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Class 7 3rd Assignment 2021

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3rd Assignment

Class 7                        English                                    FM 40

A). Answer the following questions.

1). Did Swaminathan like going to school? 1

2). What did Swaminathan's father give for the headmaster? 2

3). Whose voice do you hear on summer afternoons in the poem 'On the Grasshopper and Cricket'? Where
     does he go when he is tired? 2

4). What are the sources of noise pollution in the sea? In which countries is it the most? 3

5). How have military activities in oceans been detrimental to marine life? 3

6). Isaac could acquire knowledge by simplest means. Explain with an example. 3

7). Explain what the poet means when he says, 'The poetry of earth is ceasing never' in the poem 'The 
     Grasshopper and the Cricket'. 4

8). Why have today's fishing boats been called 'giant factory ships' by the author? Describe them in detail. 5

9). Write the summary of the poem 'Somebody's Mother'. 7


B). Rewrite the sentences inserting apostrophe where necessary. 5

1). I will be staying at my friends house this summer.

2). These are my brothers bikes. Both of them are out of town at the moment.

3). Its a perfect opportunity, isnt it?

4). I promise I wont be late this time.

5). The guitar thats lying on the table is Preetis, isnt it?


C). Complete the following sentences using suitable indefinite pronoun from the box. 5

1). Has……. solved this problem before?

2). She lives……… nearby, not far from our house.

3). My niece's birthday party was wonderful. ……… went well.

4). Don't blame yourself for what has happened. …….. is perfect.

5). Maybe…….., I will get a dog of my own.



Class VII          Grammar

3rd Assignment 60 Marks

Q.1 Answer the following questions on your own with an example each.                   (2x5=10)

  1. What is a sentence?
  2. What is a noun?
  3. What is an adjective?
  4. What is an article?
  5. What is a pronoun?

Q.2 Fill in the blanks with suitable interrogative pronouns.                             (1x5=5)

  1. ________ is this luxury car?
  2. ________ do you think deserves credit for her success?
  3. _________ will happen if we run out of fuel?
  4. _________ are all these photo frames? Are they yours?
  5. Have you read my story? ________ do you think about it?

Q.3 Fill in the blanks with REFLEXIVE or EMPHASISING pronouns.                                   (1x5=5)

  1. He amused _______ by playing with the dog.
  2. Children, I am sure you enjoyed __________
  3. She is looking very pleased with _______. Anything special?
  4. He slipped in the bathroom and hurt ___________
  5. We have often made the same mistakes _________

Q.4 Fill in the blanks with RELATIVE pronouns.                                                        (1x5=5)

  1. God helps those _____ help themselves.
  2. A young lady ______ I knew came to our help.
  3. Do you understand _______ his intentions are?
  4. I have told you all ____ I knew.
  5. These children are facing the same problems ____ I have faced.


5 Fill in the blanks with appropriate ADVERBS. (1x5=5)

  1. I expect you to treat me ______________ (fair, fairly)
  2. The kite did not go very _______ (high, highly)
  3. Your story does not sound _______ (true, truly)
  4. Quinine tastes _________ (bitter, bitterly)
  5. The child _________ got lost in the fair. (near, nearly)

Q.6 Fill in the blanks with the POSITIVE, COMPARATIVE or SUPERLATIVE degree of the adverbs given in the brackets.                                                                                                          (1x5=5)

  1. He who works the_________ will get the maximum reward. (HARD)
  2. She spoke so ________ that everybody was taken aback. (ANGRILY)
  3. Our house stands _______ to the market. (NEAR)
  4. Megha worked _______ than I had expected. (HARD)
  5. I could depend ______ on my friend’s help. (LITTLE)

Q.7 Fill in the blanks with VERY, MUCH, TOO, ENOUGH or QUITE.                                  (1x5=5)

  1. His speech proved to be ______ inspiring.
  2. She had ______ courage to fight the dacoits alone.
  3. Aren’t you _____ fast?
  4. She has grown ______ taller than she was last year.
  5. I have _____ money to buy a woolen suit with.

Q.8 Fill in the blanks with suitable PREPOSITIONS.                                                   (1x5=5)

  1. The meeting will be over _____ about an hour.
  2. He has been in the hospital ______ January.
  3. I am always at home _____ a Sunday morning.
  4. He was in the hospital _____ January ______ March.
  5. Our shop announced a clearance sale ____ Durga Puja.

Q.9 Fill in the blanks with suitable PREPOSITIONS.                                                   (1x5=5)

  1. She stood ___ the window and waved to me.
  2. There is an almirah __________ the window and the door.
  3. She had a deep cut _____ her forehead _______ above her left.
  4. There is a thick fog _______ the entire city.
  5. Two cars collided ____ the middle of the road.

10 Fill in the blanks with suitable PREPOSITIONS. (1x5=5)

  1. The aeroplane flew _______ the clouds.
  2. The mad beggar threw stones ____ the children.
  3. The crowd pressed ______ the gate.
  4. The car went slowly _______ the tunnel.
  5. They went _________ the railway line looking for the missing child.

Q.11 Fill in the blanks with APPROPRIATE PREPOSITIONS.                                                (1x5=5)

  1. He sat ____ the table to write a letter. (AT, ON)
  2. We rested ________ a tree. (UNDER, BELOW)
  3. Stop throwing stones ______ the dog. (TO, AT)
  4. The work should be finished ___ Sunday. (BY, TILL)
  5. Is the train ____ time? (ON,IN)




A.Fill in the blanks-(5×1=5)

1…… formed by chemical combination of two or more elements.

2.chemical ………..are the abbreviations used to represent elements.

3……… the chemical symbol of Nickel.

4……….are slippery to touch.

5……...litmus changes to ……….in acids.


B.Choose the correct option.(5×1=5)

1.what is the chemical symbol of iron.

A Ir   b.i   c.Fe  d.F

2.which of the following represents an element.

A.NaCl  b.Cl2  c. HCl  d.KCl

3.which acid is called the "king of Chemicals"?

A.acetic acid  b.hydrochloric acid  c nitric acid  d.sulphuric acid.

4.which of the fillowing cannot be used as an indicator.

A.turmeric b.onion c.sugar d.beetroot

5.which of the following is strong base

A.Cu(OH)2  b.Zn(OH)2  c.KOH d.NH4OH

C.Very short answer type questions-(6×1=6)

1.Write the chemical symbol/formula for the following-



C.Zinc oxide


2. Give one word for the following-

A.Bases that dissolve in water…………

B.Universal indicator that is soaked into paper……..

C.Salts with water of crystallization………..


D.Short anawer type questions-(6×2=12)

Q1.Differentiate between an element,a compound and a mixture.Give one relevant example of each.

Q2.Name all the elements present in the following componds-SO2, PbCl2, Ba(OH)2 ,LiF

Q3 write a short note on crystallization.

Q4.State any two properties of acids and bases

Q5.what is neutralization reaction? Give an example.

Q6.Define strong and weak acids.Give examples of each.

E.Long answer type questions-(4×3=12)

Q1.Explain the process used for removing impurities from common salt.

Q2.Balance the following equations-

A.H2 + O2………….>H2O

B.N2 + H2……..>NH3

C.K + H2O……..>KOH + H2

Q3.Explain the followi-

A.vinegar is used in packaged food items.

B.Magnesium acid is used as an antacid.

Q4.what is water of crystallization?Explain with the help of an example.



3rd Assignment, 2021

Class – 7               Social Science                                FM 40


I. Give short answers for the following questions: 2 x 10 = 20

  1. Which century marked the beginning of the medieval period? Why?
  2. When did Harihara ascend the throne? How long did he rule?
  3. Why were the Cholas known as the ‘Imperial Cholas’?
  4. Which ruling dynasties engaged in a tripartite struggle to control Kanauj? Give reasons.
  5. Who was Raziya Sultan? Why did the nobles oppose Raziya?
  6. What do you understand by the terms ‘Sijdah’ and ‘Paibos’?
  7. What is ‘ur’ and ‘Sabha’?
  8. Who was the greatest ruler of Mewar? What did he do to make Mewar strong?
  9. Name the foreign travellers that visited the Kingdom of Vijayanagar.
  10. Why did the latter half of the reign of the Delhi Sultans witness the rise of regional kingdoms?


II. Give long answers for the following questions: 4 x 5 =20

  1. How did Firoz Shah Bahmani and Mahmud Gawan make Deccan an important centre of learning?
  2. Why did Ala-ud-din Khalji introduce the market control policy? How did he enforce it?
  3. Write a short note on the regional kingdoms of the Deccan.
  4. What were the major historical developments during the medieval period?


Class:7             Alternative English       40 Marks       

1  . Make a list of five words that can be used to describe the crocodile. Explain why you have chosen them. 5 Marks     ( chapter:11)   page no. 89

2  . Explain how the Monkey’s presence of mind saved his life.   5 M  ( chapter:11)

  1. Complete the passage in your own words. 5 M ( page no. 113)

       The author and Thomas were______ through a difficult.______ when they encountered a ______ of apes. Thomas was______ and wanted to leave the.______ However the author was ______ to understand what______ they belonged to. This proves that he had______ interest in animals. But it is true that he did put his life at______ and the situation could have gone out of______

  1. Short answer type questions. 25 M

    ( Question  no. 1 – 16     from chapter: 13)

1.From which university did Victor Frankenstein graduated?

  1. Victor Frankenstein excels in which field?
  2. What idea sparked Victor mind?
  3. What did Victor do in order to make his work easy?
  4. How tall was the his creation?
  5. What was the last part of his experiment?
  6. Why did Victor Frankenstein regret after his creature open his eyes?

8.what was the name of his dear friend?

  1. What was the name of Victor younger brother?

10.who was punished for the death of his younger brother?

  1. Where did the monster/creature met Victor younger brother?

12 . What did the creature promise to Victor if he made a mate for him?

  1. What was the consequences if Victor did not create his mate?
  2. How do we know that the creature had feelings too?
  3. What was the name of the orphan girl whom Victor parents adopted?
  4. What was the colour of the creature eyes when he opened for the first time?

         (Question 17-   25    from Chapter:15)

17  . What was the magnificent sights that the author encounter in the mountain.

  1. What was the awakening sights that the author encounter in the mountain.

19  . What was the name of his servants in the story, ‘ chased By bees’.

20.what was his servant carrying?

21.whom  did they encountered?

22.Describe their physical appearance of the creature that they encountered.

23.When the author was staring at the creature, what strange sound did he hear?

  1. Where did the author and his servant jump when they were attack by the particular insects?
  2. Where did the insects attack/ bite the author?


Class - 7                        Subject-Tenyidie.              (40marks)

Ketsokeshüko kelashülie :

K1. Thechü methuo kebako thu tseishülie.                                                   6

a) Moupe scientific zau liro __________
b) __________ mouvi mhiecü pera kecü yopuo.
c) Puo __________ gram __________ zieya mo.
d) Teicie puo nu kilometer __________ kezie pruo tuoya.
e) Moupekoe __________ nu tsu ketuo la Arabian __________ pfüthe voya
f) Moupe-u __________, 1972 khro nu puo rüguose baya.

K2. Thiedzü teiu nu kedipuo tuo mo ga?               1

K3. Kedipuo la Almur Falcon Eco Club pesielie  ga?  2

K4.Thiedzü Nagamia kedipuo pie u kikha khakecü

chüya moga?                                   2

5.Nagamiae kedipuo la huoniehuo pele tsei balieya ga?                            2

K6. Kedipuo la rünamiakoe themuo huo pie tefü chü tekeshüu yac hüpie ba ga?              2

K7. Dieca hako pie diecha (sentence) chüshülie.    5

a) Keda
b) Chienuo
c) Zhie
d) Bouübi
e) Pecütsie

K8. Mhakinu mia puoe ketsa nu tuo di mepfhi bou puo ngulie ro kedipuo chüpie bawaya ga?  3

K9.Krütamia puo zhorüli kimhiecü kro puo ba morosuo shicü ca se thushülie.              3

K10. U khie u mhou  kimhie di nhachünharako pekruse balie morosuo shikecü nethe puo(1 paragraph) thushülie.                                                   4

K11. Thiedzü teiu nu Nagamia kelhouzho kimhie vor shicü n thuo n nou kele se thushülie.          5

K12. Caü hau medzi di nethe puo thushülie.          5

"Leshüki nu krüta kevi puo zhorüliko"





  1. British nunger marudang Naga nunger koma liasü?
  2. Naga nunger Arju inyakyim tatsü agi rasaang?
  3. America nunger shibai Naga lima nung mezüng mapa tenzük? Pai kaketriju kong lapok?
  4. Rev. Dr. E. W. Clark Nagalandi kodang aru? Pai Nagaland nung mission mapa kong tenzük?
  5. Rev. Dr. W. E. Witter ajanga Lotha nunger rongnung mapa koma inyak?
  6. Kechi agi Pangti yimtsüngji nungtugu aküm?
  7. Molulem ozü ya kechi koma ka? Kechiba iba ozü ya tangar dang nungi balaka?
  8. Kechiba Molulem ozü ya Pangti lushi-i arur?
  9. Molulem ozü kümzüka aser wazüka ayutsü asoshi kechisa renema lir?
  10. Tazüngtsü kaket tapak 23 nung noksa keta alibaji yanglua sentsü tapet tepang.
  11. Item tetezü kechi?

Tongtepratep, puratet, mejita, tamamatsü, raliwali.


Item teinyaktsü ajak A4 size paper nung züluang.


 Class 7    Subject FIT  Total: 60

Q1.Answer the following question.

I. Differentiate between compiler and interpreter?
II. What is a system software?

III. Give the significance of operating system?

IV. What is a function? Explain any two functions.
V. What is a chart? What are the advantages of charts?
VI. What is the difference between bar chart and column chart?

VII. How is conditional formatting useful to us?

VIII. What is a loop?

IX. How is a Do While....Loop different from Do Until.... loop?
X. Give the significance of EXIT DO and EXIT FOR statements?

Q2. Write the value taken by the control variable in the following FOR statements.

a. FOR X= 3 to 10
b. FORX= 4 to10 step 2

c.FORX= 20  to 1 step -5

d.FORX= 2 to10

e. FORX= 4 to 6 step 0.5

Q3. Choose the correct answer.

  1. One nibble has
    i. 32 bits ii. 16 bits iii. 8 bits  iv. 4 bits
  2. An error that occurs when a formula is not spelt correctly is
    i. # value ii. # name iii. # div/0!  iv. ######
  3. Identify the chart that uses connecting dots to depict the trends over a period of time.
    i. Line chart ii. Pie chart  iii. Bar chart  iv. Cone chart
  4. Which of the following features lets you highlight positive values with green background colour and negative values with red quickly?
    i. Sorting ii. Conditional formatting iii. Custom filtering  iv. Cell formatting
  5. The step value can be......
    i. A positive value ii. A negative value iii. A decimal value  iv. All of these
  6. The default value of the step value is
    i. 1 ii. 0 iii. -1     iv. None of these
  7. Which tab has the option to move the chart to a different sheet?
    i. Design tab ii. Layout tab iii. Format tab  iv. None of these

Q4. Fill in the blanks.

I. ........ language is the language on which instructions are given in the form of strings of 0s and 1s.
II. ........ operator is used to join two or more text strings.

III. ....... refers to the set of data values that are plotted in a chart.

IV. The ........ formatting feature of excel lets you appky formatting to a cell only when the value in the cell satisfies a given condition.
V. The two variations of a DO....LOOP are ......... and ............ .
VI. The ........ statement is used to display numbers, messages or values of variables on the output screen.

VII. The ........ statement is used to assign a value to a variable.

VIII. The ........ statement is used to clear the output screen.


3rd Assignment

Class 7                General Knowledge                                 FM 30

A. Write the Capitals and Currency of the following countries: 1x 30 =30

  1. Antigua and Barbuda
  2. Spain
  3. Azerbaijan
  4. Thailand
  5. Burkina Faso
  6. Uganda
  7. Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
  8. Zimbabwe
  9. Gambia
  10. Wales
  11. Guinea-Bissau           
  12.   United States
  13. Kiribati
  14. Vietnam
  15. Malawi
  16. Taiwan
  17. Mauritania
  18. Sweden
  19. Mozambique
  20. Portugal
  21. New Zealand
  22. Croatia
  23. Palau
  24. England
  25. Poland
  26. Hungary
  27. San Marino
  28. Czech Republic
  29. Somalia
  30. Brazil




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