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Class 10 1st Assignment 2021

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Grace Higher Secondary School Kohima

          1st  Assignment 2021

CLASS 10                 ENGLISH                   40 MARKS.

1: They fell in love, so rich and pure

                     It washed away Jina’s vice of being poor

                    Across the valleys and hills they sang

                    Of an eternal wish of togetherness like swans

                     In love’s tide to swim forever and ever

                     Sharing heart’s bounty, to lose each other never.

  1. Who is ‘they’ in these lines?(2)
  2. What are they compared to? Why?(2)
  3. What was their intent?(2)

2: The Bible says ‘Dust thou art, to dust returnest’. Interpret this in the light of the poem Death the Leveller. (5)

3: Describe the tragedy that struck Morusa. (5)

4: What activities did Gandhiji undertake in order to become an English gentleman? Was he successful in his attempts? Give reason. (5)

5.Who was Macbeth? Why was he reluctant to kill the king?(3)

6.Lady Macbeth spurred her husband into the path of evil. Discuss.(5)

7.Do you think the witches’ prophecies led Macbeth to his death? Give reasons.(5)

8.Report writing.

 The murder of Duncan is breaking news for the media. The editors of your newspaper have assigned you to cover a report on this tragic event. (7)



Class 10            Science      Fm 40                                    

1. Choose the correct answer

  1. Butanone is a four carbon compound with the functional group
    a. Carboxylic acid. b. Aldehyde. c. Ketone.         d. Alcohol.

2.Law of octaves was given by

a. Newland. b. Dobereiner. c. Mendeleev.   d. Non of the ablve.above
3. Metallic character increase in a periodic table
a. Left to right. b right to left.

c. Top to bottom   d bottom to top.
4.Atomic size decrease in a periodic table
a. Left to right. b. Right to left.

c. Top to bottom.   d. Bottom to top
5.Dobereiners classification of elements was known as
a.Diads.      b.Traids.   c. Tetrads.     d. Quadrats.

2. Answer the following. 10 x 2 = 20

Q.a Differentiate Combination reaction and Decomposition reaction with one example each.

Q.b Define Corrosion and Rancidity.

Q.c What is an oxidation reaction? Give an example.

Q.d What are acid base indicators? Name any two acid base indicators.

Q.e Write any three uses of Baking soda and Plaster of Paris.

Q.f. Write any three physical properties of metals.

Q.g Define gangue. Draw a flow chart on the steps involving extraction of metals from ores.

Q.h Define roasting and calcination.

Q.i Define catenation? What are saturated compounds and unsaturated compounds?

Q.j. Draw the electron dot structure of ethane and ethene.

3. Short answer questions 2 x5 = 10
a. Draw the electron dot structure of ethane and ethene.
b. Write two physical properties each of ethanol and ethanoic acid.
c. Define catenation and tetravalency in regard with Carbon atom.
d. State Mendeleev classfication of the periodic table.
e. Write the limitations of Newlands law of octaves.

4. Long answer queations 5 x1 = 5.

a.Write a note on versatile nature of carbon atom.


CLASS 10                   SUBJECT: SOCIAL SCIENCE         40 marks

  1. Write a note on Green revolution in India with its main features and demerits. (12 marks)
  2. Given below are examples of some resources. Classify them on the basis of ownership: (8 marks)

Plots of land, forests, grazing grounds, manganese nodules in the bed of Indian ocean, village ponds, wells, orchards, public parks, canals, railways, coral reefs, playgrounds, houses, shopping malls, iron ore deposits in the country, rivers, pet dog, wildlife.  (Refer page 57 on your textbook for the answer. Topic: “OWNERSHIP”)

  1. What are Agro- based Industies? Elaborate any five Agro-based industries. (2 + 8 =10 marks)
  2. Write a note on Jhum cultivation of Nagaland. Discuss some of the Kharif crops grown in Nagaland. (5 +5= 10 Marks)


Class 10               Alternative English       20 marks

1. An eight year old from Nagaland has won the first prize in the International Youth Chess Tournament held in Spain beating 150 contestants from 29 countries. He was not from an affluent family but was supported by the town he lived in. Write a newspaper report using the prompt given. 5
2. Write an article for the magazine Earth Times highlighting the importance of conserving water. 5
Answer the following questions
3. How does the poet contrast old folk’s smile with the way they laugh? 2
4. What is the main idea portrayed in the poem Old Folks Laugh. 2
5. What is the difference between Anne’s father and mother according to Anne. 2
6. Describe Anne’s relationship with her mother. 4


Class – 10       Tenyidie                      Full mark- 40

  1. U krϋnuo jϋta ro suomia u meho di lhoulieya ga ? 2marks
  2. Rϋtsolhouϋ khrϋkelieu puo ze hou kirapuo vo ϋsi ga? 2 marks
  3. Rϋtsolhouϋ Vipfhe bu pfheu se vo puo nieu tsϋkecϋ ki kikemhie pulie nushϋ ga? 2marks
  4. Kedipuo la Rϋtsolhouϋ geizo hau zoshϋ ga? 3marks
  5. Rϋtsolhouϋ kiϋdi puo nhicu dze le rϋnou mo ϋdi pu ga? 3 marks
  6. Tsokhimezhie puoca thushϋlie 3 marks
  7. Nhicu rϋzhϋ hie kehie shϋshie,

Hiepfu hie pie hie zuo hie dzieshϋ

Suo ze bata rei la hie kenyhu,

Keba ki ze jϋta mo dinu.

a. Diecha hako geizo kiu nunu se par ga? 1marks
b. ϋkezomia geizo hau nu kedipuo dze pushϋ ga? 2marks
c. Geizo diecha hako ca vatshashϋlie. 2marks.

8.Dieca hako pie puoca kenyi nu mu diemei nu thushϋlie.  10marks

Lie,             Cie,              Thie,              luo,             zhie

  1. Rhiephi se morosuo kecϋko nu rhiephi rhieshϋlie 10marks
    i. Kie chϋ rϋϋya mo.
    ii. Hieniee vornyϋ ba.
    iii. Themia pete rei kevie u nei phre.
    iv. Avue kerϋchϋshϋ morosuo ba.
    v. Puo kevithou chϋlie
    vi.Kerϋgue kephouma puo we.
    vii. Leshϋdau mesi se.
    viii. Kevithoue se u vie chϋlie.
    ix. Khrϋe zie parte.
    x. Themiau vorzhie.


      Class 10             Subject FIT                 Total marks: 40

Q1. Choose the appropriate answer from the following.

  1. Which of the following is not a web browser?
    a. Opera b. Novell Netware  c. Windows NT  d. Internet Explorer
  2. WWW uses the ........protocol
    a. http b. FTP  c. www  d. None of these
  3. Which of the following statements about search engine is true ?

a. Search engines discriminate between good and bad sites

4.Search engines have fixed hours when we can use them
a. Search engines are waste of time as they do not provide relevant information
b. Search engine is a program designed to search for information on the web using keywords.
c. Which of the following is a social networking site?
a. Yahoo b. Google c.MSN  d.Facebook
5.Which of the following process is used to shopping over the internet?
a.E-learning b. E-shopping   c. E-group  d. E-banking
6.Electronic mail can send
a.Document b. Images c. Messages  d. All  of these
7.Data communication cable laying is not required when using......
a.Optical fibre b.  Coaxial fibre   c. Microwave transmission  d. None of these
8.Which of the following networks has the largest geographical coverage?
a.LAN b. MAN c. WAN  d. None of these

9.Data contains.........

a.Numbers b. Letters c. Special character  d. All of these
10.Which of the following is not hardware requirements for audio?
a.Sound cards  b. Speakers  c. Keyboard  d. Headphones .
11. Which of the following services are available on the Internet?
a. Opera b. World Wide Web c. Windows NT  d. Internet Explorer
12. Which of the following is not a social networking site?
a. Facebook b. FTP c. Instagram  d. LinkedIn
13. Which of the following is suitable for networking in two adjacent buildings ?

a.WAN   b. LAN    c. MAN    d. None of these

  1. Which of the following is a social networking site?
    a.Yahoo b. Google c.MSN  d.Facebook
  2. Which of the following device is used to convert images to digital format?
    a.Printer b. Scanner c. Video card   d. Headphones

2.Answer the following questions in about 20-30 words.

1. What is a website?
2. What is a web server?
What is indexing software?
3. How can you find people on the internet?
4. Write any two factors affecting download and upload times.
3. Answer the following questions in about 10- 20 words.
1. What is a spider?
2. What is E- banking
4. Answer the following questions in about 20-30 words.

1.Explain the three basic tasks perform in various search engines work?

  1. Answer the following questions in about 50-70 words.
    1. Write any two advantages and disadvantages of LAN?
    2. Write the hardware requirements for animation?


Class 10               Music           20 marks

Fill in the blanks                                       1x4=4

  1. The Lotha word for flute is ____________
  2. The single string violin is also called ________
  3. atingo is the name of bamboo mouth organ in ______ language.
  4. __________ wood is preferably used to make log drum.
  5. Briefly describe the following instrument. 2x4=8
  6. a) bamboo sounding box
  7. b) leaf music
  8. c) trumpet
  9. d) drum
  10. In detail introduce Nagaland and its traditional music. -4
  11. Describe the single string violin and its making process. -4


Class -10                         Subject-EE        40 marks

A Short type questions-

Q1.Write any two important animals found in Kaziranga National Park District Sibsagar(Assam)---2marks

Q2.Write any two important animals found in Manas Wildlife Sanctuary,Kamrup(Assam)---2marks

Q3.What is oil slick?--1mark

B.Long answer questions-

Q1.Explain Zabo system.(5m)

Q2.Define social forestry. Write the benefits of social forestry.(5m)

Q3.What do you mean by Genetic Engineering? Write its importance.(5m)

  1. Answer these questions-

Q1.What is shifting cultivation. Write its disadvantages.

Q2.Explain man-made activities that causes pollution of air.

Q3.Write short notes on-




Q4.Differentiate between Non-ionising radiations and ionising radiations.


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