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Class 8 3rd Assignment 2021

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3rd Assignment 2021

Class 8                   English                             FM 40


A). Answer the following questions.

1). Why is the otter not afraid of men in the poem 'The Way Through the Woods'? 1

2). What are the various creatures that can be seen and heard in these woods in the poem 'The Way Through the
      Woods'? 1

3). Describe the transaction that the narrator made at the bank in the story 'My Financial Career'. 2

4). What explanation did Mrs Sappleton offer for the open window when she met Mr Nuttel? 2

5). What did Mr Nuttel see when he looked out of the open window? What do you think he felt and how did he react? 3

6). Name the books written by Chanakya. What are they about? 3

7). Who insulted Chanakya and how? What was Chanakya's reaction? 4

8). What was the strange event that occured the evening before Nimai was to be cut down? 5

9). Write the summary of the poem 'The Nightingale and the Glow-Worm' 7

B). Fill in the blanks with the appropriate determiners, quantifiers and distributives. 6

1). ………… (Each/Either) person has his own style of reading.

2). There are ……… ( another/other) ways of determining solutions to this problem.

3). ……….. (Any/Another) child will love going for a picnic on a weekend.

4). There are ………. (few/a few) mistakes that I need to point out to you.

5). There is ……… (a little/little) chicken left in the fridge now.

6). There are ………. (a lot/lots of) people in the market today.

C). Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions. 6

1). He was accused …… various offences by the people.

2). We must be quick to adapt ……. our surroundings if we need to survive.

3). We have been acquainted ……. each other for some time now.

4). You should refrain ……. telling lies to everyone.

5). I do not subscribe …….. your opinion on this matter.

6). At last, he acceded ……. my request.


Class     Grammar        60 marks.

  1. Read this story about a king who wanted to choose an heir.

There was once a wise king who ruled over a large and prosperous kingdom. The king was a very contended man and had no worldly desires. However, he was troubled that he had no heir to the throne. He had decided to renounce the world and go and seek the blessings of his ‘guru’. But he could not leave till he found someone to succeed him.

One day, the king sent word throughout his kingdom that he would meet his subjects personally and listen to their grievances, if any. On the appointed day, he held an open court in the royal garden. He seated himself upon a chair in a corner under a shady tree.

By the king’s orders, the garden had been transformed into a fun-fair with stalls laid all over. There was a variety of delicious stuff to eat, games to play, clothes, jewellery, utensils and other household items, fruits, vegetables and other provisions. At the entrance there was a notice which read, “Everything on display is for free. You may take anything and everything that you can carry.”

Soon people started coming in large numbers. They were amazed to read the strange notice. Tempted by the display of worldly goods, they quite forgot the purpose of their visit. They spent the whole day gathering everything that they fancied till they could carry no more. Then they went back home happily without even bothering to meet the king.

However , one young man looked at each stall but did not take anything. His eyes were looking out for the king. Finally, he spotted the king sitting in a corner. He bowed politely and greeted the king. The king asked him, “Why haven’t you picked up anything of the free goods on offer?”

“My Lord ,”said the young man solemnly, “my purpose was to seek you out. Nothing would distract me from my purpose.”

The king beamed with joy and embraced the young man.

“Then indeed,” said the king, “you will be the chosen one. All I have is yours from today. Since nothing can distract you from your purpose, there can be none better than you to serve the subjects as a king.”

  1. Why was the king looking for an heir to the throne? (3)
  2. During the open court what arrangements were made at the royal garden? (3)
  3. Why did the king choose the young man as his successor? (3)
  4. Write at least four qualities of the king. (3)
  5. Give the antonyms of the following words: (3)
    2. Write a letter to your friend, describing about your recent skill that you have learnt.(10)
    3. Fill in the blanks with infinitives. (5)
    aThey plan …………………..their car. (sell)
    b My friend forbade me……………...his books. (touch)
    c.Let me………..or I’ll miss my bus. (leave)
    d.I put the flower pots in shade. I wanted to save the flowers from dying. (join this pair using infinitives)
    e.It is reported that Mr.Akash is the friendliest man in this office.
    4.Rewrite these sentences using had…. (5)
    a. If the driver had been alert, he could have saved the accident.
    b. If his plans had failed, he would have blamed me.
    c.You wouldn’t have caught the infection, if the water had been boiled.
    d.We could have won the match if we had played better.
    e. If you had known his true character, would you have voted for him?
    5. Identify the type of conditionals used. (5)
    a. If I won the lottery, I would like to travel around the world.
    b. If I see a needy man, I try to help him.
    c. If I had a lot of money, I would have my own apartment.
    d. If it is a holiday tomorrow, I will go to my grandfather’s farm.
    e. If an apple drops from a height, it falls to the groung.
  6. Change the voice. (10)
    a. The gardener watered the plants.
    b. The fire is damaging the building.
    g. The storm has swept away the boat
    d. He told me the truth.
    e. Oxygen is inhaled.
    f. The rules should be obeyed.
    g. I fed the dogs.
    h. Let your son manage the factory.
    i. Please keep quiet.
    j. Somebody had already informed the police.
  7. Identify the tense used. (5)
    a. Did you enjoy your dinner?
    b. By next year, I will have completed my diploma.
    c. I have purchased a laptop.
    d. All the trains are arriving late.
    e. Does Raj take exercise daily?
  8. Fill in the blanks with determiners.(5)
    a. ……paper used in this book is of a superior quality. (use article)
    b. ……….glass here in mine and ……….one over there is yours. (use demonstratives)
    c. There isn’t ……………water left in the container. (use quantifiers)
    d. What …..pity!(use article)
    e. ……person in this room has read the book. (use distributive)


Class 8                                     Science            40marks.

A. Choose the correct answer. 1 x 10 = 10

  1. Which of these hormones stimulates growth and development of the body?
    a) TSH b) GH c)Insulin                     d) Thyroxine

2.Which of these hormones regulates the blood sugar level of the body?
a) thyroxine b) adrenaline c) Insulin                      d) GH

  1. How many days is the usual menstrual period in a girl?
    a) 28 days b) 4 to 6 days c) 10 to 15 days                d) none of these
  2. Which of these glands secrete the thyroxine hormone?
    a) Pituitary gland b) thyroid gland c) pancreas         d) adrenal gland
  3. Static Friction acts when a body is
    a) Moving b) stationary c) rolling          d) sliding
  4. This force is our weight
    a) Electrostatic force b) magnetic force        c) Friction      d) Gravitational force
  5. The SI unit of force is
    a) meters per second b) newton c) pascal      d) newton per meter 
  6. Atmospheric pressure
    a) increases with altitude b) decreases with altitude c) remains the same     d) is zero at sea level

9.The S.I unit of pressure is

a) m/s b) N c) pa           d) N/m

  1. Liquids and gases together are called
    a) Fluids b) solids c) gases                  d) crystals

 B. Short answer questions 2x 5 = 10

  1. What are hormones? Name any two hormones in human body.
  2. What are drugs? Give two examples of drugs.
  3. Why is friction a disadvantage?
  4. Why are oils and grease used in machinery?
  5. Define pressure. Give its SI unit.

 C. Long answer questions. 5 x 4 =20

  1. Define puberty. Discuss some physical changes that boys and girls undergo during puberty.
  2. Explain the main glands of the endocrine system with the hormones and the role each of them plays in the human body.
  3. Discuss the effects of force.
  4. What is streamlines shape? Give two examples.


Class-8                                        Social Science           40marks

A. Fill in the blanks. (1x5=5)

  1. DinabandhuMitra wrote a play called ______________.
  2. The indigo rebellion started in the year _______________.
  3. Permanent Settlement was introduced by ______________.
  4. Munda rebellion was led by __________________.
  5. Poverty and Un-British Rule in India was written by ________________.

B. Give short answers for the following questions. (3x5=15)

  1. Write a note on the growth of iron and steel industries in India.
  2. Write the role and the status of the tribal chief in India after the arrival of the British in India.
  3. Write a note on the Mahalwari system.
  4. Write a note on the cultivation of cash crops.
  5. Discuss the process of de-urbanization in India after the decline of handicrafts.

C. Answer the following questions in detail. (5x4=20)

  1. Write a note on the Permanent Settlement 1793 and how it was advantageous for the British.
  2. Discuss in detail the Indigo rebellion.
  3. Write about the society, economy and settled agriculture of the tribal in India before the coming of the British.
  4. What are the changes made in the forest laws by the British.


Alternative English                  40 Marks.

 Q1. Give the word meanings of the following words. (1x5=5)

  1. Ransacked
  2. waylaid
  3. Presumably
  4. Crown
  5. Iodoform

Q.2 Make sentences with these words from the text. (Scandal in Bohemia II) (1x5=5)

  1. Amiable
  2. Staggered
  3. Solemnly
  4. Hoarsely
  5. Conveyed

Q.3 Answer the following questions in brief. (2x15=30)

  1. What do you think Jove’s nectar would have ensured?
  2. How does the poet bring out the divine qualities of his lover?
  3. What were Sherlock’s observations about Watson? How did he prove his point?
  4. What conclusion did Watson and Holmes arrives after close scrutiny of the note?
  5. Describe Holmes’ visitor. Why was he wearing a mask?
  6. What steps had been taken by the king to get the photograph back from Irene Adler?
  7. What did Holmes learn about Irene Adler from the Ostlers?
  8. What surprise awaited Holmes at the church?
  9. What task awaited Watson at Briony Lodge?
  10. Why did woman offer them flowers? What makes the poet feel that the soldiers might mock the gesture?
  11. Do you feel that the soldiers are being sent off secretly? If so,why?
  12. What instruction had the NIM instructors given the author about Hillary step?
  13. Describe the section of the trek after Hillary Step?
  14. Describe the view from the South Summit?
  15. What feeling has been described as ‘overwhelming’? Explain why it has been described so?


Class- 8        Tenyidie                                  40 Marks

 1. Dieca: 5marks

  1. Lotso –
  2. Sathemi –
  3. Kayie –
  4. Sidi –
  5. Dzülu –

2. Dieca puotou-u rhieshülie: 5marks

1.Nagamia Asia ­_  tsatie nu vorketa peleya.
a. Niakra
b. Niakra pekhro
c. Niathu Pekhro
d. Niathu Peso
2. Nagamia _ ze keperhie rie.
a. Americamia
b. Indiamia
c. Britishmia
d. Myanmarmia
3. Nagaland nu dzülupfü kerietho chükecü hau nunu _
a. Molungkimong
b. Mokokchung
c. Sibsagar
4. Clark Mission mhatho kerietho-u hau nu_
a. Molungkimong
b. Mokokchung
c. Sibsagar


  1. Supongmeren-e puo ramie terhümiavimia hiesorou ketsekeshü_
    a. Dr. Clark mu puo siedziko ze kebieketuo
    b. Dr. Clark dzie nunu dzülupfhüketuo la.
    c. Dr. Clark kepfhekeya chüshüketuo la.


  1. Diecha puotoucüko rhie kemezeshülie : 5marks

             A                                                      B

  1. Khunuo zhorüli                     a. Umiakemehou chüta.
  2. Tekhue uko zuopfü rhacü       b. Kewhira Rhüu nu puosie keretho chü.
  3. Thekhe, rünyie ketsakemere   c. Burma kekha lakelie khakecü.

4.Tennis court rüyachüu                  d. Puo gei vorta.

  1. U-Go liro                                 e. Japanmia bie ketsiesiewa.


  1. Diecha khapie keba hao kiu ‘ketho’ mu ‘ketho mo’ shiü thushülie: 5marks
    a. Phou hau ki vo teigei we puo kevi dze pu hukelie jü. ( )
    b. Geizo Ketho mu Kevi nu pukeshü mia khriekecüe mi ate mia geikecü ki vi. ( )
    c. Nagamia noulakou se seyacüu ro noulakou u neiyakecü thashü. ( )
    d. Themia mu Tekhu unie-e uko zuo theke kethekhreshüya. ( )
    e. Takewhuokecü nu thedo chü mo liro Tekhu kuolietatuo. ( )


  1. Dieca khakeshüko thuyie chüpie Tenyidie nu chüshülie: 10marks
    a. Hammer –
    b. Widow –
    c. Battlefield –
    d. Weaving –
    e. History –
    f. Law –
    h. Dedication –
    h. Printing press-
    i. Village Administration –
    j. Certificate –
  2. Ketsokeshüko kelashülie :
    1. Geizo ‘Ketho mu Kevi’ nu ükezo-u we u bu die kicü kro puo rükralie nushü ga? (2marks)
    2. Dielou ‘ Naga’ icü bo-u dze kenie thushülie? Nagamia dzeüse chaüro kicü kro puo ga?

( 2×2=4marks)

  1. Kedipuo ca kro puo la Japanmia Kewhira nu la pesiete ga? (2marks)
  2. Dr. Clark-e Nagamia üse kimhie üdi pushü ga? (2marks)





  1. Kechiba Japan nungertemi Kohima amak?
  2. Kohima tongpang rara kodang tenzük?
  3. U-Go tongtibang nükjidongji kechi liasü?
  4. Garrison of Kohima telok nung shirsa liasü? Iba telok shibai ani?
  5. Dr. Clarki Naga nunger dangi kechi mission bener aru?

6.Nisung kwi iba anogo nung temulung meyip?

  1. Nagaland nung mezüng Christian Baptist tenla ki kolen yanglu?
  2. " Ni angubaji naia angur na?" Ya shibai ashi aser shiba dang ashi? O jembisangi kechi angu?
  3. Somomo mechi shirong o shingo na tembar aliba tesemtaktep koda raksa?
  4. " Kü temeim temba , me nembo ni asemji temdaktsütsü" . Iba ya shibai ashi aser iba tetezü kechi?

 QB. Shingo o shirong na chichiba tembar asü masü? Chichiba tembar koda alir? Chubar asem otsü nung ajemdaker chichiba tembar jakla yimya züluang. 

  1. Chichiba tembar jakla yimya trok(6)
  2. Shirong aser shingo yimya trok(6).


Item teinyaktsü ajak A4 size paper nung züluang.


 Class 8      Subject FIT         Total : 60 marks

Q1 Answer the following questions

  1. Discuss any four common threats to network security?
  2. Write any four advantages of a database?
  3. Explain the four components of the access window?
  4. Write the steps to create a report?
  5. Define the following:
    a. Query b. Form c. Report
  6. Write note on twisted pair cable and coaxial cable?
  7. Define the term computer?
  8. What is a bus topology?

9.Differentiate between a form and a report?

  1. Differentiate between <ol> and <ul> tags?

11.What is a definition lists? Name the parts and tags of a definition list?

  1. What is a nested lists?

13 What is a query?

  1. What is the purpose of src and alt attributes of the <img > tag?

Q2. Fill in the blanks using the words given below.

  Objects       <dl>     Design     Form         Datasheet 

  1. When you click on the (run¡) option on the design tab the results of the query appear in ________ View.
  2. Queries, forms and reports are __________ of access.
  3. _________ provides a convenient user interface to view, modify and enter data in a database table.
  4. Data is not displayed in the ______________ view of a report or form
  5. A list of terms and their definitions can be created using the............tag.

        Q3.Choose the correct answer

  1. Which of the following is the topology in which all the computers are connected to a central computer or a central node?
    a. Bus topology b. Ring topology   c. Star topology  d. None of these
  2. Which of the following is not a protocol?
    a. TCP b. WAN c. IP d. HTTP
  3. Which of the following is a characteristics of optical fibre cable?
    a. No problem of electrical interference            b. High speed
    c. Transmits data in the form of light signals     d. All of these
  4. A computer program that uses computer networks to send copies of itself to other computers on a network
    .a. Worm b. Trojan horse c. Virus  d. Firewall
  5. Which of the following is an example of wireless transmission media?
    a. Radiowaves b. Microwaves c. Infrared waves  d. All of these


Class 8               General Knowledge                           FM 30

A). Draw and colour the flags of the following countries. (10x2=20)

1). Germany

2). Iceland

3). Algeria

4). China

5). South Korea

6). Nepal

7). Brazil

8). New Zealand

9). Israel

10). Greece

B). Some of our feathered and four-legged friends are quite famous. They will be remembered for years to come. We have met some of them in books, comics and movies. Name them. (5x1=5)

1). Created by Herge, he is Tintin's companion on his adventures……….

2). Created by J.K. Rowling, Hedwig is a pet of …………… He is a snowy owl.

3). A Great Dane, he helps Shaggy, Fred, Velma and Daphne solve mysteries………….

4). His real name is Jumbo Jr, but he has been rather unfairly nicknamed………. His large ears help him to fly.

  1. Phantom has a well-trained horse named Hero and a wolf named……….

C). Fill in the blanks. (5x1=5)

1). A person's professional work throughout his/her life is called his/her ……….

2). A person who is educated to be a teacher, doctor, engineer, lawyer and so on, is said to be professionally ………….

3). A carpenter, electrician, beautician, driver and so on, is said to be a ………… worker.

4). ……… is another name for the hard, physical work done by porters, farmers and so on.

5). The money that a person gets paid every month at his/her workplace is called ………..






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