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Class 8 2nd Assignment 2021

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Class – 8                     Subject - English

A). Based on your reading of the lesson, answer the following questions by choosing the most appropriate option: (3x1=3)

1). Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi resented her galling position. The 'galling position' referred to here is:

a) the death of her husband

b) her position as a widow without a son

c) she and her daughters not being entitled to any share of the family property

d) the hatred of her family members

2). According to Gandhiji, Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi could cleanse the bitterness of her heart by

a) making peace with her relatives

b) going out of the country for some time

c) asking excuse from her relatives

d) fighting for her rights.

3). Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi said, 'I thought of the counsel that had calmed me so many times'. The counseling referred to here is

a) never hate anyone

b) no one can harm you but yourself

c) treating others in the same way

d) not to be revengeful.

B). Answer the following questions.

1). What did Gandhiji want Mrs. Pandit to do before going abroad? What was Mrs. Pandit's response to that? 3

2). Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit recollected the advice of Gandhiji often. What was the advice? 2

3). Why did Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, not meet her relatives in the beginning before she left for America? 2

4). Which lines tell you that the woods are full of life in the poem 'The Way Through the Woods'? 3

5). What can be heard on late summer evenings in the poem 'The Way Through the Woods'? 2

C). Write down the antonyms of these words from the poem 'The Way Through the Woods'. (5x1=5)

1). always -

2). open -

3). after -

4). depart -

5). early -


Class 8            Grammar         20 marks.

Q1. Insert the correct modal for the following: (8)

  1. ………….. the school prosper!
  2. It is not raining. You ………….take your umbrella.
  3. You …………… on Sunday as it is a holiday.
  4. I have a busy schedule, still I ………… attend to your needs.
  5. I am so exhausted, I ……………. sleep for hours.
  6. They ………… spoken the truth. But the circumstances were against them.
  7. She ………. sing really well.
  8. ……….. you pass me the sauce, please?

Q2. Identify the type of conditional used in the following: (6)

  1. If we mix red and blue, we get purple.
  2. If you heat ice, it melts.
  3. If I won the lottery, I would travel around the world.
  4. If you had worked harder, you would have passed your exam.
  5. If she doesn’t leave soon, she will miss the bus.

Q3. Complete the following sentences as directed in the brackets. (6)

  1. ……………………………….. I would help the poor. (Use type 2 conditional)
  2. The dog would have barked if it ……….a stranger. (Use type 3)
  3. Mix salt in water/it dissolve. ( Rearrange this sentence using zero conditional)
  4. Had we carried our compass, we could have found our way.(Identify the type of conditionals used)
  5. If you ………………..him, he will not be happy. (use type 1 )
  6. You ………….a lot of time if you follow the right method. ( use type 1)


Class 8            Science          Full marks 20

A. Choose the correct word. 1x5 = 5

  1. The colour of the flame depends upon
    a.Temperature. b. Amount of air available.   c. Nature of the substance burning      d. All of these.
  2. What burns in a candle flame?
    a.Solid wax. b. Liquid wax. c. Wax vapours.       d. Oxygen
  3. Which is the main constituent of natural gas?
    a.Oxygen b. Petrol. c. Methane.      d. Carbon dioxide.

4.Which of these does the Tasmanian wolf belong to ?

a. Extinct species. b. Threatened species. c. Critically endangered species.   d. Vulnerable species.

5. Which of these is the longest cells in the human body?

a. Muscle cells. b. Nerve cells. c. Skin cells.       d. Brain cells.

B. Give one word for the following. 1x 5 = 5

  1. A region where combustion of fuel takes place.,..............
  2. The resources which have limitless supply................

3.The number and variety of organisms that exist.................

  1. Large scale loss of forest habitat..........................

5.Cells that lack a well defined nucleus............

C. Short answer questions . 2x 5 = 10

1.What is a cell? Name the three main parts in a cell.

2. What does ER, SER and RER stand for?

3.What is a species? Give one example.

4.Define poaching.

5. State any two characteristics of an ideal fuel.


Class-8                         Social Science                             F.M 20

  1. Write 5 Importance of the Constitution of India. 5
  2. What is dowry system? Mention the act passed by the government to curb the practice.                                                 2+3=5
  1. What is a natural resource? Write the difference between Potential Resources and Developed Resources.                      1+4=5
  1. How can we conserve our resources? Write 3 points on the importance of conservation of resources.                                           2+3=5


Class VIII        Alternative English    FM 20

Q.1 Answer the following questions.

  1. How are we introduced to Miss Mebin?
  2. How did Miss Mebbin attempt to blackmail Mrs. Packletide?

Q.2 Give the word meaning of the following words and use the word to frame a sentence.

  1. Pledge
  2. Wreath
  3. Speculations
  4. Dissipating
  5. Succumbed
  6. Antecedents
  7. Dubiously
  8. Rendezvous
  9. Accredited
  10. Door jamb.

Q.3 Write down the summary of the poem " To Celia " (80 Words.


Class -8            Tenyidie                         20marks

Ketsokecüko kelashülie:

K1. Nagamia kese nyaüra kekreikreikecü huo thushülie. ( 3marks)

K2. ' Tennis Court Rüyachü' icü hau kikemhie di kie parte ga? (4marks)

K3. N kelhou nu n chie Keshü mu n la kere sekecü puo thushülie. ( 2marks)

K4. Kijürü kenie dzeüse nu Japanmia rüpfhünuo üse kimhieta üsi ga? (2marks)

K5. Dr.Clark mu puo Kimia unie-e dieliekevi mhatho-u kirapuo nu sedetuo üdi le ga? Clark-e pukeshü Ukepenuopfüe unie but kirapuo nu unie mhatho chütuoü ba ga? (3marks)

6. Diecha hako puoca vatsashùlie. (6marks)

  1. Adielo chü :
  2. Athiediu chü :
  3. A tshü a demia :
  4. Biejobiemou :
  5. Bouübite :
  6. Bouthuobouro :


CLASS: 8                    SUBJECT: AO          F. M. 20

A. Item ojangtem ratetjang.

  1. Meshi.
  2. Rangben.
  3. Mang.
  4. Alizùng.
  5. Aritepa.

B. Item tasüngdangbatem langzüang.

  1. Adianu asemi parnok mapa koda alem?
  2. Adianu asemi tetsü anepaluba nung tebendang kechisa liasü?
  3. Tanela aser Nisung nati tetsü aremba tesem Keyi dang kechiba mashi?
  4. Tenu Nisungba nem asemtepba kokdaktsütsü asoshi Tanelai kechi tasa asa?
  5. Otsù tatem nung Tanelai kechiba Nisung majurutsü tenzük?

C. Agüja alibatem shitak asü tai züluang.

  1. Keyi jagi Nisungba achitsü Tanelai tsübu__________
  2. Asemtepbaji Keyi, Nisung aser Tanela tsüngda liasü. _______
  3. Adianu asem ki ka nung joko malitsü ta Nisungi lemtet. _____
  4. Tetsüi lar jabaso Keyii la chinüa bilemer ta tsübu. _____
  5. Shi chinüba mechi Keyii asemtepba makok. ________.

Temetettsü: Item teinyaktsü ajak A4 size paper nung züluang.


Class 8              Subject FIT                      Total: 20

Q1.  Answer the following questions

  1. What is a database?
  2. Explain the four main Objects in Access?
  3. What are tables?
  4. Write down the components of a table?
  5. What is a field ?
  6. What are the various ways to create a table in Access?
  7. What is a query?
  8. Explain the three views that you can work on a form?
  9. Name the four views that can work on a report. 
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