Examination And Promotions

Policy on Internal Assessments for examinations are in accordance with the code of Practice for the conduct of external qualifications produced by the Nagaland Board of School Education, committed to ensuring that:

  • Internal assessments are conducted by staff who have the appropriate knowledge, understanding and skills. Assessment evidenced provided by candidates is produced and authenticated according to the requirements of the relevant specifications for each subject.
  • The consistency of internal assessment is assured through internal standardisation as set out by the School.
  • Staff responsible for internal standardisation and assessment attend any compulsory training sessions organised by the School.
  • There will be two examinations in one academic term encompassing a year. Equal importance will be given to the results of both the examinations for promotion.
  • Progress Report will be sent to Parents to inform them about the progress of the children. The report must be signed by the Parents.
  • Any student failing to maintain at least 85% in attendance will not be promoted.