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  1. Assignment due date:

            Class A to 3- 27th May 2021

             Class 4 to 8 – 28th May 2021

  1. Assignment should be submitted on time. Late submission will not be accepted.
  2. Each class will submit their assignment to their class teacher in their own class room.
  3. Social distancing and wearing mask is mandatory when entering the school.

2nd Assignment 2021

Class  3                                                                 


Name _________________

Q 1. Write a or an before these words.

  1. ____ uniform
  2. _____ eagle
  3. _____ book
  4. _____ hour
  5. _____ boy

Q2. Write the opposite word for the following .

  1. Funny -
  2. Long -
  3. Come -
  4. Far -
  5. Cold -

Q3. Match the part of Sona’s(the camel) body to the words the animals used to describe them.

  1. Legs        a. Flat
  2. Hump      b. Ugly
  3. Neck        c. Tiny
  4. Feet         d. Long
  5. Tail          e. Funny

Q4. Rearrange the words and write the complete sentence.

  1. Was the unhappy camel
  2. Thin has goat a leg
  3. The listening radio to is he
  4. Flower this beautiful is a
  5. Big saw I fish a lake the in


Class – 3                                            

Grammar                                           Marks:20

Name: ______________________________________        Roll _____________

1. How many parts of speech are there? Name them. (8marks)
2. What is a Noun? (2 marks) 

3. Change the position of the underlined words to make questions. (5 marks)

a.It was a dark night
b.The stars were twinkling in the sky.
c.She is very fond of her puppy Zak.
d.She will be sending Shalu a picture of Zak.
e.Zak is a very cute and playful puppy.

4. Rearrange the words to make questions (5marks)

  1. for do leave you when School
  2. your who the of is Principal School
  3. craft who and you teaches art
  4. your how is house far school your from
  5. do how go you School to


 Class 3                                             

  Mathematics                                 Full mark : 20



Roll no:


1.Write the number names.                     ( 4 marks)

a) 8309 =
b) 3850 =
c) 4700 =

d) 1326 =

2. Fill in. (4 marks)
a) In 6039, the place value of 0 is______ , that of 9 is______ and that of 6 is ._______
b) In 7683, the digit in the thousands place is .______
c) In 2458, 5 is in the _____place , and 2 is in the________ place. 
d) In 4923, the place value of 9 is _______, that of 4 is ._____

3. Write using Roman numerals.. (6marks)

a) 12 –
b) 20 –
c) 16 –
d) 5 –
e) 13 –
f) 8 –

4. Expand and add. (6 marks)

a) 524 + 333
b) 321 + 45
c) 603 + 295


Class :3                      



 Roll no ________                                                                                          Fm; 20

Give one word for the following 1x10=10

        1. A special part of the road mark with black and white line used to cross the road

  1. An underground path use to cross a busy road
  2. The immediate help given to an injured person
  3. The top layer of the earth where plants grow
  4. Crops grow well in this type of soil
  5. The process by which water change into ice on cooling
  6. Fibres that we get from plants such as cotton and flex are called
  7. The process by which liquid change into gas on heating
  8. The process by which a gas change into a liquid on cooling
  9. The part of soil that is made of of dead remains of plants and animals

Fill in the blanks 1x10=10

1.________________________kills germs

2.Wire nettings allow_________________ to come in.

3.________ provide water and nutrients to the plants.

4. Soil is formed by the breakdown of_____________

5. _____________ is a mixture of money many gases.

6. All living things need____________ to live.

7. __________________is water in the vapour form.

8. Colour of traffic lights:________________,

___________________,    _______________________



Social Studies

Name:_______________________________ Roll no.:__________

  1. Tick(√) correct the right answer.

A._____is an unwanted sound that is harmful to people and animals.

a. Noise pollution     b .Air Pollution                              c. Soil Pollution         d. Water Pollution

2.What causes air pollution?

a. Factories produce too much waste water and oil
b. Factories produce too much smoke.

3.What causes land pollution?

a. People throw too much rubbish in the sea
b. People throw too much rubbish everywhere.

4.A book of map is called an

a. Globe   b. Atlas    c. Compass

5.Earth is a____

a. Space    b. planet    c. The atmosphere

  1. Write one-word answer.

1.We have to rotate this to see the other half of the Earth.


2.It is a drawing of the Earth or apart of it.


3.Sailors use this instrument while sailing.


4.There are these many oceans in the world.


5.This is where the land and the sea appear to meet.


  1. Fill in the blanks. Choose words from the help box.

{trees plants, garbage leaves, living non-living}

1.________and______things make up our environment.

2.________and_______keep the air fresh and clean.

3.We should not burn__________or dry____________.

  1. Write two ways to reduce air pollution.


  1. Write how you can save water at home.




Alternative English                                      20 marks                                                                         

Name ______________________              

  Roll no: __________

A. Answer these questions. (4)
1. What is as green as grass? (1)

2. Where did Heidi come to lives? (1)

3. Why is it hard to frighten a mongoose? (1)

4. How did he arrive in Teddy’s house? (1)

B. Answer these questions with reference to the context. (8)

  1. ‘But i tell you what- when you come home this evening, you will have to go right into the tub, like a fish...
    1. Who is speaking go Heidi?
  2. Where did Heidi want to go?
  3. Who would take her there?
  4. Why would she have to get into the tub on her return?

C. ‘Don’t be frightened, Teddy’, said his father. ‘That’s his way of making friends.’
a. Who is Teddy?
b. Why was he frightened?
c. What did his father tell him?

d. What did Teddy’s mother think of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi?

D. Make sentence with the words given below. (1x3=3)
a. Emerald
b. Ruby
c. Diamond
E.In the sentence use a, an or the.
a. Anansi was given ______ pot by Nyame.
b. The pot was _______ unusual one.
c. It held _______ lot of wisdom.
d. Anansi did not want to share ________ pot with anyone.
e. He decided to place it on top of _______ tree



Tenyidie                                                                                           FM20marks

1.Mhaphrükhu 81-100 ketsothushülie.(5marks)

2.Umo rhiliedi puo za kekreikrei kecüko thushülie.(5marks)

3.Puotei kekreikrei kecü Bayie,Teile,TherümuTeisei hako nunu kenie kedalie di puodze dieca20-30 mese pie nethepuo puo thushülie.(5marks)

4.District mu puoYietseko rhie kemezeshülie.(5marks)





























CLASS-3.    SUBJECT- AO.      F.M. 20.


Q1. Züngdangba 81-100 tashi zülujang agi züluang.


Q2. Nisung ka yangluang aser temang tenüktelentem züluang.



Temetettsü: Item teinyaktsü ajak A4 size paper nung inyaka züluang.


 Class-3                                                            FIT                                          Full Mark: 20


NAME: ___________________________ ROLL NO.____________________

  1. Write the steps to add a gadget on your desktop.
  2. What is a screen saver? Write the steps to change the screen saver.
  3. Match each term with the correct description.




(a) Screen Saver



(b) Desktop


(c) Wallpaper




(d) Gadget

      i.         A mini program such as a clock or a calendar that can be displayed on the desktop

    ii.         A picture that appears as the background of the desktop

   iii.         A moving picture or pattern that is displayed on the computer monitor when you do not work on the computer for some time

   iv.         The first screen that appears on the monitor after the windows OS is loaded


Class 3                                                                    


Name ……………………………

Q1. Name the eight planets.

Q2. What is a creeper?

Q3. What is a climber?

Q4. What is a shrub?

Q5. What is a herb?

Q6. What is a tree?

Q7. Write a paragraph about your favourite festival .


Class: 3                                              

Sub: Time Table                                  Marks:20  

Name:____________________   Roll no._______

  1. Write the multiplication table of 2,3, 4, 5 and 6.


Class: 3                Sub: Drawing/ Handwriting                               Marks:20  

Name:____________________   Roll no._______

  1. Draw a Lion and colour it. (10)
  2. Look and write 10 times in cursive writing. (10)

   “ Always put your best foot forward  “




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