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  1. Assignment due date:

           Class A to 3- 27th May 2021

           Class 4 to 8 – 28th May 2021

  1. Assignment should be submitted on time. Late submission will not be accepted.
  2. Each class will submit their assignment to their class teacher in their own class room.
  3. Social distancing and wearing mask is mandatory when entering the school.


2nd   Assignment 2021


Class-4                                                        20 marks  

A. Answer these questions. (2x5=10)
1. What did the big fish tell the small fish?
2. Why does the poet think that a man lives on the moon? When does the man on the moon disappear?
3. Who were Marco’s father and uncle? Where had they gone and why?
4. What is the difference between Gobi Desert and other deserts?
5. How do we know that Venice is an important port?
B.Write the plurals of- (1x5=5)
a. Leaf
b. Man
c. Tooth
d. Woman
e. Banana
C. Many tourists visit India to see its beautiful monuments. Choose one and make a poster with attractive pictures and write few lines about it. (5)


Class 4                                                                       


Name _________________

Q1. What is a Negative Sentence?

Q2. What is an Interrogative Sentence?

Q3. How many parts of Sentence are there? Name them.

Q4. What is a Subject?

Q5. What is a Predicate?

Q6.The word in column A are collective nouns. They stand for collections of persons, animals or things given in column B. Match the two columns.

Column A.                   Column B

  1. Fleet       a. Singers
  2. Band       b. Chickens
  3.  Army      c. Dancers
  4.  Herd       d. Ships
  5.  Pack       e. Puppies
  6.  Choir       f.  Biscuits
  7. Brood      g. Cards
  8.  Litter       h. Musicians
  9.  Troupe     i. Cattle
  10. Packet      j. Soldier      **************************

  Class 4                                                                   

Mathematics                                    Full mark : 20



1.Write using Roman numerals.               ( 5 marks)

  1. a) 49 –
  2. b) 50 –
  3. c) 34 –
  4. d) 28 –
  5. e) 21 –
  1. Write in the expanded form. ( 5 marks)
    a) 7, 04, 296=
    b) 67, 452=
    c) 99, 00 ,999=
    d) 25, 79, 872=
    e) 32, 00 , 000=
  1. Write in words. ( 4 marks)
    a) 98, 704=
    b) 64,005=
    c) 7, 94, 683=
    d) 29, 843=


  1. Do these sums. (6 marks)
    a) A number is 65, 280 more than the sum of 1, 35,606 and 2, 57,810. Find the number.
    b) Raghu has saved Rs 5, 25,400 in Safe Bank. He has savings of Rs3,45,250 in Bharat Bank and Rs 5,74,338 in Bank of Asia. What is his total savings in the three banks?
    c) A Mayur car costs Rs 5,56,750 . A Hans car cost Rs 2, 80, 500 more than a Mayur car. How much does a Hans car cost?


Class 4                                                          



Roll no:_______________

Give one word for the following 1*10=10

  1. The set of teeth in a child ___________________
  2. An instrument that we use to see microbes._________________
  3. The hardest substance in the human body____________________
  4. The liquid obtained when a solute dissolves in a solvent is called a___________________
  5. The process by which liquid changes into a vapour________________
  6. The process by which insoluble substances settles down_______________________.
  7. The process of breaking down big pieces of rocks into smaller pieces by wind and water______________________
  8. The top layer of the Earth's surface where plants grow____________________.
  9. Soil that does not hold water at all______________________
  10. The removal of fertile topsoil by the action of wind and water____________________

Fill in the blanks. 1x10=10

1.The _______________ forms the central part of a tooth.

  1. The_______________ produce juice that help in digestion of food.

3.__________________ causes disease like common cold and influenza.

  1. Fabric is made of many thin threads called__________
  2. ______________________ fibres are stretchable and can be water proof.
  3. All substance are made up of_______________

7.A substance that has mass and occupies space are called _____________.

8._____________ are the smallest soil particle

  1. _______________ is fertile because it contains humus.
  2. Soil can be___________________by planting more trees and by building dams across rivers.


Class 4                                                                                

Social Science        Fm 20

  1. Draw a physical map of India and mark the following physical divisions:
  • The Northern plains
  • The Northern mountains
  • The Coastal plains
  • The Western desert
  • The Southern plateau


Class 4                                                           

Alternative English

Name _______________

Q1. Write the meaning of the following words.

  1. Stockings
  2. Choke on a pill
  3. Abounding
  4. Desolate
  5. Strewed
  6. Caverns
  7. Pounced
  8. Broods
  9. Flapping
  10. Scrape
  11. Awfully
  12. Fluttering
  13. Strong fondness
  14. Gig
  15. Rouse
  16. Fishing line
  17. Unwound
  18. Samson
  19. Timidly
  20. Promptly

Q2. Do you like activities that connect you with nature, like hiking or climbing hills? Write about one such experience in the paragraph form.


CLASS -4    SUBJECT- AO     F.M. 20

Q1. Item ojangtem tetezü ratetjang.

Süngmang, tain, sentong, tesem, aritep.

Sobaliba, kin, meraketa.

Q2. Nagaland map ka yangluang aser item tenem kolaktem koba district nungsa alis ayuang.

Saramati, Pauna, Mollen, Japfü, Tiyi.


Temetettsü: Item teinyaktsü ajak A4 size paper nung inyaka züluang.



Tenyidie            FM 20marks

1.Dieca hako thushülie:(6marks)






2.Norou geinu kerü hako gei ta voro thechü kiko pfüthe votuo ga?(5marks)






3.Geizo 'Kethezie khakeshü' thushülie.(5marks)

4.Ketsokecü ko kelashülie.

a.Nkepenuora kerü puo za thushülie?(1marks)

b.Nkepenuora ki kijüthou puo za thushülie?(1marks)

c.Mhanuü tseido rei Nagamia kichükizho-u medzi bayazoü ro khriekesamiako la

kemevi kedipuo ngulie vi shiü puo dze nethepuo thushülie?(2marks)

d.Supuo 'Kethezie Khakeshü'geizo-u zoshüga?(1mark)



FIT                                          Full Mark: 20

NAME: ___________________________

ROLL NO.____________________

  1. Write in detail about RAM and ROM.
  2. Write any five parts of the Windows Explorer window.
  3. Choose the correct answer:
  4. Deleted files and folders can be restored from the ________________________. (Desktop/Recycle Bin)
  5. To change the location of a file, choose the _________________________ option. (Cut and Paste/Copy and Paste)
  6. The option to create a new folder is present on the ____________________ of the Windows Explorer window. (Address Bar/Toolbar)
  7. The shortcut for renaming a file or a folder is __________________. (F2/F3)
  8. To delete a file or folder, you press the ___________________ key on the keyboard. (Backspace/Delete)



General Knowledge                20marks                                                                  

Name __________________________                                  Roll no: __________

1.Answer these questions.

a. Who wrote the National Anthem of India?

b. Who wrote the National Song of India?

c. How many states are there in India?

d. Who is the missile man of India?

e. Who is known as the Father of India’s Atomic Energy?

f. Name our National Flower.

g. Name our National Aquatic Animal.

h. When is children’s day celebrated?

i. Which is the official language of India?

2.Write the capitals of:-

a. Telengana _________________

b. Assam _________________

c. Chandigarh _________________

d. Lakshaweep  _________________

3. Name five famous personalities of India.

4.Womens day is celebrated on _________________________.

5.Army day is celebrated on _______________________________.

6.Indira Gandhi is known as _______________________________________.


Class: 4                 Sub: Drawing/ Handwriting                               Marks:20  

Name:____________________   Roll no._______


  1. Draw a peacock and colour it. (10)


  1. Look and write 10 times in cursive writing. (10)

“ A picture is worth a thousand words “










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