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  1. Assignment due date:

          Class A to 3- 27th May 2021

           Class 4 to 8 – 28th May 2021

  1. Assignment should be submitted on time. Late submission will not be accepted.
  2. Each class will submit their assignment to their class teacher in their own class room.
  3. Social distancing and wearing mask is mandatory when entering the school.

1st Assignment 2021


English                       20 Marks     

Answer the questions.

1 . How many days did the King gave to the dewan to find a person who can read his mind? ( Chapter:1)

  1. How many decade did the dewan served the King? ( Chapter:1)
  2. Who solved the problem of dewan? (Chapter:1)
  3. How did the king reward the shepherd? (Chapter:1)
  4. How did the king reward the dewan? ( chapter:1)

6.what was the reward offered by the king to the people who can read his mind? ( chapter:1)

7.What   bothers  the Scarecrow in the poem, ‘ In Morning Dew’?( chapter:2)

  1. What was the name of the two brothers in the story ‘Cross Country'? ( chapter:3)
  2. Where did they spend their end term break and with whom? ( chapter:3)
  3. What was their plan when they reached half way? ( chapter:3)

11.What was the name of the headmaster in the story, ‘ The special Prize’?  ( chapter:5)

12.what was the name of the poen?

13.what was the name of the shopkeeper?

14.what was the name of Tapan father?

15.Tapan belong to which village?

  1. What was the name of the teacher who was taking class when the ox enter the class VII ?

17.How many rupees Tapan was fined for the damage?

18.what was the name of the two boys who was laughing at Tapan when he was helping the old beggar?

19 . How many stokes of cane stick did Tapan received when he damage the school property?

20.what was the name of the school where Tapan studied?


Class 6                                                                   


Q.1 Write AS for assertive, IN for interrogative, IM for Imperative and EX for Exclamatory sentences.

  1. What a great playwright Shakespeare was!
  2. Have you read Shakespeare's As You Like It.?
  3. It is one of the great comedies written by him.
  4. How can we lower pollution levels?
  5. Stop burning piles of harvested crop.

Q.2 Underline the SUBJECT in the following sentences.

  1. Page 163 of this book gives all the details.
  2. What an interesting story you have told me.
  3. These pieces gradually moved further apart.
  4. How were so many oceans and seas formed?
  5. The earth's land was once made up of a single, huge continent.

Q3 Give the collective nouns for the following words.

  1. A _______ of Sticks.
  2. A _______ of chickens.
  3. A _______ of fish.
  4. A _______ of dancers.
  5. A _______ of kittens.

Q4 Give the plural form of the following words.

  1. Monkey.
  2. Pony.
  3. Company.
  4. Tomato.
  5. Dozen.


Class 6                                                        


  1. Write each of the following numbers in words:                                                 1x5=5
    a. 7,07,075
    c. 19,09,09,900
    d. 3,05,09,012
    e. 34,20,0197
  2. Write each of the following number in expanded form:                                    1x5=5
  3. Find the difference between the place values of the two nines in 79586951.      4m
  4. Find the difference between the place value and the face value of 7 in 27650934.   4m
  5. Write all 3-digit numbers using 2,3,4 taking each digit only once.                              2m




A Fill in the blanks-(1×10=10)

1.Animal that eat inly olants and plant products is called           .

2.Animal that eats both plants and flesh of other animals is called           .

3.Organisms that feeds on and decomposes dead plants and animals is called            .

  1. Is also known as simple carbohydrate.___________________
  2. Is also known as complex carbohydrate.______________

6.Deficiency of vitamin C causes              .

  1. Is necessary when we need to remove unwanted things.

8.The process in which a gas changes into a liquid is called.             .

9.Clothes are made mostly from             .

  1. Is the fibre obtained from the outer covering or the husk of the coconut.

B.Give one word answer-  (1×5=5) 

1.The green pigment present in leaves of green plants-             .

2.A condition caused due to excess body fat-         .

3.A machine that reaps, threshes and cleans the crop-           .

4.The process in which liquid changes into gas-        .

5.The process of making yarn from fibres-           .

C.Give two examples for the following-(1×5=5)

1.Root that we eat as vegetables-           ,              .

2.Animals that give us eggs-             ,                .

3.Sources of proteins-              ,                 .

4.Natural fibers-              ,                  .

5.Products made from flax fibres-            ,             .


Class 6

Social Science

1. Draw the map of Nagaland and name all the different districts.  10 m

2. Draw the solar system and name all the planets. 10m


Class – 6                                                       

 Alternative English

A). Answer these questions.

1). Why was the leaden heart and the dead bird the two most precious things in the city according to God? 3

2). Why do you think the Swallow did not leave the Prince and go to Egypt? 3

3). Describe the Happy Prince statue. 3

4). Where did Premchand and his elder brother live? How old were they? 2

5). Why did Premchand do well in the exams with little work, while his elder brother failed in spite of working hard? 3

6). Write a paragraph narrating an incident when your elder sibling has helped you in your hour of need. 6



Tenyidie                                     FM 20marks







2.Dieca hako kepetsou diecako thushülie.(6marks)







3.Ketsokecüko kelashülie:

a.Kedi kechüki puo mhakesa dojülie kevi teiu üdi geizo nu pushü ga?(1mark)

b.Rüso peso kecümia kevi kenie thushülie?(2marks)

c.Rüsomian kinu vor kecüki,no kimhiedi uko pesoshüya ga?(2marks)

d.Nagamian nhien nhie nu mu tseido rüso peso kecüzho ki mhiecü puo nu kekrei ba ga?

Ca kenie thushülie.                              (2marks,)

e.Dr.T.Ao themia kikemhiecü puo ga?(2marks)



AO.    F.M. 20.

Q1. “ TAKÜM NÜKMEN” Sangro temulung agi züluang.

Q2. Item tasüngdangbatem langzüang.

a). Aenertemi Nagalimai kechi imla arur?

b). Koba mapang nungi Naga nungertemi aener den jungtepnüba yimya benshia aru?

c). Naga nunger kin kar rongnung kechi koma tejaokertem par aener akümtsü shim?

d). Dr. T. AO ya shiba liasü?

e). Kechiba Indian otsü nung Dr. T. Ao ya tongtibang lir?

f). Talimereni tebu mangdang koma atalokdaktsü?

Q3. Item tetezü ratetjang.

Tayonger, Anemtepa, poralokba, khonang, osü.


Temetettsü: Item teinyaktsü ajak A4 size paper nung züluang.


    Class 6                                           


       Q1. Choose the correct answer.

a. Which of these devices is use in banks for processing cheques?
   1.OMR 2.OCR  3. Joystick  4.MICR
b. Which of the following is not a secondary storage device?
   1.RAM 2. CD    3. DVD   4. Hard disk
c. State the memory that is directly accessible to the CPU.
   1.RAM 2. CD    3. DVD  4. Hard disk 
d. A printer for an office where hundreds of letters have to be printed on a daily basis.

    1 Scanner .    2.plotter   3. Inkjet printer   4. Laser printer

e. The input device used by artists to draw pictures on a computer.
    1.Printer 2. Graphic tablet   3.Scanner    4. Barcode reader
f. An input device which shaped like a pen use to draw or point to objects on the screen
   1.Light pen 2. Keyboard 3. Mouse    4. Printer
g. Joystick are commonly used for playing
   1.Video games 2. Music 3. Videos  4. Drawing pictures
h. The output devices of a computer
    1.Keyboard 2. Mouse 3. Joystick  4. Monitor
i. State the input devices ?
    1.Keyboard 2. Printer 3. Monitor  4. Plotter
j. A________ is a pointing device with two or three buttons
    1.Monitor b. Printer c. Mouse  4. Touchpad

Q2 . Fill in the blanks using the words given in the box.

            Magnetic  ROM   Inkjet   OMR   Laser   Touchpad   Scanner  Digital camera  Barcode  Keyboard   Pendrive

  1. A device that is used for converting printed documents or photos into electronic format is called a __________
  2. We will use an ___________for reading and evaluating multiple choice answers.
  3. A___________ is an input device that is actually used on a laptop and works by sensing the user's finger movement and the applied pressure.
  4. The platters of hard disk are coated with ________________ material.
  5. Two examples of non-impact printers are__________ printer and _____________ printer .
  6. BIOS is stored on ___________ .

7. A  ____________ is used to capture images and store them in a digital format.

8. A __________ is a storage device that is small in size and can be carried easily.

9. A __________ is an input device contain a number of keys for entering alphabets, numbers and special characters.

10. A ______________ reader is a device used to read barcodes.



  General Knowledge                                                   

Know your country ( chapter:1)


Clue Box

 Bengaluru          Telangana       Tamil Nadu        Cape Comorin

5 ½ hours         third           kovalam        Udaipur

29 States and 7 Union Territories         Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Answer these questions and know your country. 10 Marks

1 What is the other name for Kanyakumari?............

2 Bharati  is the name given to India's… .. … .. Research camp station at Antarctica

3 where is Golconda Fort located?...............

4 Name the beach near Tiruvanantpuram in Kerala. … … .. .

5 In which State is the hill station Ootacamund located?........

6 where was the first HMT factory established? . … … .. … .

  1. Which city in Rajasthan is known as the Lake City… . … .. .

8 How many hours is India ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time?.........

9 How many Sates and Union Territories are there in India. ?.......

10 where are the famous Ajanta and Ellora caves in India?...........


    National Parks( chapter:3)       10 Marks

Clue Box

Manas       Sasangir        Dachigam        kaziranga       Corbett

Ghana        kanha           Vedanthangal    Mudumalai     Bandipur


1 . It is a bird sanctuary in Rajasthan… .. … .. … . 

  1. An English hunter and naturalist established sanctuary in Uttar Pradesh ( Now part of Uttarakhand carved out of UP?...............
  2. Gir, the famous national park, home of Asiatic lions is also known as… .. … . inn Gujarat.

4 . It is in Madhya Pradesh and used to be the game reserve for the rulers of Gwalior… .. … ..

5 . This national park in Assam is famous for one-horned rhinoceros… .. … .

  1. Also known as Kamrup Sanctuary, it is in the foot of the Himalayas towards Meghalaya… .. . … …
  2. A forest famous for elephants in Tamil Nadu… .. … .. .
  3. This is located in Karnataka on the slopes of the Western Ghats… .. … .
  4. A home for birds in Tamil Nadu; it is also the oldest bird sanctuary in India… .. ..
  5. This is located on the Ladakh Range in Jammu and Kashmir… .. … .. …



Class 6 


Topic: Leaf art

Materials required:  leaves of different type, glue.

  1. Collect different types of leaves from your surrounding.
  2. Think of an art you can make using the leaves.

3.Then paste the leaves with the glue to create your art.

Some sample image of the leaf art will be given below. Kindly make sure you don’t make the same thing. Use your creative idea and originality to create the art.

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