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  1. Assignment due date:

          Class A to 3- 27th May 2021

            Class 4 to 8 – 28th May 2021

  1. Assignment should be submitted on time. Late submission will not be accepted.
  2. Each class will submit their assignment to their class teacher in their own class room.
  3. Social distancing and wearing mask is mandatory when entering the school.

1st  Assignment 2021

Class – 7                                                        

Subject - English

A). Answer these questions.

1). Man kills other animals for recreation and sport. Do you think this is acceptable? Express your views. 5

2). What did Bodh Raj do after handing out his catapult and pebbles to the author?  3

3). What did Bodh Raj and the author do with myna's after rescuing it? 2

B). Find the opposites of these words from the story 'The Boy with a Catapult'. 5

1). Even -

2). Warm-hearted -

3). Smooth -

4). Centre -

5). Merciful -

C). Underline the odd word in each set. 5

1). perch, fly, sit, alight, rest

2). vicious, cruel, violent, friendly, unfriendly

3). peer, stare, look, listen, gaze

4). filthy, dirty, bad, unclean, disgusting

5). strut, walk, run, parade, swagger


Class 7                                         


Q 1. Make sentences with the following phrases.

  1. Covered with mud.
  2. In a hurry.
  3. Head and ears.
  4. In a courteous manner.
  5. Without any rhyme or reason.

Q 2. Make abstract nouns from the following words by adding on of these suffixes. ANCE, ENCE, HOOD, TION, DOM.

  1. Child
  2. Protect
  3. Appear
  4. Ignore
  5. Free

3 Fill in the blanks with COLLECTIVE NOUNS.

  1. AN ______ of stamps.
  2. A _____ of eggs.
  3. A ______ of grass.
  4. A ______ of lions.
  5. A _______ of geese.

    4. Fill in the blanks with MUCH or MANY.
    1.How ____ kilograms of rice did you buy?
    2.How ______ did the rice cost you?
    3.I called up the store ______ times to complain.
    4._______ rice was wasted in the way itself.
    5.Did you require _____


Class -7                                                           


A.Fill in the blanks-(1×8=8)

1.The term photosynthesis was coined by              .

2.The mode of nutrition in which organisms makes its own food is called.                    .  

  1. Are also called biting teeth.

4.The stomach if a ruminant has             chambers.

5.The finest wool is obtained from the              .

6.The process of removal of fleece from an animal is called             .

7.The process of removing dirt, dust and grease from the sheared hair is called            .

8.Rearing of silkworm is called.              .

B. Give one word for the following-(1×4=4)

1.Fibre obtained from Angora goat -              .

2.The workers who sorted wool were often infected by bacteria that cause a fatal disease called-         .

3.The stage in the life cycle of silkworms, after hatching of eggs-           .

4.The process by which filaments are taken out from the cocoons of silkworm-             .

C.Give two examples for the following-(2×4=8)

1.Plants that have heterotrophic mode of nutrition-          ,           ,               .

2.Symbiotic plants-            ,           .

3.Organisms made of single cell-           ,            .

4.Digestive juices that aid in digestion-            ,          .


Class 7                                                         

   Social Science                                                                     Answer the following questions:           2x10=20

  1. Name two autobiographies from the medieval period of India.
  2. Name 5 travellers who came to India from Europe in the medieval period.
  3. Name the authors of Akbarnama and Humayunnama.
  4. What is Drarya-Pariksha?
  5. Name two important sources of information of the medieval period.
  6. The Chauhans of Rajasthan were also known as? Who was the most powerful Chauhan ruler?
  7. What was Muhammad Ghori’s real name?
  8. Who was the first ruler of the Slave dynasty?
  9. Who was the most powerful ruler of the Khalji dynasty?
  10. When and where did Muhammad-bin-Tughluq shift the empire’s capital to? **********************************

Class :7                                            

    Alternative English                                                          

1.Now , take a look at the words in the box. How many of these could you include in the list?    ( Chapter:9     page no. 70?  5 marks

   Inanimate          vibrant          survival          vitality           liveliness

  Metabolism        stagnation      germination        abetment       multiplication

  Maturing            recession           proliferation       decay          evolution

1 . The… .. … .. . Of rabbits in the area is a cause for concern.

  1. I was impressed by the. … .. .. Colours of the tapestry.
  2. The process of… .. …… of these plants will take about a month.
  3. The.. … .. .. . Of many species depends on how they look at a problem.
  4. I think the grapes are… .. … .. … quite rapidly.
  5. I do believe that… .. … . is a complex process and cannot be explained so easily.
  6. The loss of… .. … . can be attributed to his illness.

8.The … .. … .   Of the human species must have taken many thousands of years.

  1. … .. … .. . is one of the basic mathematical exercises.
  2. I was truly impressed by the… .. .. . of the young dancers.
  1. Find words from the poem that are opposites of these words. ( Chapter:11 page no. 89) 5 Marks


2. Unsure                    

3. Common


5. Fresh

6. Poison


8. Mean

  1. Add correct punctuation marks to create exclamatory, assertive, imperative and interrogative sentences. ( chapter:18 page no. 138)  5 marks
    1.What time do you think we will reach pune
    2. What a lovely photograph
    3. Leave the room right now
    4. What do you want me to do with this book
    5. Oh what a sad piece of news
    6. Do you think that this is the right job for you
    7. Pratiti will leave for Mumbai as soon as she can
    8. How majestic is this animal
    9. Stop fighting and finish your work
    10. What a brilliant performance by the athlete


  1. Insert suitable interrogative pronouns to complete these sentences. 5 marks

1……..  is the lady waiting at the reception?

 2 … .. .. is the plant that has medicinal properties?

3…… .  is the next town on our road to Bikaner?

4…..   would you like to cook today?

5……..were you talking to while walking to the camp?

6………borrowed my text book?

7…… the sari that you plan to give to me?

8………are these men waiting at the café next door?

9………are the chief reasons for flooding in these parts of the state?

10……are the documents that I might need to take?




Class-7                                                Subject-Tenyidie                      (20 marks)

Ketsokeshüko kelashülie :

K1. Diezho kikruko yopuopuo idi cachie (definition) thu phreshülie.

K2. Seguou zhorüliko thushülie.

K3. Khunuo hako rhi nie tsiedo nguyakecü rhi nunu thushülie.

  1. a) Khuo
  2. b) Seguo
  3. c) Guorünuo
  4. d) Khuosenuo

K4. Guorünuo, Khuosenuo mu Khuo rüdiketa dzeu nu kepetha dieu thushülie.


CLASS-7.                                            SUBJECT: AO.                                   F.M. 20

Q1. “ Aramesoang” sangro temulung agi züluang.

Q2. Item tasüngdangbatem langzüang.

  • Tembar pezüji shibasa?
  • Tsük azüngdang tembar pezü jagi komasa inyak?
  • Kechiba tsüngeni aon nungji pa tetsüng enok?
  • Tsüngen jakla yimya kar rasaa züluang?


Temetettsü Item teinyaktsü ajak A4 size paper nung züluang.


  Class 7                                             

 Subject FIT                                                    Total: 20

Q1.  What is an open source software?

 Q2. Write the two categories of computer languages?

Q3. Choose the correct answer

  1. Identify the software that is an example of a system software.
  2. Windows ii. Word iii. Excel iv. PowerPoint
  3. Binary system has a base of
  4. 2 ii. 10 iii. 8  iv. 16
  5. One nibble has
  6. 32 bits ii. 16 bits iii. 8 bits   iv. 4 bits
  7. Identify the software that is not an example of a utility software
  8. Disk defragmenter ii. Antivirus iii. Lotus 1-2-3    iv. Disk backup

Q4. Fill in the blanks using the words given in the box.

            Compiler   Petabyte  Operating system   Bit  Proprietary  Interpreter

  1. The ________ is an interface between the user and the hardware.
  2. _________ and ________ are language processors used to convert high level language programs into machine language.
  3. A digit in the binary number system is known as a __________.
  4. ________ software is a computer software for which there are restrictions on use, modifications, copying or redistribution.
  5. One _______ is equal to 1024 Terabyte.

   Q5. Convert the following decimals numbers to binary form

a. 59

b. 76 


    Q6. Convert the following binary numbers to their equivalent decimal form.


b. 1001

c. 11110


Class 7 


Topic: Leaf art

Materials required:  leaves of different type, glue.

  1. Collect different types of leaves from your surrounding.
  2. Think of an art you can make using the leaves.

3.Then paste the leaves with the glue to create your art.

Some sample image of the leaf art will be given below. Kindly make sure you don’t make the same thing. Use your creative idea and originality to create the art.

Posted : 18 May 2021 8:51 AM