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Class 4 3rd Assignment 2021

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Class-4                  English        20marks                                                                         

A. Answer these questions.

1. How did Sridhar help the dwarves in the caves?
2. What was special about the gift that the dwarves gave Sridhar? How did Sridhar use the gift for himself?
3. Why was Marco’s book about his travels so important?
B. Answer these questions with reference to the context.
1. ‘If you have left it in the forest, you have to return right now and get it.’

a. Who said these words and to whom?
b. What had the other person left in the forest?
c. Does the other person goes to get ‘it’ from the forest?
3. ‘Here is a fan. Whenever you desire something, just wave the fan gently and ask for it.’
a. Who said these words and to whom?
b. Why does the speaker give the magical fan to the other person?
c. Was the other person happy to receive the magical fan?
C. Write the word meaning of –
a. Fascinated
b. Resented
c. Emerged
d. Account
D. Choose the correct spelling.
a. beautiful beauttiful  beutiful
b. neighbouring neighbouring  neighboring
c. difcult difficult  difficult
d. messenger messanger  messemger


Class 4                        Grammar

Name-_____________________________    Roll no-__

Q1. What is a Neuter Gender?

Q2. What is a Common Gender?

Q3.  What is a Collective Noun?

Q4.  What is a Singular Number?

Q5. What is a Plural Number?

Q6.  What is a Masculine Gender?

Q7.  What is a Feminine Gender?

Q 8. Fill in the blanks by using either the singular or the plural form of the nouns given in brackets.

  1. All the ______ of a square are equal. ( side)
  2. Farmers need_____ to plough their _____.(ox, field)
  3. The _____ felt proud because it was running over the ____ of the sleeping lion. (Mouse, body)
  4. All the ____ in this ____ have three ____. ( house, street, storey)
  5. Every ____ in this book has a beautiful moral. ( story)
  6. The _____ and scissors made in Aligarh are famous all over the ____. ( knife, country)
  7. All the ____ made by the artist were sold away. ( painting)
  8. My uncle lost two ____ in the accident. ( tooth)


Class 4                        Mathematics.           Full mark : 20


1.What number is 15,220 more than 50,780?

  1. Simmi won Rs 5,25,400 in a game show, Rs 2,68,750 in aquiz show and Rs 150,650 in a dance competition. How much money did she win in all?

3.MrSolkar covered 15769 km in his car one year, 12520 km the next year and 16485 km the following year. What was the total distance covered by his car in  the three years?

  1. 12340 subtracted from a number gives 95267. What is the number?
  2. Joginder bought a plot of land for Rs 4,50,000 and sold it later for Rs 6,80,575. What was his profit?
  3. A builder needed 7,42,500 kg of cement. He started buying cement. After a month he found that he was 2,72,854 kg short of what he needed. How much cement did he have then?
  4. Arrange in columns and subtract.
    a) 72569 – 30254
    b) 708564 – 702320
    c) 81034 – 25185
    d) 30250 - 875


Class 4                        Science

Name____________________   Roll no.________

Answer the following questions

1.Why do we need clothes? (3m)


2.What kind of clothes do you wear in summer (2m)


3.What are fibres? Name the two main types of fibres (3m)


4.With the help of an example describe:

a)Solute (2m)






  1. Define the following.




c. Solidification.(2m)



Class 4                        Social Science                                                FM 20

Answer the following questions:                                       1x10=10

  1. Name the three parallel ranges of the Himalayas.
  2. What is the main occupation of the people of Jammu & Kashmir?
  3. Which is the newest state to be carved out of Andhra Pradesh?
  4. Which is the largest state in India?
  5. Name the tribes found in Meghalaya.
  6. Name any two famous monument found in the National Capital Territory of Delhi?
  7. Name the main seasons in India.
  8. Which is the wettest place on Earth?
  9. What is black soil?
  10. Name the main occupation of the people of India.

Answer the following questions:                        2x5=10

  1. Name the rice producing states in India.
  2. Name the two types of fishing.
  3. Name the types of soil found in India.
  4. What is the difference between weather and climate?
  5. Write the names of the ‘Seven Sisters’.


Class 4                        Alternative English

Name-___________________ Roll No-_____

Q.1. Imagine you are Maggie. Write a letter to Tom explaining how the rabbits died. 10 marks

Q2.  Write a paragraph on how you spent your Summer Vacation. 5 marks

Q3. What are the new things you learn during lockdown?  5 mark


Class-4                     Tenyidie                                   (20marks)

  1. Mary kikrue tsu chielievü. diecha keriekenuo chüpie kebako kesieso dtou di thu lashülie. (5marks)
    a) Uko puou bagei nunu uko pfütuo.
    b) Uko kerükhie nu bakhrako kelhapie khralie.
    c) Derei uko miapuorei sügei ba mo.
    d) Uko keshüpfheko mu pfheneiko valilie.
    e) Nhicuko uko likhouko dojülie.
    f) Puoe nhicuko kesoushü di uko bu sier dzü rüluwa mu mhacülie nushü.
    g) Mia pete kerü nunu rüzhü ba.
    h) Uko zuopfüe mia pete u dzü botolo se u likhuo nu shülie mo mo shi icü ketso.
  2. Nagaland nu kijüthou mu kerüko za pede di thushülie. (5marks)
  3. Mhanuü tsiedo rei Nagamia kichüki zho-u medzi baya üro khriekesamiako la kemevi kidepuo ngulie vi shiü puo dze nethe puo thushülie. (2marks)
  4. Dieca Kekradie nunu khakeshüko thuyie chüpie Tenyidie nu thushülie. ( 8marks)
    a) Faithful-
    b) Prestige-
    c) Window –
    d) Telephone –
    e) Umbrella –
    f) Grammar –
    g) Paragraph –
    h) Iron -


CLASS: 4.                   AO.                 F.M. 20.

A. Item ojangtem ratetjang.

  1. Arju
  2. Tar nunger otsü.
  3. Süngpu.
  4. Wazüka
  5. Yongsen mapan

B. Ojang tasen amshia nai kechi angazük tazüng alidakji süngdakjang.

( Arju, Tar nunger, Tsüki, Süngpu, Yongsen)

  1. Aiürtemji _____ nung mejanger.
  2. Arju nungji_____ ayir teburtem mejanger.
  3. Arju nungji _____ mapa tetoktepba liasü.
  4. ______ akabaji lenmang aisü nung tajangzük liasü.
  5. Arju/ Tsüki nungji _____ otsü angazüka aru.

C. Item tasüngdangbatem langzüang.

  1. Arju ya kechi?
  2. Arju nungji Naga nunger sobaliba aser sobusolemtsü kechisa angazüker?
  3. Süngkong ya kechi nükjidong nung Arju nungeri amshi? 
  4. Naga nunger teburtem Arju nungji kobika tashi ayiper?

Temetettsü: Item teinyaktsü ajak A4 size paper nung züluang.


Class-4                        FIT                  Full Mark: 20

NAME: ___________________   ROLL NO._________

  1. Explain Libraries in detail. Name the four default libraries in Window 7.
  2. Write the steps on how to start Windows Explorer.

Fill in the blanks:

  1. The picture elements that represent a file or a folder are known as __________________.
  2. A _________________ can organise and store related files inside it.
  3. A _________________ is a collection of data identified by using a name on storage device.
  4. The deleted files and folders are stored in the ____________________.
  5. __________________ let you create a pool of all related files at one place without changing their physical location.


Class-4         General Knowledge    20 marks                                                                

Name ____________________                     Roll no:____

  1. Answer the followings -
  2. ____________________ is known as The City of Seven Hills.
  3. _______________ is called The Dark Continent.
  4. ______________________ is called The Spice Garden of India.
  5. _______________ is known as The Land of The Rising Sun.
  6. ________________ is known as The Land of Cakes.
  7. The largest ocean in the world is _______________________.
  8. The largest continent in the world is _______________________.
  9. The largest desert in the world is _________________________.
  10. The largest island in the world is ____________________________.
  11. The largest country in the world is ___________________________.
  12. Write the name of the currencies and draw the symbol-

India            __________________ ______________

France         _________________  ________________

Bangladesh   _________________ _______________

USA                _________________ _______________

United Kingdom _______________ ______________

13.A flat area of land higher than the land around it is called __________________.

14. Sandy area with little or no water is called __________________.

15. A piece of land completely surrounded by water is called ___________________.

16. A large area of saltwater is called ___________________.

17. A small lake surrounded by plant and trees in a desert is called ____________.


Class: 4                 Sub: Drawing/ Handwriting                               Marks:20  

Name:____________________   Roll no._______

  1. Draw a scenery and colour it. (10)


  1. Look and write 10 times in cursive handwriting. (10)


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