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Class 9 1st Assignment 2021

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                      1st Assignment 2021

Class 9                     Subjects – English         FM 40

A). Imagine, like Rip, you fall asleep out in the woods and then awaken to find it is twenty years later.

As Rip, write a letter to your friend about the world that has changed in amazing and unpredictable ways. 8

B). Write the story of 'Lord Ullin's Daughter' giving it a happy ending. 7

C). Rewrite the given sentences as directed in the brackets. 5

1). She lives _____ nearby, not far from our house.(Fill in with a suitable Pronoun)

2). Pointing to the mountains in the distance, she said, 'These/Those mountains are beautiful. (Choose the correct determiner)

3). I only eat very few pasta these days because I am dieting. (Correct the sentence)

4). His health _______ (improve) if he ______ (sleep) longer.

D). Answer the following questions.

1). The achievements of Dr Talimeren not only as a talented sportsman, but also as a bright student prove that academics and co-curricular activities can go hand in hand during student life. Justify this with an example of a famous person that you have read or heard about. 6

2). Explain the second paragraph of the poem 'Peace'. 3

3). What are 'snow white turtle doves' a symbol of? 1

E). Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follows.

Stress is defined as an excessive demand on physical or mental energy. This occurs when our mind and body both try to cop up with the incessant changes in life. Stress is synonymous with negative conditions.

Teenage is a time of major stress-related problems due to hormonal changes in the body, health issues, pressure at school, peer group relationships, meeting deadlines, growing-up tensions. Learning to understand and manage stress can prevent its counter effects like eating disorders, allergies, hypertension, insomnia and other illness of a serious nature. There are several methods of coping with stress. These can be physiological or psychological. The former deals with physical body conditions while the latter deals with attitude and state of mind.

Physiological method of coping with stress can be achieved by eating a balanced meal, getting enough sleep, exercising to keep yourself fit. Exercise is excellent for the heart, body and mind. It is a great stress buster. When you exercise, your body produces endorphins, natural chemicals that reduce stress and lifts your mood. Psychological method of coping with stress can be achieved by being positive and optimistic. Avoid pessimistic people and constant complainers. Remember, you can never please everyone in life. So relax, live life to the fullest and lead a stress-free life.

a). Find the words in the passage which mean the same as the following. (4x1=4)

1). exceeding normal limits-

2). high blood pressure-

3). chronic inability to fall asleep-

4). continuing without interruptions-

b). State whether the following sentences are true or false. (6x1/2=3)

1). Stress can deplete the body of mental and physical energy-

2). Stress is not necessarily negative in nature-

3). Exercise can help us relieve stress-

4). Optimistic people give us negative vibes-

5). You should not be in the company of pessimistic people to lift up your mood-

6). Endorphins help in lifting our mood and reducing stress-

c). Answer the following questions briefly.

1). What is the psychological method of dealing with stress? 1

2). How can you adopt the physiological method to reduce stress? 1

3). Give a suitable title to this passage. 1



Class 9                  Science.                Full marks 40

A. Choose the correct answer 1x5 = 5

  1. The no. of electrons in the outermost shell of an atom.
    a.Valency. b valence electrons. c protons.    d neutrons
  2. Isotopes of an element have
    a. The same physical properties
    b.Different chemical properties
    c. Different no of neutrons
    d. Different atomic number.
  3. Sodium has electronic configuration
    a. 2,8.    b 2,8,1.      c 2, 7.      d 2,8,2.
  4. Protium has mass no
    a. 1.        b 2.          c. 3.        d. 4

5.Valency for Oxygen is

a. 1.      b 2.        c. 3.         d. 4.
B. Short answer questions 5 x 2 = 10

  1. Who discovered cells and when.

2.Define Osmosis.

  1. Define diffusion.
  2. What is an hypotonic solution.
  3. Define plasmolysis.
    C. Long answer questions 2 1/2 x2 = 5
  4. Write Rutherford model of an atom.
  5. Write the postulates of bohrs model of an atom.

    D. Answer the following. 10x 2 = 20

Q.1 Why does a desert cooler cool better on a hot dry day?

Q.2 Define Sublimation and evaporation.

Q.3 Define latent heat of vaporisation and latent heat of fusion.

Q.4 What is a solution?. Write any two properties of solution.

Q.5 What is suspension? Write any two properties of suspension.

Q.6 Differentiate between mixtures and compunds.

Q.7 Write the postulates of Dalton's atomic theory.

Q.8 Write the formula of  i) Sodium oxide. ii) aluminium chloride

iii) sodium sulphide iv) magnesium hydroxide.

Q.9 Calculate the molecular masses of H2, O2 , CO2 and CH3OH.

Q.10.Define one atomic mass unit.


Class 9         Sub- Social science        Total: 40 marks

  1. Draw the map of India on an A4 size paper and insert the following areas: (5 marks)

(Refer page 130)

i) Tropical thorn and scrub.
ii) Temperate forests with grasslands.

iii) Tropical rain forests.

iv) Tropical deciduous forests.
v) Alpine and Tundra.

2. On an outline map of India mark and label : (5 marks)

(Refer page 145)

i) Wayanand Wildlife Sanctuary.
ii) Kaziranga National Park.

iii) Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary.

iv) Kanheri National Park.
v) Simlipal National park.

3. Answer the following

Q1. What factors do you think are responsible for the low sex ratio (no of females/1000males) in Nagaland? 5 marks

Q2. Describe the salient features of the Indian Constitution? 5 marks

Q3. Give six arguments against democracy? (Demerits) 6 marks

Q4. Give four arguments for democracy? (Merits) 4 marks

Q5. Give a brief account on the sources and routes of Migration of the Nagas. (10 marks)


Class:9             Alternative English            40 marks.

1.what is the impression you form of the poet from this sonnet? Does this match your own image of a poet? Explain    ( chapter:1)   5 marks

  1. Is this a strong mother or a weak mother? Justify your answer? ( chapter:3) 5 marks
  2. Write a dialogue on the topic, ‘ You are discussing holiday plans with your parents’ in about 150-200 words.. ( 5 marks)
  3. Write a story starting with the following sentence- ‘ The last time I saw my aunt she was in the front cover of an international fashion magazine’. 5 marks
  4. .Explain with reference to context.

6 .He lived in a tiny cottage all by himself and everyday he worked in his garden. In all the country- side, there was no garden so lovely as his. Sweet-William  grew there, and Gilly- flowers, and Shepherd’ – purse, and Fair- maids of France.

a. Who is the “ he” referred to here? 1
b. What was his most distinguishing quality? 2
c. Who was supposedly his best friend? 1
7. ‘Lots of people act will', answered the Miller, ‘but very few people talk well, which shows that talking is much the more difficult thing of the two, and much the finer things also’.He looked sternly across the table at his little son, who felt so ashamed of himself that he hung his head down, and grew quite scarlet, and began to cry into his tea.
a.Why was the Miller’s son ashamed of himself? 1
b. Was the Miller justified in making his son feel ashamed? 1
c. Do you agree with the Miller that talking well is harder than acting well? 2


8. Write an article in about 100-150 words on the topic, ‘ Books – Our Best Companion'. 6
9. Write a newspaper report on the daily newspaper with a headline- “ A kidnapped Boy Returns Home Safely “ in about 100-150 words. 6


Class-9        Subject-Tenyidie                 (40 marks)

K1.Thedzeu phrülie di ketso kebako kelashülie.

Thiedzü Tenyimia pete rei liecie di teicie va telha ngulie di u va kracü vor. Süsie rei mia puopuocü mhatho puo moro kekrei puo si phre morosuo di lhou vor. Thenumia pete rei terheiterhie chü si moro mia donu thevie phiya.Thepfumia pete rei keprürhei chü si phreya mu sidi theva khise u tei se terhei chü di kitiekinu vienya se morokesuoko dolieya. Thenumia rei thepfumia rei udzie mhatho chü si nyü kekie di therhu kra ivor.

Thiedzü teiu mu tsie teiu mehoshü ro u kelhouzho ketherü phite. Tsie teiu nu pfhemenei, merhamerü jü rei raka bata ro pete raka pie khrülie vi mu sükemhie mha se morokesuo pete rei raka bata ro tseizo ikecü kele puo nu lhou bate. Derei le menuoshü ro kitiekinu se morokesuo nyako kekra u thuo chülie vi ba zo. Kedipuo la süko nunu raka pevowaya ga? Udzie se mhachü kecü ha dojü sede la morokesuo tei puo nu bate. U tei sü raka zo mu u tei se kemethuo chüwa suo. Udzie se mhachü si sa mo liro shüphrüramei krakelieu rübei se mhapuorei chülie kesuo tei puo vor u tso bate. U keleu mu u kelhouu keriba moketa geinu lhou kemezhie mu tsopfhü bataya. Süla thie u keleu pete vo raka gei bata mo di u thuo u tei u zha se kedipuo mhie di lhou morosuo shikecü le phrekelieu ha mha kevitho puo.
a) Tenyimia kedipuo chü di u va kracü vor ga?

b) Thenumia mu thepfumia kicüpuo geinu therhu kra vor ga?
c) Thepfumia keprü pie kedipuo dolieya ga?
d) Thenumia kedipuo chü si moro mia donu thevie phiya ga?
e) Tsie teiu nu themia pete khre rei u keleu vo mha kiu nu baketa pulie vi ga?
f) Thie u keleu bu vo mha kiu nu ba ro kevitho ga?
g) Dieca hanie puo kepetsou-u thushülie.
1. Thiedzü
2. Kemezhie

K2. Dieca puotou-u kedapie thushülie.

1) Puo zha ____ mhacü mo bate.

  1. keir
  2. kier
  • 3. ker
  1. 4. kerü

2) "Nieko rüzhü unei se" Diecha hau nu zasou thashülie.

  1. Nieko
  2. rüzhü
    3. unei
    4. se

3) " Puo leshüki nu vor" Diecha hau nu diepeu thashülie.

  1. puo
  2. leshüki
    3. nu
    4. vor

4)  Hieko vo rüzhü meho" Diecha hau nu dietho-u thashülie.

  1. Hieko
  2. vo
    3. rüzhü
    4. meho

5) Kenei mu Kevi unie vortazhie. Diechau nu Diekheu thashülie.

  1. kenei, kevi
  2. unie
    3. vortazhie
    4. mu

6) Tenyidie nu diezho kikru _____ ba.

  1. sorou
  2. thenie
    3. thetha
    4. thepfü

7) Tenyidie nu Dietho kepe ______ ba.

  1. de
  2. dia
    3. Die
    4. da

8) Tenyidie nu'ia' se dieca _____ nu shülieya.

  1. kenie
  2. Thenie
    3. Thetha
    4. Dia

9) A ki vorlie. Diecha hau nu 'lie'hau pfhephra kiu nu ba ga?

  1. puo
  2. kenie
    3. se
    4. dia

10) Ura Academy 'Ura' hau pfhephra kiu nu ba ga?

  1. puo
  2. se
    3. dia
    4. pengou

Ketsokeshüko kelashülie :

Hanie pie dieca krie puo nunu krie di hiepengou (100-150 words) mese nunu thushülie.

K3.Noe n leshüki rülei teikiko vo n zeu kikru ze n tei pevo. N zeu krünuoko n pesokeshü la uko theziekecü peyo dzeyieleshü puo thushülie.

K4.Chatha khapie kebau medzi di thedzeu thushü mu puo caüu sa thushülie.

Rüna nu lieciemia puo ___ vükrüpfü puo ba___suna pedzülie ___liecieu suna pedzükelieko zelie di mhanyi selie___mha mehou ta ___vapuo nunu thevüdzü kekra ngukelie leta___puo vükrüpfü dukhriwa ___thevüdzü puorei ngulie mota.

Hanie pie dieca hiepengou (50words) mese nunu thushülie.

K5. No n bagei keweu zewaketuo rhü ba thedzeleshü nu khashüketuo la morokesuo peteko thulie di kelieshie puo chüshülie.

K6. Noe Neiu/Neinuo, khadou thepfü nu ba. N leshüki auditorium nunu n kephrüda pejüwa. Kephrüdau kimhiecü puo shicü thulie di kepesikeshü leshü puo thupie leshüki notice board nu khashülie.


CLASS-9          Music   20 marks

  1. Fill in the blanks 1x3=3
    a) Naga music and its lyrics are astonishingly ____________.
    b) _________ lies in the southern borders of Nagaland
    c) Music is passed on through the generation by _________.
  2. What is pentatonic scale? -3
  3. List some similarities between nursery rhymes and lullabies.  -3
  4. List the difference between labor songs and nursery rhymes. -3
  5. In detail introduce Nagaland and its traditional music.   -4
  6. In detail explain war songs. -4



Class-9                                    Subject -EE

A.Long type questions-

Q1.write a note on-(5m)

A.Continental shelf

B.Continental slope

C. Mean ocean floor

Q2.Explain Abiotic components and its classification. (5m)

Q3.Define energy flow. Write its importance.(5m)

Q4.What do you mean by Jhum cultivation. Explain the harmful effects of jhum cultivation.(5m)

Q5.Write some of the measures to tackle excessive use of fossil fuels?

Q6.Write a short note on construction of dams. Write its functions.

Q7.Define Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA).Give four roles of Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA).

Q8.Write a short note on-

  1. initial scrutiny
  2. comprehensive impact assessment.


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