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  1. Assignment due date:

          Class A to 3- 27th May 2021

           Class 4 to 8 – 28th May 2021

  1. Assignment should be submitted on time. Late submission will not be accepted.
  2. Each class will submit their assignment to their class teacher in their own class room.
  3. Social distancing and wearing mask is mandatory when entering the school.

2nd Assignment 2021

Class 5                                                                       


Q.1 Answer the following questions.

  1. How was the grey cub different from his brothers and sisters?
  2. What happened to the cubs during the famine.
  3. What had the grey cub discovered about the cave? What did he and his brothers and sisters do?
  4. Describe the grey cub's mother. Why did she push her cubs back with her paw?

2 Fill in the blanks with correct adjectives.

  1. I love the ________ hug of my grandmother.
  2. The _______ lion roared loudly.
  3. The robbers broke the window with a ______ blow.
  4. The _______ boy decided to take revenge after he lost the match.
  5. It was raining heavily and the day was dark and _______

3 Answer the following questions.

  1. In the 1st stanza, where is the tiger?
  2. Why would a tiger hide near a water hole?
  3. How does the tiger terrorise the village?
  4. Why do you think the tiger is ignoring visitors?
  5. Why does the tiger gaze at the stars?
  6. Why was Ranji upset? What did Ranji's coach tell him?
  7. Why didn't Ranji want to stop at Mr Kumar's shop?
  8. Who was Mr Kumar? What did he do?
  9. How did Ranji lose the bat? Why was he afraid?
  10. What did Mr Kumar do to help Ranji?



  Grammar                                                       20 marks

1.Convert the following sentence into plural.

  1. I saw a deer in the zoo.
  2. The wolf killed a sheep.
  3. We caught a fish.
  4. Fruit is good for health.
  5. We saw a fish in the tank.

2. Write the singular form of-









2.Write the feminine forms of the following nouns:
a. Bachelor-

3. Write the masculine forms of the following nouns-
i. wife-


Class 5                                                           

Mathematics                                                   FM 20

  1. The sum of 3,78,650 and a number is 12,00,500. Find the number.                                     4
  2. A man had Rs. 1,00,00,000. He spent Rs. 8,90,230 to buy a car, Rs. 60,55,500 to buy a
    flat and Rs. 30,40,890 to furnish the flat. How much money was left with him? 4
  3. The difference of two number is 3,25,100. If the smaller number is 78,543, find the
    larger one.                                     4
  4. What number should be subtracted from the sum of 7,85,659 and 6,12,589 to get
    12,00,000.                                     4
  5. A state has 1,43,34,516 male voters and 1,35,87,645 female voters. In an election
    ,65,079 voters did not vote. How many people cast their vote in the election? 4


 Class: 5                                  

Name:_________________.                                                  Roll no.______

Give one word for the following

  1. A diet that contains adequate amount of different components of food
  2. A state of complete physical and mental well being
  3. Diseases that do not spread from one person to another
  4. A special instrument that we can use to put out small fires
  5. The immediate help given to an injured person
  6. A break or crack in the bone
  7. Two liquids that does not mix completely with each other.
  8. A type of change in which no new products are formed
  9. When two substances mix together such that they are evenly distributed
  10. Any substance that has mass and occupies space

Fill in the blanks 1x10=10

  1. ___________________clothes should not be worn while cooking.
  2. In case of a gas leak, all doors and windows should be___________
  3. ___________________a substance slows down the movement of its particles
  4. _________________the substance can make it expand
  5. Firefighters normally put out fire with the help of __________________
  6. _____________________provides energy to the body.
  7. __________________is the undigested part of the food we eat
  8. Iron and calcium or important _________________that are needed by our body
  9. We can avoid__________________ by following safety rules.

       10.Matter ________ change its form from one state to another.



Social Studies                                                                20Marks

  1. Why is the Revolt of 1857 called as the first war of Independence? Discuss. 4mks
  2. Discuss the condition of the Indians under the British rule. 5mks
  3. Write the importance of Transport and Communication. 5mks
  4. How do season occur? Explain with a diagram. (Refer page 21-22 and fig 3.3) 6mks



Alternative English                               20 Marks

  1. Write an essay on Family. 5mks
  2. Write the comparative and Superlative degrees of the following words.  5m                                   

Eg. Soft- softer- softest

Comparative Superlative

e. Full-
3.Make a sentence using the following words. 7mks                                                   

  1. Bright                                                 
  2. Dig
  3. Gardens
  4. Imagine
  5. Treasure
  6. Whole
  7. Astray
    4. What did you learn from the poem Leisure by WH Davis? Write down in 4-5 sentences.                                                                               3mks


CLASS-5.                    SUBJECT: AO.                      F.M. 20.

Q1. Item ojangtemtetezüratetjang.

Mapang shia,

Ayamesoa ao.









Q2.  Item tasüngdangbatem langzüang.

  1. Phom tetezü kechi? Phom nunger koda lia aru iba indang rasaa züluang.
  2. Kuki kin ya kechi nungi tenzük? Iba tesem ya kong lir?
  3. Ninang o Ajem nati kenü anogo kechi inyaktsü mulungtet?
  4. Amakertem shiaji kechi nungsa atsüktep?
  5. Temi-i pa kidangi meyipa tarusa kechi asü?


Temetettsü: Item teinyaktsü ajak A4 size paper nung züluang.


Class – 5                                                       

  Tenyidie                                 Full mark – 20

  1. Kedipuo ϋse dieza ϋya ga? Thakie sa thushϋlie. 3marks
  2. Diezako rhieshϋlie. 5marks
  3. Mithu nha lie cϋ ba.
  4. Avinuo leshϋki nu vote.
  5. Leshϋdau a likhuo nu ba.
  6. Hieko kehouki nu voya.
  7. Japfϋ ha kijϋthou kerϋkrie puo.
  8. Dieza 5 (pengou) se diecha chϋshϋlie. 5 marks
  9. Dieza mirhi 3 rhishϋ di puo za sa thushϋlie 7marks


Class-5                                                            FIT                                          Full Mark: 20

NAME: ___________________________ ROLL NO.____________________

  1. What do you understand by screen resolution? How does it affect the display of items on the screen?
  2. How can you change the date and time of your computer.
  3. Match the following terms with their descriptions.




(a) Screen Saver


(b) Screen Resolution




(c) Theme




(d) Control Panel

      i.         A combination of pictures, colours and sound on your computer.

    ii.         A window that provides options for customising the appearance and functionality of the computer according to your preferences.

   iii.         Any moving picture or graphic that is displayed on the screen when you do not use the mouse or the keyboard for some specific time.

   iv.         The amount of information you can view on the computer screen at any given time.


Class 5


Topic: Leaf art

Materials required:  leaves of different type, glue.

  1. Collect different types of leaves from your surrounding.
  2. Think of an art you can make using the leaves.

3.Then paste the leaves with the glue to create your art.

Some sample image of the leaf art will be given below. Kindly make sure you don’t make the same thing. Use your creative idea and originality to create the art.








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