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Class 6 3rd Assignment 2021

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Class:6          English            40M

A. Short answer type questions. 30M

    ( Question  no. 1-  12     from chapter:9)

1.what was the name of the school master from the story, ‘ The Happy School’.

  1. Where did he teach his students?

3  . How did he teach his students since they could not afford  proper books and pens?

  1. How did they learn the Geography lesson?

5.what was their best subject?

  1. How did they learn History subject?

7.How did the students learn about add, subtract, multiply and divide?

8.How many periods were taken in a day?

  1. Which day of the week was story day?

10.where did the old man took the students on Public holidays?

11.what did they learn from the forest?

12.What tales did the old school master taught them about?

      (Question no. 13-30  from chapter: 12)

13.who is the narrator of the story, ‘ The Price of Freedom’.

14.How many times did the fisherman vow to throw his net into the  river?

15  . What did he get on his first throw?

16.what did he get on his second throw?

17.what did he get on his third throw?

  1. What did he get on his fourth throw?

19.what did the fisherman decided after getting the golden jar?

20.why did he opened the seal of the golden jar?

21.who appeared from the golden jar?

  1. Who punished the genie and sealed him inside the golden jar?
  2. What did genie promise if he was release in the first hundred years?

24.what did genie promise on his second hundred years?

25.what did genie promise on his three hundred years?

  1. What was the last promise genie made whoever release him from the sealed jar?

27.How did the fisherman save himself from the hand of genie?

  1. What kind of a person was the fisherman?

29.How many children does the fisherman have?

  1. How did the fisherman earn his living?

B. Fill in the blanks with is, are, has or have. 10 M( small textbook) page no. 33

1 . I… .. …bought a new dress.

2.You……to go to the market.

3.He … .. . to finish reading this book tonight.

  1. We… .. … . enrolled for the dance competition.
  2. They… .. … won the race.
  3. The bunch of flowers… .. … wilted.
  4. Each of the students… .. … painting a different picture.
  5. Somebody… .. … calling out for you!
  6. The choir… .. .. singing a beautiful hymn.

10.The girls… .. .. Playing hockey.


Class VI           Grammar       60 Marks

Q.1 Answer the following questions on your own with an example each.                               (2x5=10)

a. What is a sentence?
b. What is a subject?

c What is a predicate?

d. What is a noun?
e. What is an adjective?

Q.2 Fill in the blanks with ADJECTIVES formed from the words given in the brackets.         (1x5=5)

  1. He qualified for the _____________ cricket tournament . (NATION)
  2. The teacher gave us some __________ tips before our annual examination. (VALUE)
  3. He has dressed in ________ yet ____________ clothes. (STYLE, COMFORT)
  4. The birthday hat has a ___________ shape. (CONE)
  5. Mother always serves meals that are ______ and ________ (BENEFIT, WHOLE)

Q.3 Write down the COMPARATIVE and SUPERLATIVE degrees of these ADJECTIVES.  (1x5=5)

  1. Bright
  2. Heavy
  3. Large
  4. Ugly
  5. Short.

Q.4 Fill in the blanks with the correct words.                                                               (1x5=5)

  1. I apologise for causing you ___________ trouble. (a little, a few)
  2. _____________ persons turned up to see the match. (much, many)
  3. The bus was only _______ minutes late. (few, a few)
  4. I do not have _________ hope of success. (much, many)
  5. We chose the _______ of the two evils. (fewer, lesser)

Q.5 Fill in the blanks with ELDER,OLDER,ELDEST or OLDEST.                                          (1x5=5)

  1. These caves are ________ than anything else.
  2. Can you name the _______ book in the world.
  3. Keneinguzo is _____ than Khrielabeinuo by two years.
  4. We are only two brothers. My ______ brother can sing very well.
  5. Mr Henary has three sons. His __________ son is an engineer.

Q.6 Fill in the blanks with A or AN where necessary.                                                 (1x5=5)

  1. ____ ox and ___ cow.
  2. ____ idea for ____ essay.
  3. ___ valuable hint from ____ experienced teacher.
  4. ___ hour and ____ few minutes.
  5. ____ fresh cheese in ___ packet.

Q.7 Fill in the blanks with interrogative Pronouns.                                                      (1x5=5)

 WHO          WHOSE          WHAT             WHICH

     (Some of these clues can be used twice)

  1. ____________ are the gloves in your hands?
  2. ____________ do we have for breakfast.
  3. _____________ is this lovely bag?
  4. _____________ of these dresses do you like?
  5. _____________ is the latest news?

Q.8 Fill in the blanks with suitable REFLEXIVE PRONOUNS.                                               (1x5=5)

  1. I slipped in the bathroom and hurt ___________
  2. Mathei, dry __________ with a towel.
  3. Visa saw ________ in the mirror.
  4. Atsasopa availed ___________ of the opportunity.
  5. We enjoyed _____________ in the safari.

Q.9  Fill in the blanks with suitable RELATIVE pronouns.                                                      (1x5=5)

  1. Mr Ritiba __________ is our librarian showed me some books.
  2. Meet the gentleman ________ runs this art gallery.
  3. I swam across the river _______ flowed by the village.
  4. Here is a boy ________ everybody respects.
  5. The path ________ led to his house was very narrow.

10. Fill in the blanks with I or ME. (1x5=5)

  1. You and ___ will go together.
  2. Let ____ try these questions myself.
  3. He is taller than _____
  4. My sister bought _____ many gifts from Japan.
  5. Wish ____ good luck. ____ have an exam today.

Q.11 Fill in the blanks with WE or US.              (1x5=5)

  1. Can you drop ____ at the airport? _____ are getting late.
  2. Let _____ do our bit and hope for the best.
  3. They do not work as hard as ____ do.
  4. I wonder if ____ ever learn from our mistakes.
  5. They should have treated ____ politely. ____ were their guests.


Class 6              Mathematics                     FM 60

A. Find the estimated quotient for each of the following: 2 x 5 =10
a. 87 ÷ 26 c) 858 ÷ 16                  e) 358 ÷ 86
b. 275 ÷ 26 d) 75 ÷ 23

B. Express each of the following as Roman numeral: 1 x 10 = 10
a. 81           e) 378                   i) 458
b. 788          f) 391                  j) 611
c. 95          g) 105 
d. 759         h) 596

c. Write each of the following as Hindu-Arabic numeral: 1 x 10 = 10
a. DCC:XVI      e) CCCLXV              i) XLV
b. CDLXIV         f) LXXXIV              j) XCVI
c. XXVII           g) LXIX
d. DCC            h) XIX

E. Estimate each of the following products by rounding off the first number upwards and the second number downwards:                                     2 x 5 = 10
a. 472 x 168 c) 198 x 351                e) 680 x 164
b. 356 x 278 d) 689 x 369

F. Solve the following word problems: 4 x 5 = 20

  1. The number of persons who visited the holy shrine of Mata Vaishno Devi during last two consecutive years was 19719509 and 15487618 respectively. How many persons visited the shrine during those two years?
  2. In a particular year a company produced 1549811 cars. Next year, the number of cars produced was 165498 more than those produced in the preceding year. How many cars were produced in the 2nd year? How many cars were produced during these two years?
  3. The total population of a city is 78116132. If the number of male us 4582631, find the number of females in the city.
  4. The product of two numbers is 68251500. If one of the numbers is 32, find the other.
  5. In order to make a shirt, length of 2 m 50 cm of cloth is needed. How much length of cloth is required for 15 such shirts?


Class-6      Subject-Science

A.Fill in the blanks-(5×1=5)

1.Glass sheets and flower petals are examples of …………..surface.

2……...materials can be compressed easily.

3.………..are highly compressible.

4.Melting of candle wax is a ……….change.

5.Making jewellery out of gold is …………..change.

B.Choose the correct option-(5×1=5)

1.which of the following has a rough surface?

A.a sand paper     b.petals of flower   c.surface of an apple sheet

2.which of the following is translucent.

A.cellophane     b.oiled paper     c.water     d.water d.wood

3.which of the following is a conductor of heat?

A.metals   b.plastic     c.bamboo of food is an example of ……….change

A.chemical   b.irreversible    c.physical    d.both a and b.

5.which of the following contracts the least.

A.solids    b.liquids    c.gases    d.both a and b


Very short answer type questions-(5×1=5)


C. Give two examples of the following-

1.Soft materials- a.…………b………….

2.insulators of heat-a………….b………….

3.chemical changes-a………..b…………

4.reversible changes-a………...b………..

5.application of expansion-a………...b………..

D.Give one word for the following-(3×1=3)

1.materials that have uneven or bumpy surface………..

2.Liquids that are soluble in water…………

3.Materials that do not have a definite shape and volume……….

E.identity tje type of changes that occur when the following happens-(3×1=3)

1.making cottage cheese from milk…………..

2.powdering of sugar………..

3 burning of coal………….

F.short answer type questions-(5×2=10)

Q1.which property of metals makes them suitable for making jewellery?

Q2.what is floatation?

Q3.define opaque?

Q4.define physical and chemical change?

Q5.what will happen when an inflated balloon is kept in the sun for long?

G.long answer type questions-(3×3=9)

Q1.Describe grouping of materials depending upon their solubility in water.

Q2.which type of change,reversible or irreversible,takes place in each of the following cases?give reasons for each.

a.Ripening of fruits         b.curdling of milk

Q3.Describe one example of each if expansion in solids,liquids,and gases.


Class 6             Social Sciences             40m

Answer the following.

  1. Explain the phases of the moon with diagram. 5m
  2. What is the Saptarishi? Draw the Saptarishi. 3m
  3. What are inner planets. 2m
  4. What are outer planets. 2m
  5. What according to you was a greater revolution- early humans becoming food producers or early humans taming animals or early humans making pottery? Give reasons for your answer. 5m
  6. Draw the earth and show the important parallels or latitudes. 5m
  7. What are parallels. 2m
  8. Draw the earth and name
    North Pole b. South Pole c. Equator
     d. Axis of the earth     e. Northern Hemisphere
     f. Southern Hemisphere.  5m
  9. With the help of a diagram, explain how latitude of a place is measured. 5m
  10. Write three unique features of earth that makes it different from other planets. 3m
  11. Write a short note on Mercury       b. Mars      c. Jupiter.     3m


Class 6                                                               Alternative English                                                            FM 40

 A). Answer the following questions.

 1). Why was the poet sorry in the poem 'The Road Not Taken'? 1

2). What was it that made the poet decide on a particular road in the poem 'The Road Not Taken'? 2

3). What was Premchand's brother's apparent motto in life? What is your opinion regarding his motto? 2

4). Did the poet choose with confidence? What is suggested by the poem 'The Road Not Taken'? 3

5). Who took shelter at the feet of the Happy Prince and why? 3

6). What was the second task that the swallow was asked to carry out? 4

6). How did Premchand react to his brother's inability to pass the exams? 4

7). How did Premchand's brother try to convey the fact that the going would be tough in senior classes? 5

8). Write the summary of the poem 'Cradle Song' 7

 B). Complete the sentences using appropriate prepositions. 4

 1). We paint eggs and cakes…….. Easter

2). In India, we drive…….. the left-hand side of the road.

3). His name was written……. the back of the envelope.

4). ……. Boxing Day, everyone goes shopping.

C). Combine the sentences using coordinating conjunctions from the box. 5

1). I don't want to fight with you. I agree with your point.

2). My brother plays the guitar. My sister plays the piano.

3). He worked really hard. He won the competition.

4). We went shopping yesterday. We did not buy anything.

5). My cousins did not want to miss the match. They took a taxi.


 Class – 6                  Tenyidie                   40 marks

1. Dietso (Adjective) khakeshüko pie diecha chüshülie: 5marks

  1. Rükrie –
  2. Mhasi –
  3. Zivi –
  4. Pejo –
  5. Zha –

2. Dieca khakeshüko thuyie chüpie Tenyidie nu chüshülie : 10marks
a. Minute –
b. Administrative –
c. Clan –
d. Cultivator –
e. Ceiling –
f. Pigsty –
g. Carpenter –
h. Planet –
i. Dew –
j. Germ –

3. Diecha khapie keba hako kiu ‘ketho’ mu ‘ketho mo’ shiü thushülie: 5marks

a. U nhicu teiki rübei mhakesa dojülie kevi tei zo. ( )
b. Nnhiennhie u somia rhu mu pehe pevi seshüya mu lakecü ki raka pie u somiako tsüshü di u bu la u ki voya. ( )
c. Talimeren-e darukesimia puo chülie di puo puo-u mengu chü tseilie. (            )
d. Kevi-e puo pelekeshüko menuo di chüshüya. ( )
e. Nagamia rüna puorei rüna kekrei mho diya mo. ( )


4. Thechü methuo kebako nu Dietso (Adjective) thushülie : 5marks
a. A teisonhie leshüki nu kevo ki ki ______puo pfüthe seiya.
b. Puo nyienuo _______ yopuo soproko whuo kho mu ke tha di nguya.
c. A ki _______ puo nu lhouya.
d. Angunuo-e thenu _______ puo.
e. Kewhira thechü ­________ puo.


5. Dieca hako kepetsou diecako thushülie: 5marks
a. Kevimia –
b. Teiso –
c. Keretho –
d. Kesia –
e. Nousuo –


6. Ketsokeshüko kelashülie:
a. ‘U ketuora tei kesokezie, mha medo mo mia keyu tie kre kesuo le mo zo u tei dzü’ Geizo diecha hako vatsashülie: 2marks
b. Nagamia U somia rhuyakezha kimhie di pulie vi ga? 2marks
c. Dr. T.Ao kelhou peteu nu futbol kemeyie cako thushülie . 2marks
d. Rüsie siedzürie kenie nu rüsiemiako suomia ga? Kedipuo la unie puo-ue mhathomhachüko pie puo nuo nhicu-u pelekuoya ga?                           2marks
e. Nagaland nu sorkari kenie dze thushülie. 2marks


CLASS-6     SUBJECT-AO       F.M: 40

QA. Item tasüngdangbatem langzüang.


  1. Nagaland nung akhi yimsüsübaren tapu ana benshia aruba indang rasaa züluang?
  2. Asen Naga nunger sobaliba yimsüsübaren nung yimsüsür teinyaktsü kechisa liasü?
  3. Kechiba Naga nunger rongsenketsüng nung pei sasa liteta aru ta shiteter?
  4. Naga nunger lokti telemsa balala indang tatsüka züluang?
  5. Naga nunger sobaliba temzüng ozüng indang tatsü agi rasaa züluang?
  6. Item tetezü kechi?

Arrkang, mamoshie, shilak-yilak, likalilem, tsüngkang, atsüngdi, atsüngtsüng, shinük-shibang, lenimaor, tongshi.


QB. Tazüng alidakji Pukhümnatem enoka züluang?

  1. Mary ket nung sanchanu_______ka liasü.
  2. Titi______tem ya kanga tanang.
  3. Kü indang kaket_____kü yangkhu taret kümdaktsür.
  4. Mozü kidangi______nisungtem aor.
  5. Nagaland ya tobur______lima ka lir.

QC. Tazüngtsü kaket tapak 17 nung keta aliba noksaji yangluang aser sentsü tapet tepang.


Item teinyaktsü ajak A4 size paper nung züluang.



    Class 6       subject FIT       Total: 60 marks

Q1. Fill in the blanks.

a. A............. is a device used to read barcodes used by the shopkeepers to quickly i put the information of a product into a computer.
b. Two examples of impact printers are.............printer and ..............printer.

c............ feature enables you to preview all open windows as a stack.

d. The operating system acts as a .............. locator.
e. The ............and ............option lets you to insert the same text or picture at the top and bottom of every page in your document in Microsoft Word.
f. ............ memory is a volatile in nature.
g. You can add multiple animation effects to an object by using the ................option in the advance animation group on the animation tab in Microsoft PowerPoint.
h. Intersection of row and column forms ...............
i. The ............ and playback tab appear when you insert an audio or a video file on a slide.
j. The effects appear when one slide changes to the other during a slide show is a ................ effects.

Q2. Choose the correct answer.

  1. Which of the following is not a secondary memory?
    i. RAM ii. CD iii.DVD      iv. Hard disk
  2. Which of the following is a primary memory?
    i. Plotter ii. DVD iii. RAM   iv. Web camera
  3. Identify the features of windows 7 that allows you to place frequently used programs on the taskbar.
    i. Pinning ii. Jump list iii. Aero snap  iv. Libraries
  4. A......... is a moving picture or pattern that is displayed on the computer monitor when you do not work on the computer for some time
    i. Gadget ii. Screen saver iii. Wallpaper iv. Jump lists
  5. Which of the following is not a function of the operating system?
    i. Database management ii. Input/output device management

iii. Main memory management   iv. Secondary storage management

  1. Which of the following contains information about recipients like names, addresses and phone numbers in the mail merge process?
    i. Main document ii. Merge document  iii. Data source  iv. Tables
  2. Creating letters using mail merge involves
    i. Opening or creating the main document
    ii. Opening or creating main document and data source and then merging the data source with the main document.

  iii. Opening or creating the data source

iv. None of these
8. Tables group is present on the ........... tab
i. Home ii. Insert iii. Page Layout   iv. Review
9. Identify the odd one out
i. Play full screen ii. Fade in iii. Video effects   iv. Trim video
10. The special effects used to introduce slides in presentation are called
i. Effects ii. Animations iii. Transitions  iv. Present animations

Q3. State whether true or false:

I. An input device converts binary data into a form that we can read.
II. A mobile phone makes use of memory card to store data.

III. Ram is a volatile memory

IV. Libraries are lists of files, folders or websites opened recently.
V. Gadgets are added on the taskbar.
VI. The aero shake feature enables you to preview all open windows as a stack.

VII.You can add borders around the table or around a selected group of cells.

VIII. You can insert new rows only at the end of a table.

IX. Pictures on a slide cannot be animated.
X. Pictures on a slide cannot be animated.

Q4. Answer the following questions

i. What is the role of an input device and output device?
ii. Write short notes on (a) gadgets (b) pendrive

iii. Distinguish between the following pairs: primary and secondary memory

iv. What are the functions of an operating system? Discuss them briefly.
v. List any three features of the window 7 operating system?
vi. Define gadgets? Name a few gadgets that can be placed on the desktop?

vii. Give the significance of the header and footer option?

viii. What are the three main stages of mail merge process?

ix. Mention the three ways in which sound can be added?


Class:6         General Knowledge        10m         

A. Identify the names of the countries to which these flags belong. ( chapter:14)
B. Draw the flags in an A4 size paper and colour them. ( page no. 23)


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