a dot matrix printer so called?
  3. What is ROM?
  4. What is application software? Write its three examples?
  5. Define operating system as memory manager?
  6. What is pointing?
  7. What is a control panel?
  8. What is operating system?
  9. What is the purpose of utility software?
  10. What is a software?

Answer the following questions in about 20- 30 words. 3x3

22. Explain assembly language?
23. Explain briefly the types of monitors?
24. What is the procedure of recovering a deleted file from recycle bin?

Answer the following questions in about 50-70 words. 4x5

25. Discuss the types of a printer?
26. Explain the types of primary memory?
27. Explain mobile operating system briefly?
28. How can you create a new folder?


2nd Assignment 2921

Class 9 Music

  1. fill in the blanks


  1. in 6/8 time ______ quaver notes are grouped together
  2. the lower cleff in the great staff is called a _______ clef
  3. ________ divide the staff into equal measure.
  4. ______ semitones makes up a tone.
  5. the second line on the treble clef is the note ________.
  6. the relative minor of C major is _____ minor.
  7. e to _____ is a tone/whole step.


  1. draw and name the lines and spaces of the treble clef -2
  2. what are bar lines? -2
  3. what is a clef -2
  4. what is a tone and a semitone? -2

6, Draw the key signature of D major.                                                                            -2

  1. draw the different note value and how they are related to each other. -3
  2. what are accidentals? give examples. -3
  3. what is a time signature? give examples and explain. -3
  4. how are quavers beamed together? -3
  5. explain a harmonic minor scale, -3
  6. draw the circle of fifth. -4
  7. draw the great staff. -4




A.Multiple type questions-(10×1=10)

1.The percentage of solar energy utilised by green plants is-  b.five  c.ten  d.twenty

2.The flow of energy in a food chain takes place in direction b.forward and backward directions c.all the directions d none of the above

3.The number of steps in a food chain generally does not exceed

A.4   b.5   c.6   d.7

4.Today each new billion is added to the population in

A.11years b 22 years c.50 years d.100 years

5.Sardar Sarovar dam is located in

A.Haryana b.Gujarat c.West bengal d.Tamilnadu

6.conservation to ecosystem relates to beings b.non-living things c.both a and b d.neitjer of yje above

7.There is a lot of wind energy available in

A.coastal plains b.hilly areas c.plains d.plains and hills

8.The technique which uses a smaller quantity of water for irrigation is called farming b.pond irrigation c.drip irrigation d.none of the above

9.which of the following is not linked to industrial development of a nation

A.employment b.GDP c.improving environment d.per capita income

10.The role of EIA is to ensure that development will be sustained for

A.present generation    b.future generation for ten years
c future generation for 25 years   d.future generation for all time to come.


B.Very short answer questions-(6×2=12)

Q1.Give one point of difference between nutrient cycle nad energy flow.

Q2.Define ten percent law.

Q3 Name the two main sources of air pollution.

Q4.what are the major factors for causing deaths of numerous hornbills

Q5.Give two measures to check excessive use of fossil fuels

Q6.Name two items on which environment impact statements provide data.


C.Short answer questions-(6×3=18)

Q1.Give a sketch of oxygen cycle explaining the meaning of different labels.

Q2.What is meant by resource crunch? How does this happen.

Q3.Give a brief account of two alternative practices on energy developed by our scientists.

Q4.Write a short note on social forestry and agro forestry

Q5."Environment Impact Assessment Commitee should be involved from the beginning".Justify the statement.

Q6.write the roles of environment impact assessment (EIA)


D.Long answer  questions-(4×5=20)

Q1.What is biomagnification?Explain how the concentration of toxic substances increases as we move to the next level.

Q2.What is meant by deforestation?Which human activities have caused deforestation?what are it's consequences?

Q3.How does population growth affect our surroundings?what are the remedies available to check that.

Q4.What is meant by Environmental Impact Statement?list any five points if information data provided by EIS?








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