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Information for Class 9 to 12 for partial opening of school.

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As notified by the Government Order No: NO.CSO/GAB-I/COM/GEN-I/2020 dated 18th September, 2020, guidance classes for class 9 to 12 will begin in October - Dates will be given out shortly.

  1. The students will be permitted to enter the school only with a written consent from the parents. The consent letter is given below. Please write down the consent letter and fill out the necessary information and submit it to the school on or before 2nd October.
  2. To observe social distancing, students will be divided into batches and assigned separate rooms on separate days.
  3. All the teachers will be present to guide the students in their subjects.
  4. While guidance classes will be taken for some subjects, online classes and assignments will still continue.
  5. Wearing masks is mandatory.
  6. School will provide clean, sanitized classrooms for each class.
  7. Students will also have bring their own hand sanitizers, gloves etc with them.
  8. The students can come to school, dressed decently without their school uniform.






Consent Letter


   The Principal

   Grace Higher Secondary School, Kohima


Sub: Consent for ________________________(Full name of student with class and roll number) to attend guidance class.



         I give permission to let my son/daughter/ward _______________________________(Full name of student with class and roll number) to attend the guidance classes set up by the school. My son/daughter/ward will adhere to all the social distancing rules given by the school.

Thanking you

Name ____________________________

Signature _________________________

Contact no. _______________________

Date: __________________________

(Father's/Mother's/Guardian's name and signature) 


Posted : 26 September 2020 5:03 PM
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Posted : 28 September 2020 10:23 PM