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1. Classes will start on 8th February 2021

2. Class A-5 will have online classes.

   Class 6-12 will have classes in the school.

3. Routine for the classes will be sent later.

4. The present whatsapp group for classes A-9 will be deleted on 4thFebruary and new groups will be
    created for 2021.

5. Make sure that you have given the school the correct phone number during admission.

6. Books will be sold in the school in the 1st week of February (Date will be given out later).

7. School admission should be done on or before 3rd February 2021.

# Things to note.

i. Make sure your Child/Ward is in close proximity of the school so that submitting notes and
  assignments can be done on time.

ii. Make sure that your Child/ Ward has access to the internet during his class hours.

iii. Missing classes both online and offline will require a written leave by the parents/guardians.

iv. All assignment/projects must be submitted on time.

v. The school will not accept late submission of assignments/projects.

Posted : 29 January 2021 12:45 PM